We are continuously asked about our company and our services. To make information about iJET and our services more accessible, we listed the questions we receive most often below. Please feel free to send us any inquiry you may have about iJET, the services we provide, and our business terms if they are not addressed here.

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Do you provide services for commercial travelers?

While the main focus of the flight support industry is to serve the aircraft, the passengers, crew and cargo on board, we understand that our clients’ executives may fly first and business class on commercial flights. For this reason, iJET has introduced a new service that focuses on the service needs of business travelers flying commercial airlines. We provide these travelers with most of these services when flying their own jet.

These services include:

  • Meet and Assist airport services
  • Porter services
  • Limousine services
  • Hotel accommodations

We also provide translation, event planning, and fine dining in many locations upon request.

Do you have your own fuel storage facilities?

We supply into-plane aviation fuel in almost every commercial and private airport around the world, as well as many military airports. This makes it difficult for iJET to directly supply fuel, which is why we are an aviation fuel reseller. We are in contract with major, regional, and local aviation fuel suppliers around the world. By opening an account with us, you will have access to our network as well as benefit from our special fuel rates

What kind of protection do you provide to our data and information?

We have strict information security systems and policies protecting all your data. Confidentiality agreements are a significant section of the agreements we sign with our staff and every vendor providing services to our clients. Consequently, your flight information is handled with strict discretion and is only used for arranging the services you require.

What geographical area do your services cover?

Thanks to our excellent partnership with vendors around the world, our network covers almost every airport you may be planning a flight to. Our flight and ground operations coordinators arrange all the services your flight requires from our dispatch centers directly to all the relevant vendors, suppliers, and authorities.

How do we pay for iJET services?

iJET credit control team works continuously to extend the best possible payment terms to our clients. Prepayment might be required where the operation requires big advance deposits, or where the business relationship with the aircraft operator is still new. Clients who provide satisfactory proof of creditworthiness can be afforded our extended credit facility with an agreed limit and payment terms.

What are iJET working hours?

Our global reach and resources as well as the continuous nature of aviation operations means that we operate around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Our team works laboriously, even during weekends and holidays, to ensure that the best services are provided to you.

How fast does it take iJET to arrange the required services?

We expect our vendors to comply with our strict service standards and goals when handling our clients’ flights, and internal standards requiring our staff to arrange all the required services and authorizations as soon as the requests are received from our clients. This is to ensure that all flights are handled with the utmost care and promptness.

How much does iJET charge?

Depending on the volume of our client’s fleet and the frequency of their flights, we come to agreements with our clients regarding discounted charges that apply to every service we can provide them. As the number of flights you assign to iJET increases, so do the discounts.

How does iJET help containing our operational costs?

In addition to help you control and contain your operating costs, we also help you reduce them. Through our purchasing volume and power, and our knowledge of local fees and charges around the world, we offer clients traveling to destinations they don’t frequent special prices offered to frequent flyers. In addition to that, we can also help you cut costs by alerting you to and assisting you with exemptions you might be unable to claim directly.

Should I assign all of my flight support requirements to iJET?

While our range of services are available to your specific needs without being your exclusive provider, our complete flight support services being at your disposal would be in your best interest. The more of your flights we serve, the better we understand your operational requirements and needs, which will affect the quality of service extended to your flights. Not to mention that the more we have of your business, the better the rates we will be able to offer you.

Why should I use iJET services?

Not only do we offer our services at a competitive price to you arranging the flight support services yourself, helping you save on recruitment salaries, but there are many technical benefits to using iJET services. Our experience in handling all types of flights and aircrafts around the world has exposed us to circumstances you may never have encountered personally, and we use this knowledge to handle your flights without complication.

What distinguishes iJET services from other flight support providers?

We can summarize the answer to this question in two words: WE CARE. Your flight’s success and your satisfaction is extremely important to us. WE CARE that your flight is operated on time and without complications, so you can complete your mission and fulfill your business goals. WE CARE that you leave a good impression on your clients and superiors. WE CARE that you get the utmost benefit from our expertise in international operations for the success of your trips.

What is the average time lead for overfly and landing permits?

The standard is 24 hours, but it varies from one country to another. Some countries require more than 48 or 72 hours. However, we are up front with setting expectations for your permit and even say no at times if the request is done on very short notice.

Can you process flight permits on a short notice?

Yes. The minimum could be 12 hours. However, ambulance flights are exceptional since they could be obtained in a few hours due to the nature of the operation

Can you process permits over the weekends and holidays?

Yes, we can, but it really depends on the country.

Are there countries where you need the help of a third party? How much do they charge?

Yes, there are. There are situations in caretaker countries where we have to employ the help of an agent since we can’t go directly to the Civil Aviation Authority. We will send the client the list of countries where we must go through an agent or the CAA. We also advise the client regarding third party charges and we provide third party invoices for the charges as well.

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