Importance of VIP Airport Service

With passenger numbers forecast to grow in the coming years, new premium services are being launched to improve customer experience at airports, but they come with a high cost. From luxury suites to concierge companies.

Airport Concierge services mean facilitation services in complex airport procedures specially Spending time at the airport is increasingly associated with high levels of stress and anxiety as a consequence of long queues, intense security checks and delays, so that you ensure smooth airport passage and skip long lines with exclusive access to immigration counters and assistance in taking care of the travel requirements of each passenger.

Airport VIP Services provides similar services to other airport concierge companies from meet and greet to assistance with luggage and through security checks.


Benefits of VIP Airport Service DUBAI al-majlis-lounge-at-terminal-3


What services provided by Airport Concierge?

Traveling is not just about reaching the destination, it’s about the journey itself ! so that you need the Airport concierge service which takes care of you the moment you arrive at the airport and handles all the specifics to enhance your airport experience where A personal concierge will meet travelers upon arrival/departure and stay by their side at every step of the airport process to help ensure a smooth, stress-free arrival or departure. Plus, you can relax knowing that you’ll have a personal guide through the hustle and bustle of an unfamiliar airport terminal




Create priceless and unforgettable memories because you deserve a true VIP treatment for all the years you have been working hard. Are you looking for a professional and legitimate airport VIP concierge service? iJET Airport Concierge is always ready to help you wherever and whenever you need a VIP concierge service.

iJET Airport Concierge is the world’s leading VIP airport concierge service provider. Its services are designed to elevate a troublesome airport journey and to create a personalized airport experience by turning it into a truly luxurious experience.

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VIP Terminal is an airport concierge service which offers travelers the most luxurious travel experience in a stand-alone airport terminal. A personal team will be at your disposal to handle all the airport formalities on your behalf.

The advantage of a separate terminal is its privacy and quality of service. Passengers undergo all pre-flight processes in a separate VIP terminal and are delivered separately from all passengers on individual transport.

What are the alternative names of VIP Terminals?

It’s known as VIP lounges, executive lounge and CIP (commercial important person ) where VIP/CIP passengers, can wait for their flights in a different place from those used by other passengers.

Airport VIP Lounges should offer services aimed at improving the pre-boarding experience, and that combine the facilities needed for relaxation with a wide range of services such as food and beverages, free access to wireless Internet, portable-device charging, assortment of reading materials, showers, various entertainment options, etc.


Top VIP airport Terminals Worldwide:


The VIP Black service kicks off with a home pick-up (you’ll ride in a BMW 7 Series) that transfers you to a no-pap entrance where you’re led into your own private suite. All check-in and security will be taken care of there, and you’ll even be assigned a personal shopper who can bring you all the brands you want. Then, when it’s time to board, you’re whisked across the tarmac in a limo. You can also use it for transfers if you are simply passing through. Available for booking for all First and Business Class passengers.


Set in a dedicated facility of 10,000 sf, attached to the existing terminals, the VIP Terminal transforms Abu Dhabi International Airport into a luxurious home away from home, whether you are arriving, departing or in transit.

Relax and revitalize in the privacy of one of their seven Royal Majlis, mixed with Arabian and European design, equipped with state-of-the-art audio visual systems, and a variety of other facilities.

The private VIP Terminal facility includes Separate access with convenient parking and drop-off areas. Private check-in and immigration facilities with your luggage transferred directly to or from the aircraft. Exclusive limousine transfers between the VIP Terminal and aircraft.


Hidden behind imposingly high walls (it’s 100 per cent paparazzi-proof) is LAX’s latest addition, with comfortable armchairs and smart meeting rooms – and there’s even a ‘pantry’ with brilliantly old-fashioned jellybean dispensers. The suite also features children’s outdoor play areas. Plus private immigration, luggage tagging, and so on. Boarding is via a limo that drives you right to the plane.


This uniquely designed modern airport will be a game changer for the region. With its unique structure, use of design materials from concrete, steel and glass, it will offer up the highest level of luxury for VIP travelers. With 17,000 sf of space, the terminal contains a two story main building that showcase the services for VIPs.


The Schiphol VIP service is the most exclusive way to travel through Schiphol. They offer privacy and personal service, regardless of which airline you are flying with. The VIP service is completely separate from the regular passenger process at Schiphol.


The Munich Airport VIP Wing has a seperate terminal similar to Lufthansa FCT – where guests can dine on demand or at a buffet before being driven directly to their plane.


Club Continental offers the service of limousine transfers from your home. Once you arrive, you will not have to worry about anything and all check in will be done by a private concierge. You will enjoy time in a private luxurious lounge with all-inclusive refreshments and then taken directly to the aircraft by a limousine.


Originally built to receive visiting VIPs, the JetQuay CIP Terminal offers several levels of very discreet service – Jetside is the one to pick if you don’t want to be seen. Your Guest Relations Officer will deal with immigration, customs and check-in. All you have to do is hand over your passport and relax . A limo ferries you to and from the plane’s steps.


The lounge interior presents a refined combination of Stalin Empire, Baroque, Classicism, and Art-Deco. VIP passengers can enjoy a separate parking area, private concierge, transfer directly to the plane, a restaurant, a conference hall and meeting rooms, relaxation rooms with shower cabins, and a cigar lounge.


Step from the plane and walk a few paces into a lovely private terminal for snacks and a sit-down. Your luggage will be brought out while an official comes to stamp your passport. The bags, meanwhile, are loaded into your transfer vehicle. And off you go!



What Services are provided in VIP Airport Terminals? VIP terminal


The VIP Lounge offers you several benefits such as separate security and passport control to the security area, where you can relax in your own lounge. During your stay, fruits, soft, cold and hot drinks will be provided as well as newspapers. Although access to free Wi-Fi is included.

With passenger numbers forecast to grow in the coming years, new premium services are being launched to improve customer experience at airports, but they come with a high cost. From luxury suites to concierge companies, here you find some services:



iJET Airport Concierge is the world’s leading VIP airport concierge service provider for reserving a unique VIP Lounge as its services are designed to elevate a troublesome airport journey and to create a personalized airport experience by turning it into a truly luxurious experience.




We are so proud to proclaim that iJET is nominated for Airport Concierge Services at the World Luxury Awards for the year 2022.

iJET Airport Concierge is the world’s leading VIP airport concierge service provider. its services are designed to elevate a troublesome airport journey and to create a personalized airport experience by turning it into a truly luxurious experience. We know that time is money and we value your time, so we’ve made it our mission to make traveling as comfortable and quick as possible for Corporate Travelers, Leisure Travelers, CEO & Executives’ Business Trips, Explorers, Frequent Flyers, Family Trips, Seniors Travel and Groups Trips.


What is World Luxury Travel Awards?

World Luxury Travel Awards was established in 2019, World Luxury Travel Awards serves to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the global luxury travel and tourism industry. It also aims to be the pinnacle of achievement for the travel industry, offering international recognition as voted for by guests, travelers and industry players alike. International travelers vote each year, during a four-week period to select the winners. Travel organisations have the opportunity to participate in the World Luxury Travel Awards by entering the awards to highlight and draw attention to their unique selling points with regards to travel destinations, facilities or services offered.

Today, the World Travel Awards brand is recognised globally as the ultimate hallmark of industry excellence and it celebrates its 29th anniversary year in 2022.


What is The Awards Procedure?

Participants compete on a Country, Regional, Continent and Global basis. Only properties competing in the same categories compete against each other.


Continents are as follows:
North America, South America, Europe, Indian Ocean, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia & Oceania


Regions are as follows:
North and Central America, Caribbean, Latin America, West & Central Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa, Middle East & North Africa (MENA), Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Indian Ocean Islands, Central Asia, East Asia, South East Asia, South West Asia, Southern Asia, Australasia and The South Pacific/Oceania.



Voting is based on the experience as a whole, combined with aspects of service excellence, attention to detail and efficiency. Votes are usually from people that approve and support your establishment. Votes can come from travellers, visitors, website visitors, social media followers, newsletter followers, e-mail correspondents, tour operators, staff and industry peers. Anyone can vote online during the designated voting season.

The judging process is totally unbiased as is not undertaken by judges who may be influenced or have certain favourites. Size of the establishment is not taken into consideration during the nomination or voting phases.


Winners are determined at the end of the voting season; interim results are then released to the respective participants. Participants will be invited to attend the Gala Awards Ceremony, where the official winners are announced, also revealing the category and level of the award achieved.  This event is the year’s highlight, with many new business opportunities forged from the meeting of travel industry affiliates and media partners around the world.


Why iJET Airport Concierge is a nominee at World Luxury Travel Awards 2022?

We are so glad that iJET Airport Concierge has been nominated in the 2022 World Luxury Travel Awards as it adds a personal touch to your travel so you can experience a smooth and hassle-free trip by using our personalized assistance services for your arrival, departure, or transit at any airport around the world. its team of dedicated travel enthusiasts will ensure your luxury and comfort wherever you go.

iJET Airport Concierge is distinguished with its high quality Services from VIP and luxury Concierge service, Meet and Greet, Limo service, VIP Terminals due the existence of a high qualified and well trained team, thus We are so proud to reach this great achievement.


Many Airports worldwide have areas where passengers can relax or chill out. Those areas are called Airport Lounges.

For a step away from the busy terminals and enjoy a less crowded atmosphere, the airport lounges provide a relaxing start to your journey where these airport lounges are some of the most idyllic places to spend time before your flight.

Entrance to most airport lounges usually comes free for those carrying a first or business class ticket (and often, for economy class flyers carrying an active military ID).


What is an Airport Lounge?

An airport lounge is a facility operated at many airports worldwide. They provide you with a quiet, comfortable place to sit in addition to food and drink, also you can get some last minute work done before your flight where you’re allowed to stay for 2-3 hours before departure or after landing.

Regardless of whether you are traveling for business or leisure, lounge access can help you make the most of your airport experience.

More than 1000 VIP airport lounges and airline lounges are accessible around the world that offers extra care for business travellers and VIPs .


4 Reasons Why Access to Airport Lounge is Worth Experiencing

1- Relaxation and peace:

Airport lounges are a hideaway within the airport. You will find plenty of comfortable seats and space to relax where Airport lounges are also much quieter than the other areas in the terminal. With less people and travellers for hours of peace.

2- Refreshment:

In Airport Lounge Food is frequently served buffet style includes hot and cold options, soups and salads, and desserts in addition an open, self-serve bar area with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, also a coffee machine and snacks. The quality of the food varies from location to location, but it’s always plentiful and all-inclusive.

3- Productivity:

airport lounges are a great place to get your work done as these lounges offer desks with power sources, free WiFi, public printers, and plenty space to spread out, some lounges even offer personal cubicles If you really need to concentrate on your work.

4- Arrival Recovery:

Many airport lounges provide special facilities for arriving passengers such as shower facilities, juice bars, clothes-pressing services and much more. You would appreciate these services, especially right after a long flight.


In addition, Airport lounges provide several amenities and benefits for travellers including:


Who can Benefits from Airport Lounges?

Businessman: Airport Lounges are great when a businessmen want to get some work done or go online to check emails or even do some meetings. Most lounges provide their own computers with good Internet speed, and they also provide Wi-Fi and desks with power sources where they can use their own laptop or notebook.

Families: Families can pass time in Airport lounges that have rooms specifically designed for children. Airport lounges sometimes offer entertainment for kids, like toys, books or games that are age-appropriate, so you can keep your kids engaged and occupied during the wait. Airport Lounge is a nice, quiet place to get away from the chaotic hubbub of a busy airport, making the flying experience less stressful for both kids and busy parents.

Elderlies: there are special assistance facilities for elderly people in most of the airport lounges help them take some rest after or before their flight in addition to provide them with food, drinks and all necessary services offered in the airport lounge.

How to access some of the world’s best airport lounges?

  1. Airssist can help you access the airport lounge with its high quality service.
  2. Credit cards: the easiest way to ensure you can access an airport lounge is with a credit card. example of this is The Platinum Card® from American Express, which is often considered one of the best overall credit cards for frequent travelers.
  3. Purchasing one-time access: purchase airport lounge outright with a day pass or one-time-use pass. By buying your way into a lounge, you’re guaranteed access without having to worry about any extra.
  4. Flying internationally in a premium cabin: to get lounge access with your boarding pass, you usually need to be traveling to an international destination.
  5. Free access as a member of the military.


Top Airport Lounges Worldwide:


iJET offers an exclusive access to all VIP Airport Private Lounge terminals around the world which has a well-trained team to deliver a high quality service to satisfy business travellers and VIPs having a peaceful and relaxing time.

There’s a reason why the demand for VIP chauffeurs has been steadily increasing in the business world. VIP chauffeurs can provide their clients with a private, stylish, and convenient experience. Businessmen and entrepreneurs prefer booking VIP chauffeured transportation over other transportation methods because they are ideal for business trips. Businesspeople have tight schedules and almost no time to spare. A VIP chauffeur can assist corporate travelers by ensuring their privacy and making sure that they are never late.


Book Your VIP Chauffeured Transportation With iJET Airport Concierge Today!


5 Reasons Why YOU Should Book A VIP Chauffeur


Privacy & Security

Business travelers often travel to destinations that they might not be familiar with. The last thing you need as a busy corporate traveller is an inexperienced driver who might put you in danger. A VIP chauffeur can help you avoid danger in many forms, be it a street crime, scam, or even kidnapping. VIP chauffeurs are experienced drivers with years of history under their belts. They’ll know the safest roads to take and the fastest route to your destination. A VIP chauffeur is vetted by their contracting company to confirm their credibility and competence. Your reliable chauffeur will always be waiting for you, and they’ll make sure you never run late. You can rest easy and focus on your trip, knowing that your privacy and security are ensured.


iJET Airport Concierge is fast & reliable. Our client’s safety and comfort are a top priority. We’ve designed our service to provide business travelers with professional chauffeurs around the world. Hire a chauffeur and select from a wide range of armored vehicles with iJET Airport Concierge!



Style and presentation are important for a businessman; it’s simply a part of the job. Most people have to choose between arriving on time and arriving in style, but businessmen can do both. There’s no better way to make a great first impression on a client than accommodating them in a luxurious vehicle. A VIP chauffeur and a luxurious car are a compliment to you and your client. There’s honestly no better way to show your client that you care about their privacy and comfort. Cabs and rental cars just don’t offer the same luxury or convenience as VIP chauffeured limousines. Hiring a VIP chauffeur shows a commitment to your client and empowers the legitimacy of your company. All these reasons and more are why VIP chauffeurs are a worthwhile investment.


Forget the hassles of the world! Enjoy the comforts and luxury of VIP chauffeured transportation. Our high-end vehicles are equipped with amenities that make them perfect for businessmen. Book your VIP chauffeured transportation with iJET Airport Concierge!



Peace of mind is practically priceless. When you’re on a tight schedule, the last thing you need is an unpractised driver or a long wait. It’s a lot more convenient to have your chauffeur waiting for you as soon as you land. You won’t have to worry about routes, stress about getting lost, or concern yourself with acquiring transportation. An experienced and friendly VIP chauffeur will drive you to your destination while you relax and check your emails. Businessmen must make important phone calls and respond to their clients on time. A VIP chauffeur can provide businessmen with the opportunity to do their jobs on the go. Hiring a VIP chauffeur is the perfect transportation method for a businessman as it can decrease stress and increase productivity.

iJET provides corporate travelers and entrepreneurs with an instant solution to all their transportation problems. This fast-paced world requires fast-paced service, which is why we serve our clients on short notice requests. Experience true convenience with iJET Airport Concierge!



The Services

The life of a businessman is fast and hectic. They might need a car for an entire day, half a day, or a simple pick up and drop. VIP chauffeurs are flexible, and that is why they are favored by business travelers. Your meeting might run a few hours late, and if it does, your chauffeur will wait for you. Your client might change their meeting location suddenly, and if they do, your chauffeur will take you there. This high level of flexibility and dedication is perfect for businessmen whose schedules are often frantic and unpredictable. VIP chauffeurs offer a variety of services such as full-day transfers, half-day transfers, and many others.


Personalization is the key to satisfaction. iJET offers businessmen the chance to personalize their experience by picking from a wide range of cars and services. Enjoy the flexibility of VIP chauffeured transportation with iJET Airport Concierge!


Customer Service

Choosing a trusted company to provide you with VIP chauffeured transportation is very important. Clarity and communication are key aspects that every concierge company should prioritize. Traveling is stressful for a businessman, which is why it’s vital to hire a chauffeur through a trusted company. A professional company will take the necessary measures to vet their drivers and train the customer service staff. The combination of trusted chauffeurs and expert customer service representatives can provide business travelers with incredible relief.

Communication and trust are essential at iJET Airport Concierge. Our chauffeurs and customer service staff are experts with years of experience under their belts. We take the time to make sure that our chauffeurs are properly licensed and qualified. Hire a VIP chauffeur with iJET Airport Concierge now!

Dublin Airport (DUB, EIDW) is an international airport operating in Dublin, Ireland. The airport is in Collinstown, 3km south of a town known as Swords and 7km north of Dublin. Dublin Airport shares the same Eircode routing key area with Collinstown and Swords, with The DAA (Formerly known as the Dublin Airport Authority) overseeing operations at the airport.

2019 was Dublin Airport’s busiest year on record, with over 32 million passengers traveling through the airport. Dublin Airport is the busiest airport in Ireland by total passenger traffic and the 12th busiest airport in Europe. The DAA is introducing three new high-tech fast-track terminals so travelers can avoid Dublin Airport’s crowded terminals. The design of these terminals provides passengers with increased convenience and decreased waiting times while limiting unnecessary human contact.

Access Dublin Airport’s VIP Fast-Track Terminals With iJET Airport Concierge Today!

Dublin Airport’s Three New Fast-Track Terminals

Dublin Airport is introducing three new fast-track terminals that allow travelers to skip security queues and

expedite their airport journey. Facilipay, an Irish company that provides complex payment solutions across several industries, has developed this technology. Implementing this technology can negate unnecessary hu

man contact while reducing

passenger wait times. Facilipay’s software allows passengers to purchase tickets using a self-service kiosk; this service is available online and at the airport. Passengers can also purchase lounge passes to access the airport’s private lounges or business centers. Facilipay thinks that other Irish airports might implement their tech due to increased passenger traffic.

Book Your Dublin Airport VIP Fast-Track Terminal Access With iJET Airport Concierge Now!





Facilipay’s Statement Regarding The New Fast-Track Terminals

Facilipay’s managing director, Barry Burren, stated the following:

“At Facilipay, we are driven by a desire to provide innovative digital solutions that enable businesses and organizations to streamline their existing payment channels and create an enhanced experience for their customers. Working with the DAA has allowed us to demonstrate the numerous benefits associated with integrated payment systems – for both the Airport itself, and the thousands of passengers who travel through it each day.

“Through implementing the Fast Track Pass payment solution, departing passengers have been able to optimize their travel experience, by by-passing long queues – allowing them to travel safely through the airport, at a time when this is of paramount importance to many.”

“Consumer enthusiasm for the service is evident, and we look forward to the solution being further expanded in the months ahead. Our aim is to provide innovative payment solutions that help businesses shape the way they accept payments while generating additional revenue streams at the same time, and the Fast Track Pass and Lounge Pass kiosks serve as a magnificent example of this.”

The DAA’s Statement Regarding The New Fast-Track Terminals

The DAA’s managing director, Vincent Harrison, also had a statement to make regarding the implementation of the new fast-track terminals:

“Our Fast-Track service delivers speed and efficiency which are particularly important for our business passengers. We are delighted to partner with Facilipay to enhance this product, making it even easier for passengers to tailor their travel experience.”



All You Need To Know About Dublin Airport


The British Royal Flying Corps chose to build a base in Collinstown during World War I. The Collinstown Aerodrome was almost 20% complete when the Flying Corps was renamed the Royal Air Force. Construction was completed in 1919 when the Irish War of Independence began. The Irish Free Estate was then handed the land and buildings at Collinstown at the end of 1922, with the airfield quickly falling into disrepair as vegetation grew on the runways.

The Executive Council of the Irish Free Estate established Aer Lingus in 1936, an airline that would later become Ireland’s flag carrier. Aer Lingus started operating from a military airdrome at Baldonnel, and a project to replace Baldonnel as Dublin’s primary airport began. Construction of the new airport commenced in 1937 with the Collinstown site as its location. Progress was steady as a grass airfield surface, internal roads, car parks, electrical power, and lighting finished construction in two years. The airport’s first terminal also began construction in 1938, with a team of architects designing the building. Dublin Airport’s first flight took place on the 19th of January in 1940, one year before its first terminal building opened in 1941.



Dublin Airport expanded with almost uninterrupted traffic growth throughout the 1950s. The airport built new terminals and extended the runways to accommodate the increased passenger traffic. New airlines began serving the airport, including BKS, Sabena, and British
European Airways. Nowadays, Dublin Airport has become the home of Aer Lingus, Ryanair, Emerald Airlines, CityJet, and ASL Airlines Ireland.

Dublin Airport’s Passenger Terminals

There are two passenger terminals in Dublin Airport. Terminal 1 opened in 1972 and can handle five million passengers per year. For two decades, the terminal has continually improved and expanded. The building had a car park on the upper floor, but it was closed for security reasons and converted into offices. Larry Oltmanns designed a new pier in October 2007, and 2009 saw a new extension built with food and retail outlets. Terminal 1 is currently a home for all airlines except American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Norwegian, United Airlines, and Aer Lingus.

Terminal 2 was open to the public as of 2010 after the construction began in 2007 with Pascall+Watson designing the terminal for €600 million. The terminal has become the primary hub for passengers traveling between Europe and the United States; it is also the transatlantic gateway for flights to the United States because it features a US pre-clearance immigration facility. Aer Lingus is the primary carrier operating at Terminal 2, alongside American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, and United Airlines.

Velana International Airport (VIA) is the primary international airport in

the Maldives. The airport is in the North Malé Atoll on Hulhulé Island and is the main gateway into the Maldives. Velana Airport maintains a strong connection with other major airports around the globe, making it convenient for travelers and tourists. The Maldives Airports Company Limited is administratively and financially in charge of Velana International Airport.


The MACL’s plans for developing Velana International Airport include demolishing the old VIP terminal and replacing it with a new four-story building. Once this plan is complete, the new VIP terminal will provide 6,130m2 more space than the old one. The new VIP terminal will also offer a variety of new luxurious amenities and facilities such as expansive seating areas, scenic views, duty-free shops, and a wide variety of international foods & beverages. Access the VIP terminal at Velana Airport today by using iJET Airport Concierge!


All You Need To Know About Velana International Airport

Velana International Airport originally started as a small strip of land on Hulhulé Island. It was called Hulhulé Airport when it first opened on the 19th of October in 1960. The first runway on Hulhulé Island was built out of slotted steel sheets, and the first commercial flight out of the airport was an Air Ceylon flight.

The Maldives government joined hands with the Dhivehi people to construct a new asphalt runway in May of 1964. The four districts of Malé competed for a money prize, which would be awarded to the fastest district. 108 volunteers enlisted for the project, and over 1,500 Maldivian rufiyaa was donated on the first day. The new runway was operational on the 12th of April in 1966 because of these efforts.

The Maldives found itself in need of an international-standard airport after the tourism boom of 1972. This is when Hulhulé Airport was officially inaugurated under the new name of “Malé International Airport”.

The Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) was formed on the 1st of January in 1994 to operate and manage the Malé International Airport both administratively and financially. The airport was officially renamed “Ibrahim Nasir International Airport” as a tribute to its founder, the 2nd president of the Maldives. The airport was then rebranded as Velana International Airport in 2017, in reference to President Ibrahim Nasir’s family house name.


All You Need To Know About Velana Airport’s New VIP Terminal

The new VIP terminal building at Velana International Airport is located behind the previous VIP terminal building. The building’s concept was created by the award-winning architect, Yuji Yamazki. The VIP terminal was designed  by UG Yamazaki Architecture to serve more people and provide a wide selection of luxurious amenities and facilities. The VIP terminal is being constructed by the Beijing Urban Construction Group as a two-phase project.

The terminal will provide 6,130m2 more space than the previous building once the entire project is complete. The ground floor of the four-story building is a dedicated VVIP lounge designed to serve high ranking officials. The first and second floors are dedicated to serving VIPs and CIPs respectively. The top floor of the building is going to be strictly used for administrative work.

The new VIP terminal will offer private check-in facilities, private prayer rooms, catering, duty-free shopping, spacious seating areas, scenic views, and various food & beverages from around the world.

The development of this new VIP terminal building is part of a project that is estimated to have cost over 1,000,000,000$. This project includes a new runway, a new cargo complex, a fuel farm, a passenger terminal, and a seaplane terminal. The construction of the new passenger terminal has been contracted to the Bin Laden Company. The seaplane terminal has been completed but is not currently in use. The development of the oil storage system and cargo terminal has almost reached completion. These developments will considerably increase the airport’s capacity; this also means that delays in providing services will become a thing of the past for Velana International Airport. Enter the new VIP terminal at Velana Airport with iJET Airport Concierge!

Airport concierge services have become more popular than ever in the last few years. As airports get busier and travel demand increases, so does the demand for airport concierge services that make traveling an easy and convenient process. Airport concierge services are the ideal solution for any problems that might arise during your travels, such as overcrowded airports, long queues, and flight delays.

Airport concierge services aren’t just useful for travelers who want to enjoy a fast and hassle-free experience; they’re also perfect for VIPs who want to experience true luxury and comfort even at the most crowded airport. Airport concierge services are particularly useful for international travelers as they’re required to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before their flight and must go through more strict security measures. This is one of the many cases where booking airport concierge services can save you time and make your journey easier.

Airport concierge services can also assist VIP travelers even after they’ve left the airport. International travelers can hire a multilingual personal assistant to guide and support or a multilingual chauffeur to drive them to their destinations on time.

There’s no worse feeling than getting to the airport on time and having to wait hours for your flight due to issues and delays. Travelers have to also worry about their luggage, security screenings, and other outdated or confusing systems at the airport. Utilizing airport concierge services can erase these problems and turn your airport journey into an unforgettable hassle-free experience. Book your airport concierge services with iJET today!


What Are the Benefits of Using iJET’s VIP Airport Concierge Services?

The airline industry served over 2,400 million passengers in 2021, and this number is only expected to grow in 2022. The rising travel demand means that overcrowded airports, safety issues, and long queues are going to be more troublesome than ever before.

iJET’s VIP airport concierge services are designed to assist you during your travels by ensuring a fast, luxurious, and hassle-free airport experience. We can help you save your hard-earned money by providing you with the best airport concierge services at competitive prices. Our greeters will be waiting on your hand and foot to guide and assist you, and our multilingual drivers will always be on time to get you where you need to be.


So, if you’re a businessman, entrepreneur, or any type of VIP, iJET’s airport concierge services might be just the thing you need to make your airport experience luxurious and comfortable. iJET provides the best Meet and Greet services, VIP lounge and executive terminal access, Visa assistance, porter services, personal security services, VAT reclaim, and tarmac transfer services in the market.


Gain VIP access to executive terminals, hire a dedicated assistant to guide and assist you, book luxurious chauffeured transportation, and more with iJET. Experience true convenience and luxury today with iJET!

Why You Should Use VIP Airport Concierge Services


iJET’s VIP Airport Concierge Services

Our services will pair you with professional multilingual greeters, porters, or personal assistants who will guide and assist you during your trip. Experience a smooth and hassle-free journey from the second you arrive at the airport until you leave. iJET’s VIP airport concierge services are available in over 750 airports, and our deals are unmatched. Our premium fast-track service, professional porters and assistants, and multilingual greeters are all trained to serve celebrities, VIPS, CIPs, and HNWI so their journey can be luxurious and unforgettable.

Our premium airport concierge services will surely make your travel experience memorable, luxurious, and befitting of a VIP! Whether you’re traveling alone or with friends, whether you’re on a business trip or a vacation, whether it is a group of corporate executives or a family, our services are perfect for every kind of traveler. We customize the whole experience according to your preferences and requirements. Our clients can benefit from many VIP services such as:

Book your VIP airport concierge services with iJET today!


VIP Meet & Greet

Experience a true VIP welcome! Our multilingual greeters will be carrying a personalized sign with your name on it so you can spot them as soon as you land. They’ll help you with your luggage and ensure a stress-free travel experience. Never worry about getting lost in an unfamiliar airport when you’ve got iJET!


VIP Personal Security

Never fear; iJET is here! Our executive protection services are essential for VIPs and HNWI. We’ve hired a team of security experts who will prioritize your privacy and safety above everything. This team specializes in risk mitigation strategies and techniques that will keep you out of harm’s way entirely. Guarantee your safety and peace of mind with iJET!



VIP Terminal Access

VIP access for a VIP client! Access the world’s most exquisite VIP terminals and enjoy the VIP lifestyle. Our VIP Terminal service offers top-quality security, privacy, and comfort before and after your flight, ranging from private stand-alone terminals to tarmac transfers in an executive limousine. Access exclusive VIP terminals with iJET and avoid airport crowds today!


VIP Chauffeured Transportation

Fast and reliable, iJET’s defining traits! We’ve masterfully designed our service to provide our VIP clients with luxurious and convenient transportation options anywhere in the world. Our expert multilingual chauffeurs will be waiting to escort and guide you as soon as you step out of the airport. Arrive at your destination on time and in style with iJET.

What is PS? The Private Suite is an independently owned terminal that has been serving celebrities and VIPs since 2017; it was specifically built to provide the rich and wealthy with an easy airport experience during their travels to/from Los Angeles International Airport.

The Private Suite at LAX is one of the world’s top VIP Terminals and is the first choice for VIPs, HNWI, and celebrities looking for a hassle-free and luxurious travel experience. Anyone entering the Private Suite won’t have to deal with annoying airport procedures, push against large crowds of travelers, or worry about how their luggage is being handled.

Guests of The Private Suite can also enjoy a variety of complimentary services such as professional massages, haircuts, manicures, and even personalized meals prepared by world-class chefs. This luxurious VIP terminal provides guests with distinctly decorated private suites that come with free snacks, speakers, a smart TV, Wi-Fi-, extra pillows, earplugs, headphones, chargers, and anything else you can think of.

These deluxe suites are also equipped with luxurious bathrooms, convenient conference rooms, fully stocked kitchens, minifridges, and minibars, as well as large candy dispensers for those with a sweet tooth (or children). Every suite in this VIP terminal is highly customizable and child-friendly, boasting outdoor spaces outside the suites where children can play and special accommodations such as tents and toys, which can be set up for no extra cost.

A team of eight staff members is assigned to each VIP from the second they arrive at the airport. Their job is to take care of the VIPs and fulfill their every wish, as well as drive and escort them in a luxurious BMW when it’s time to go through security. VIPs can expect speed and privacy when going through private TSA, customs, immigrations, or any other airport procedure.

The Private Suite’s lounge boasts unparalleled privacy and security thanks to its paparazzi-proof walls and impeccable management standards, with only one group of VIP travelers moving through security at any given time. The Private Suite has been visited by many world-famous celebrities such as Rachel Zoe, Lindsay Vonn. Stassi Schroeder, Brittany Cartwright, Jessica Alba, Katie Schwartz, and so many more.

Not just royalties, celebrities, dignitaries, luminaries, VIPs, and HNWI are allowed into this state-of-the-art VIP Terminal; the Private Suite’s staff offer their incredible services and dutiful diligence to any paying customer regardless of their social status.

Experience true luxury, relax in complete tranquillity and enjoy the ultimate airport experience. Access The Private Suite VIP Terminal at LAX by booking with iJET today!



The Salon Semi-Private Lounge – A New Accessible Experience

This one-of-a-kind lounge is designed to offer the same type of experience as the Private Suite on a lower budget. The Salon allows visitors to avoid the chaotic airport terminals and make use of some Private Suite features such as expedited screening and shuttle services, as well as private TSA, customs, check-ins, immigration facilities.

The Salon is located within the same compound as The Private Suite but is a completely separate building. Staff members will take care of your checked luggage and escort you into the lounge as soon as you arrive. The Private Suite is all about luxury, privacy, and deluxe amenities, unlike The Salon, which focuses on offering a more social experience where guests are encouraged to interact with each other.

The Salon is large, beautiful, and follows the same management standards as The Private Suite, which means that overcrowding should never be an issue. All foods and drinks are restaurant quality and prepared by top chefs; everything you order can also be packaged to-go, which is a convenient and fantastic inclusion to an already incredible service.

VIP Terminals & Lounges

The Salon’s bar is also quite impressive, with over 24 types of wine, beer, cocktails, teas, coffees, and other soft drinks available at all times. While The Salon doesn’t offer the same amount of luxurious amenities as The Private Suite, it still provides plenty of complimentary services such as beauty carts equipped with eye masks, mints, sunscreens, and various skin care products available for the taking. Guests of The Salon can also access a tranquil outdoor garden where they can relax and recharge before or after their flights.

The Salon is an experience like no other and an incredible addition to the luxurious VIP Terminal at LAX. Experience The Salon VIP Lounge at LAX by booking with iJET today!

All you need to know about the LAX Private Suite

The Private Suite is a standalone VIP terminal adjacent to LAX’s runways featuring private TSA screenings, customs, immigrations, dedicated luggage porters, drivers, and a wide variety of first-rate amenities and services.

PS offers the most premium, deluxe, and luxurious services that other lounges do not.

PS is designed for commercial flights and works with all major airlines.

The Private Suite is an elite private lounge designed to offer the utmost comfort, luxury, and security. The Salon is a semi-private lounge that focuses on providing a luxurious social experience.

PS is located in a standalone secure terminal that can only be accessed from 6875 W. Imperial Highway.

LAX is the only location for PS at this time but there are plans to open at other major airports.

Both. You can purchase an annual membership for $4,500 (plus per-use fees) or purchase a one-day membership for $4,350. Book with iJET get the latest and best deals.

Annual members receive priority reservations, reduced per-use fees, and access to extra amenities and complimentary services. Annual members also have the ability to purchase multiple PS uses at a reduced price.

Yes. Your partner and children (under 18) are included in your membership. Children under the age of two may enter on a complimentary basis.

A PS reservation includes all PS services such as private TSA, dedicated customs, immigration services, and so much more.

No. one-way, connection, and roundtrip reservations are also welcome.

Yes. iJET is more than happy to do this process for you! Book with iJET for the best deals.

PS requires your passport details, flight information, PNR/Confirmation numbers for every traveler in your group, and credit card information to complete the reservation.

No. Airplane tickets are bought separately. Your reservation with PS only covers your VIP terminal experience. Book with iJET and ensure a luxurious stress-free travel experience.

You can reserve up to 3 months in advance as a one-day member, or as far in advance as you desire as an annual member. iJET can handle all your reservations for you. Book with iJET today and get the best deals!

Yes, to all three. PS is child-friendly, pet-friendly, and wheelchair accessible.

For cancellations or changes made more than 48 hours before traveling 100% of your original fee will be credited in a future reservation.

For cancellations or changes made less than 48 hours before traveling 80% of your original fee will be credited in a future reservation.

No refund or credit for any cancellations made less than 48 hours before traveling. 50% of the original fee will be credited in a future reservation if any changes are made to the reservation less than 48 hours before traveling.

Arriving at least 90 minutes before your flight is recommended.

Snacks, beverages, entertainment options, a garden, bathrooms, spas, and so much more.

You can stay for three hours before your flight and three hours upon arrival. There is no limit for members.

No, but PS is designed to accommodate unexpected delays.

PS staff will keep you updated on relevant information and take care of all your needs.

You will be escorted from the VIP terminal directly to your aircraft in a luxurious BMW.

You will be met by a PS staff member who will directly drive you in a BMW to the VIP terminal.

All you need to know about VIP terminals

VIP terminals are hidden luxurious getaways designed to provide VIPs, businessmen, HNWI, and royalty with world-class amenities and premium services in a private terminal away from the hustle and bustle of overcrowded airport terminals.

There are many advantages to using a VIP terminal instead of going through the regular terminals at the airport, most important of which are privacy and security, two vital details for every VIP. Passengers of the VIP terminal are privately escorted through all security procedures and airport processes without having to wait in long queues.

A team of personal assistants will be assigned to the VIPs in order to assist them and take care of all their airport procedures while they enjoy unparalleled privacy and luxury in a unique and tranquil environment


Every VIP terminal is equipped with unique deluxe facilities and amenities, but their services will always be focused towards providing their guests with privacy, security, luxury, and comfort. VIP terminal services include but are not limited to:

  • Separate and private access to the VIP terminal
  • Convenient parking spots and drop-off areas
  • Limousine transfer to/from the VIP terminal to/from your aircraft
  • Absolute privacy and security
  • Warm welcome and escort
  • Unlimited foods, beverages, and snacks
  • Dedicated smoking areas
  • Dedicated prayer areas
  • Special needs assistance
  • Private check-in
  • Private Immigration facilities
  • Direct luggage transfer
  • Wide variety of entertainment options
  • Private TSA
  • Private customs
  • And more!

Traveling has never been as exclusive, comfortable, or stylish as it is with iJET. Book your VIP terminal access with iJET today!


VIP Terminals

Why use iJET?

Our premium services will surely make your travel experience memorable, luxurious, and befitting of a VIP! We will pair you with a professional personal greeter, porter, or assistant who will accompany and assist you during your airport journey. We operate in more than 750 airports around the globe, and our VIP concierge services are unmatched.  Access the world’s most exquisite VIP terminals and enjoy the VIP lifestyle. Our VIP Terminal service offers top-quality security, privacy, and comfort before and after your flight. Our multilingual greeters will be carrying a personalized sign with your name on it, and they’ll help you with your luggage to ensure a stress-free travel experience. Our team of elite security experts will prioritize your privacy and safety above everything else, protecting you throughout your journey. Whether you’re travelling alone or with friends, whether you’re on a business trip or a vacation, whether it is a group of corporate executives or a family, our services are ideal for every kind of traveler. We customize the whole experience according to your preferences and requirements. Our clients can benefit from many VIP services such as:

  • Personal lounge access
  • Private security checks
  • Dedicated porter services
  • Fine dining
  • Additional security and privacy
  • Unparalleled luxury and comfort
  • travelling to/ from the aircraft in an executive limousine
  • And so much more!

Celebrities have to travel a lot; going through airports is practically a part of their jobs and day-to-day lives. They often have to worry about a lot of things like being late to a shoot or meeting, missing their flight, being flocked by fans, attracting unwanted attention and creating a security threat, or being chased down by the paparazzi. Being a VIP might be glamorous, but it certainly isn’t easy, especially when traveling through crowded airports is a part of your job.

This is where VIP Terminals come in to save the day! VIP terminals are exclusive facilities available to elite VIPs and HNWI. Private terminals offer unparalleled luxury, privacy, and security, three of the most valuable things to any celebrity, VIP, or HNWI.

Many airports around the globe have VIP terminals that are either sectioned off from other terminals or completely separate from the airport. The rising demand for a quick airport passage and popularity of VIP terminals means that all global airports are eventually going to offer some version of this service for celebrities, VIPs, HNWI, and even normal passengers.



There are many advantages to using a VIP terminal instead of going through the regular terminals at the airport, most important of which are privacy and quality service. Normal passengers must go through multiple exhausting and longwinded airport procedures, whereas passengers of the VIP terminal are delivered separately and are provided with exclusive quality-of-life services.

VIP terminal passengers will always be accompanied and assisted by at least one staff member. The assistant’s job and primary focus will be to complete your check-in, security screenings, and other airport procedures in a private and swift manner. VIP terminal services include but are not limited to:

Your airport journey can be easier, faster, more luxurious, and lavishly stylish with iJET. Book your VIP terminal access and enjoy the VIP treatment in any airport around the world. Use iJET Airport Concierge today and live luxuriously.



No VIP Terminal? No Problem! iJET’s Got Your Back. – Here Are 3 Other Methods to Avoid Airport Crowds.


Travel demand is rapidly rising, and airlines are struggling to meet that demand. Good news for the travel industry, but bad news for travelers because it means that overcrowded airports are back on the menu. Spending hours in a queue doesn’t sound fun, and it sounds even worse in the context of a pandemic, which is why we’ve compiled our top solutions for speeding through the airport and minimizing or eliminating unnecessary human contact.


1.      iJET Airport Concierge ServicesVIP Terminals

Our services will pair you with a professional personal greeter, porter, or assistant who will accompany and assist you during your airport journey. From the second you arrive at the airport up to the moment you leave; your expert multilingual assistant will always be by your side to help you with luggage, customs, check-ins, security screenings, and getting around the airport.

We operate in more than 750 airports around the globe, and our VIP concierge services are unmatched. Offering premium fast-track services, professional porters and assistants, multilingual greeters, and so much more. Our elite services are designed to serve celebrities, VIPS, CIPs, and HNWI, so you’re bound to find something that suits your needs in our selection of VIP services.

Book your VIP airport concierge services with iJET today!

·         VIP Meet & Greet

A VIP deserves a VIP welcome! Our multilingual greeters will be carrying a personalized sign with your name on it so you can spot them as soon as you land. They’ll help you with your luggage and ensure a stress-free travel experience. Never worry about getting lost in an unfamiliar airport when you’ve got iJET!

·         VIP Personal Security

You deserve to be safe and protected during your travels. Our executive protection services are essential for VIPs and HNWI. Our team of elite specialists consists of security experts who will prioritize your privacy and safety above everything. Our team specializes in risk mitigation strategies and techniques that will keep you out of harm’s way entirely. Guarantee your safety and peace of mind with iJET!


·         VIP Terminal Access

Access the world’s most exquisite VIP terminals and enjoy the VIP lifestyle. Our VIP Terminal service offers top-quality security, privacy, and comfort before and after your flight, ranging from private stand-alone terminals to tarmac transfers in an executive limousine. Access exclusive VIP terminals with iJET and avoid airport crowds today!


2.      TSA PreCheck

This program is a convenient and cost-effective method of speeding up your airport journey. It doesn’t offer the same amount of privacy, security, or luxury as other methods, but it allows travelers to advance through the airport at a significantly faster rate than they otherwise would without it.

To apply for TSA PreCheck, you must have an unexpired U.S. proof of citizenship and photo identification such as a driver’s license or passport. You’ll have to go in person to the nearest application center and provide them with the required documentation, personal information, and fingerprints before you can be approved.

Upon approval, you’ll become a known-traveler and receive a designated known-traveler number which you can input whenever you book a domestic flight. Your designated known-traveler number will appear on your boarding pass and allow you to go through an expedited screening process.

A similar service, called Global Entry, is available for U.S. citizens entering the USA from international airports.



3.      Semi-private Flights

Semi-private flights can completely remove the hassle of waiting in queues and pushing against large airport crowds. In certain cases, you might not even go to the airport as boarding takes place in private hangars. These flights usually operate out of private terminals or FBOs and have about 30 other passengers on board.