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We are an ISO-Certified international trip-planning and flight management company

iJET Limited, a leading international trip-planning and flight management company, specializes in providing regulatory authorizations and ground support services to aircraft operators around the world.

From our Dubai headquarters, our team of aviation experts work round the clock to ensure that our valued clients’ trips are operated effectively and efficiently. Established in 2014, with a presence in all major aviation hubs of the world, we offer a blend of global resources, expertise, and the required aviation regulatory knowledge to provide the highest quality service to our clients worldwide. Our detailed knowledge of the aviation world, our strong ties with local CAA around the world, and our network of trusted suppliers allow us to be up to date with the new laws and latest changes in rules and regulation of the aviation industry.

Who we are?
Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

To facilitate the international operations of schedule airlines and adhoc aircraft operators, so they can operate their flights effectively and efficiently.

Our Vision

To be the most reliable provider of choice to all schedule airlines and adhoc aircraft operators for all their international operational requirements.

Expert Planning
Expert Planning that Delivers High-Quality, Comprehensive Services

Founded in 2014,  our team has years of experience in the industry, offering you the network you need to access a global, specialized experience from a single reliable source. We are dedicated to earning our clients’ trust, which is why iJET is a member of TRACE International, the leading anti-bribery, standard-setting business association. We also act in accordance to the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and UK anti-bribery laws, delivering an unfailingly dependable, trustworthy service to our clients.

Our Values
Client Satisfaction
Every client is considered the most important client for us.
We serve you with top quality No Airline Mission is Impossible!
We cover all your flight operation needs, providing the promised service and more.
Striving to continuously improve our services & become the leading company in the aviation industry.
Your flight security is our priority.
Every client is the most important client
Doing the job right the first time, every time
Our Clients
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Private Jet Operators
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Business Charter Operators
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Commercial Scheduled Airlines
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Cargo Airlines
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Air Ambulance and Medical Evacuation Operators
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Military and Government Operators
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Charter Brokers and Flight Management Companies
Our lean operation structure

Our lean operation structure allows us to focus on each client’s individual needs, tailoring our services to meet your operational requirements. After we arrange your services, instead of turning our attention to another client’s trip, we keep a close eye on every phase of your journey to ensure smooth, safe passage and deliver superior, reliable service to our clients. iJET plays a leading role in the international aviation and flight support services industry, utilizing every opportunity to develop our operations by:

  • Becoming active members of aviation associations
  • Promoting in exhibitions
  • Attending or speaking at conferences and aviation forums

We take it upon ourselves to vocalize our clients’ concerns and remarks by aviation industry stakeholders and decision-makers, helping us improve aviation infrastructure and ameliorate existing regulations. Presently, iJET is a proud member of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and TRACE International, constantly monitoring the global aviation scene and expanding our memberships to reflect our commitment to innovation.

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Hear from Our Clients

Our unique services have led to many aircraft operators choosing iJET as their exclusive international trip planning provider. These satisfied clients wanted to share their experiences by writing a few sincere words. This meant a lot to everyone here at iJET, and we wanted to share them with you.

On behalf of our company, we would like to thank you for your assistance and hard work to our recently operated charter flight. I express my sincere gratitude to your service!
Captain Richard, GV Pilot
Wow! I am impressed by how quickly iJET has confirmed 5 out of 6 required permits in less than 24hrs. You have confirmed my confidence in iJET and have certainly gained further and future business
Private Client from North America
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