why vip airport concierge

Importance of VIP Airport Service

    With passenger numbers forecast to grow in the coming years, new premium services are being launched to improve customer experience at airports, but they come with a high cost. From luxury suites to concierge companies.

    Airport Concierge services mean facilitation services in complex airport procedures specially Spending time at the airport is increasingly associated with high levels of stress and anxiety as a consequence of long queues, intense security checks and delays, so that you ensure smooth airport passage and skip long lines with exclusive access to immigration counters and assistance in taking care of the travel requirements of each passenger.

    Airport VIP Services provides similar services to other airport concierge companies from meet and greet to assistance with luggage and through security checks.


    Benefits of VIP Airport Service DUBAI al-majlis-lounge-at-terminal-3

    • Personal lounge access
    • Dedicated porter services
    • An airport VIP service provides a warm meet and greet upon your arrival before you even undergo the passport control, pick-up your luggage and personally escort you to your personal chauffeur.
    • Traveling to/ from the aircraft in an executive limousine: On your departure, a professional chauffeur will pick you up from your hotel, and drive you to the airport safely, then you will be escorted through all airport procedures, passing VIP counters until the passport control is finished.
    • You are assured and confident that your flight has a minimal interference, saving you significant amount of time and effort.
    • For a first-time international traveler, you don’t want the feeling of being at lost in a foreign country, so to be confident and feel safe once you arrive, a VIP concierge service can help you.
    • Private security checks
    • Executive protection and bodyguard for public figure and politicians.
    • Fine dining
    • Privacy and safety at the private terminal and VIP Lounge.
    • Unparalleled luxury and comfort


    What services provided by Airport Concierge?

    Traveling is not just about reaching the destination, it’s about the journey itself ! so that you need the Airport concierge service which takes care of you the moment you arrive at the airport and handles all the specifics to enhance your airport experience where A personal concierge will meet travelers upon arrival/departure and stay by their side at every step of the airport process to help ensure a smooth, stress-free arrival or departure. Plus, you can relax knowing that you’ll have a personal guide through the hustle and bustle of an unfamiliar airport terminal

    • Meet & Greet : It means that someone will be there to meet you when you arrive at your destination. Your meet and greet assistant will Fast-track & skip queues for immigration, security and customs.


    • Personal Security : Personal security services employ highly trained professionals who are well-trained to spot any signs of potential danger. In fact, they’re usually given a rigorous screening to make sure that only the right individuals are allowed to pass through the security screening checkpoints.


    • Terminal Access : you will be helped to access the VIP Private Terminal and secure VIP Lounge entry and enjoy your time at the Executive Airport VIP lounge
    • Chauffeured Transportation .


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