About Us

iJET Airport Concierge, a division of iJET, offers a range of VIP airport concierge services in over 500 airports around the world for arrival, departure, and transit flights. Located in the leading tourism hub of the world, Dubai, iJET has a presence across the globe with regional offices in Malta, India, Spain, Madagascar, and more.

We provide efficient and professional services, which are customized according to your unique travel requirements. Our team of highly qualified and trained professionals, works round the clock to offer you the ultimate airport experience ensuring that your passage through the airport is comfortable, quick, and stress-free.

“To travel is to live” Hans Christian Anderson

At iJET Airport Concierge, our goal is to provide the smoothest, fastest, and pleasant journey at the airport. Whether they are arriving at the airport or departing from the airport, we do not want travelers to stress about their airport passage, instead, make it an experience they look forward to. To ensure that you get the best out of your airport journey, we are offering a variety of Airport Concierge Option:

“ We would love to discuss how we can enhance your next airport experience.”