How Celebrities Avoid Busy Airport Terminals

    Celebrities have to travel a lot; going through airports is practically a part of their jobs and day-to-day lives. They often have to worry about a lot of things like being late to a shoot or meeting, missing their flight, being flocked by fans, attracting unwanted attention and creating a security threat, or being chased down by the paparazzi. Being a VIP might be glamorous, but it certainly isn’t easy, especially when traveling through crowded airports is a part of your job.

    This is where VIP Terminals come in to save the day! VIP terminals are exclusive facilities available to elite VIPs and HNWI. Private terminals offer unparalleled luxury, privacy, and security, three of the most valuable things to any celebrity, VIP, or HNWI.

    Many airports around the globe have VIP terminals that are either sectioned off from other terminals or completely separate from the airport. The rising demand for a quick airport passage and popularity of VIP terminals means that all global airports are eventually going to offer some version of this service for celebrities, VIPs, HNWI, and even normal passengers.



    There are many advantages to using a VIP terminal instead of going through the regular terminals at the airport, most important of which are privacy and quality service. Normal passengers must go through multiple exhausting and longwinded airport procedures, whereas passengers of the VIP terminal are delivered separately and are provided with exclusive quality-of-life services.

    VIP terminal passengers will always be accompanied and assisted by at least one staff member. The assistant’s job and primary focus will be to complete your check-in, security screenings, and other airport procedures in a private and swift manner. VIP terminal services include but are not limited to:

    • Separate and private access to the VIP terminal
    • Convenient parking spots and drop-off areas
    • Limousine transfer to/from the VIP terminal to/from your aircraft
    • Absolute privacy and security
    • Warm welcome and escort
    • Unlimited foods, beverages, and snacks
    • Dedicated smoking areas
    • Dedicated prayer areas
    • Special needs assistance
    • Private check-in
    • Private Immigration facilities
    • Direct luggage transfer
    • Wide variety of entertainment options
    • And more!

    Your airport journey can be easier, faster, more luxurious, and lavishly stylish with iJET. Book your VIP terminal access and enjoy the VIP treatment in any airport around the world. Use iJET Airport Concierge today and live luxuriously.



    No VIP Terminal? No Problem! iJET’s Got Your Back. – Here Are 3 Other Methods to Avoid Airport Crowds.


    Travel demand is rapidly rising, and airlines are struggling to meet that demand. Good news for the travel industry, but bad news for travelers because it means that overcrowded airports are back on the menu. Spending hours in a queue doesn’t sound fun, and it sounds even worse in the context of a pandemic, which is why we’ve compiled our top solutions for speeding through the airport and minimizing or eliminating unnecessary human contact.


    1.      iJET Airport Concierge ServicesVIP Terminals

    Our services will pair you with a professional personal greeter, porter, or assistant who will accompany and assist you during your airport journey. From the second you arrive at the airport up to the moment you leave; your expert multilingual assistant will always be by your side to help you with luggage, customs, check-ins, security screenings, and getting around the airport.

    We operate in more than 750 airports around the globe, and our VIP concierge services are unmatched. Offering premium fast-track services, professional porters and assistants, multilingual greeters, and so much more. Our elite services are designed to serve celebrities, VIPS, CIPs, and HNWI, so you’re bound to find something that suits your needs in our selection of VIP services.

    Book your VIP airport concierge services with iJET today!

    ·         VIP Meet & Greet

    A VIP deserves a VIP welcome! Our multilingual greeters will be carrying a personalized sign with your name on it so you can spot them as soon as you land. They’ll help you with your luggage and ensure a stress-free travel experience. Never worry about getting lost in an unfamiliar airport when you’ve got iJET!

    ·         VIP Personal Security

    You deserve to be safe and protected during your travels. Our executive protection services are essential for VIPs and HNWI. Our team of elite specialists consists of security experts who will prioritize your privacy and safety above everything. Our team specializes in risk mitigation strategies and techniques that will keep you out of harm’s way entirely. Guarantee your safety and peace of mind with iJET!


    ·         VIP Terminal Access

    Access the world’s most exquisite VIP terminals and enjoy the VIP lifestyle. Our VIP Terminal service offers top-quality security, privacy, and comfort before and after your flight, ranging from private stand-alone terminals to tarmac transfers in an executive limousine. Access exclusive VIP terminals with iJET and avoid airport crowds today!


    2.      TSA PreCheck

    This program is a convenient and cost-effective method of speeding up your airport journey. It doesn’t offer the same amount of privacy, security, or luxury as other methods, but it allows travelers to advance through the airport at a significantly faster rate than they otherwise would without it.

    To apply for TSA PreCheck, you must have an unexpired U.S. proof of citizenship and photo identification such as a driver’s license or passport. You’ll have to go in person to the nearest application center and provide them with the required documentation, personal information, and fingerprints before you can be approved.

    Upon approval, you’ll become a known-traveler and receive a designated known-traveler number which you can input whenever you book a domestic flight. Your designated known-traveler number will appear on your boarding pass and allow you to go through an expedited screening process.

    A similar service, called Global Entry, is available for U.S. citizens entering the USA from international airports.



    3.      Semi-private Flights

    Semi-private flights can completely remove the hassle of waiting in queues and pushing against large airport crowds. In certain cases, you might not even go to the airport as boarding takes place in private hangars. These flights usually operate out of private terminals or FBOs and have about 30 other passengers on board.

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