Executive Protection Security in airport.

The highest standards of Executive Close Protection Security Services for travelers.
We provide Private bodyguard Security services for close protection in city for VIPs who seek reassurance about their well-being against any intentional/ unintentional risk during every trip.



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    We offer our duration-fixed services in variable locations according to the client’s needs and schedule:

    Inflight security services and bodyguard protection

    airport bodyguard security services

    Executive protection in city for a period set by the client, expanding our service outside the airport to guard clients everywhere, during their trip

    Our Main Executive Protection Services for the VIP Travelers of airport in city

    We customize our executive protection and bodyguard service in city and airport according to the safety level our clients need, after conducting an accurate risk analysis and identification to present the suitable security package from the following services:

    Bodyguard service in city: Our bodyguard agents are hired through a strict and accurate testing process to guarantee their strengths and reliability, they are also familiar with the local nature of city to recognize anything unfamiliar quickly. Our team is multi-lingual so we can match you with an agent who speaks your native language.
    You may also check the following categories to set your preference:

    • Armed/non-armed bodyguards
    • Male/ female bodyguards
    • Public bodyguarding/ low-profile protection by undercover bodyguards, blending into the protection process without attracting unwanted attention.

    A variety of armored vehicles for protected
    transportation in city.

    Securing clients’ hotel rooms or places of residence by installing alarms and surveillance equipment.

    Encrypting our clients’ phones, emails, and all the communication means they use.

    Our clientele base in city consists of:

    Celebrities & their families


    Sport icons

    Government minister

    High-profile politicians

    Corporate CEO & their staff