Planning Summer Vacation

Trip Planning Tips for Summer Vacation

    Summer holidays are an important part of every person’s life. They can be very entertaining and memorable times, it’s always fun and different for everyone. Some people like to go to a beach, some are fond of going to foreign countries, while the others are planning on going home.

    Summer vacation is a chance to relax, recharge and forget about everything sticks with us long after long period in work stress, also it’s an opportunity to forget your cares with a road trip, beach vacation or city sightseeing tour, Whether you’re looking to go north to beat the heat, or south to soak up the sun


    When should you start planning a summer vacation?


    Travel is on the rise and as a result that waiting to book until the last minute only results in higher pricing especially when it comes to flights and hotels during peak seasons like summer season, so it’s never too early to start planning your summer vacation !

    In general, book about 2 months out when planning for the major summer holiday weekends, The last week of April tends to be a great time to book summer airfare

    For big and important trips, start planning 6-12 months in advance. This will give you time to find the best price on airfare, lodging, and activities


    6 important Tips for Planning a Success Summer Vacation


    Choose a Region & Time of Year

    Decide what time of year you want to get away and then identify the region you want to visit. Do you want to see the mountains? Islands ? Do you want to explore a big city? Answering these questions will help get you on your way.

    Narrow It down to a Specific Destination

    Once you know which region you want to visit, you can narrow your choices down to a single destination. Consider the activities and atmosphere of the places in the region, then pick the town which best fits your desires. consider accommodations in the area. Make the most of your vacation when you stay in a Select Registry bed and breakfast, boutique hotel, or inn!

    Book Early

    Prices are higher, crowds are back so “Plan ahead, book ahead,” as Summer flights may fill up quickly because routes have shifted over the course of the pandemic.

    Plan out Activities

    Make a list of what you want to do while you’re on vacation and make a loose schedule of what days you want to do them. It doesn’t have to be regimented, just a general idea of what you want to experience and when.

    Consider Going Tech-Free

    We’re often reliant on technology for work, so if you’re burnt out, consider only using your phone or computer when completely necessary. Unplugging can do wonders for you in regard to refreshing and resetting your brain.

    Save Something Fun for the End

    End the vacation on a high note. Try not to pack in the activities in the beginning of the vacation. Save something that you’ve been looking forward to until the last day of your trip to end it with a bang.


    Top 10 Summer Vacation Destinations:


    Choosing the best summer holiday destinations in the world for a perfect vacation, is a tedious task in itself while planning a trip, here are some best destinations for your trip plan:


    Cappadocia – The Land of Hot-Air Balloons:Cappadocia Summer Vacation

    This fabulous city is known for its unique rock formations that have caves with ancient Islamic inscriptions. Mixed with the exotic culture and fascinating history of Turkey, this place is perfect for a romantic honeymoon, a trip with family, or even a solo backpacking adventure, Visit this beautiful place and witness why this is one of the best summer destinations in the world. Best Time To Visit Cappadocia is from April to May


    Maui – Not Less Than A Paradise

    Home to around 30 miles of beaches, Maui is a hidden gem in Hawaii not many know of. This place is one of the best holiday destinations in the world, where you can enjoy and live life at your own pace. if a paradise is all you seek, there’s nothing else that you need to be convinced that it’s one of the best summer holiday destinations in the world. Best Time To Visit: April to May and September to November


    Marrakech – Admire Bucolic Nature

    If you want to experience the best of the Middle East without the noisy crowds, then you should get to Marrakech in Morocco which has been deemed one of the best summer destinations for all kinds of travelers. Famed for its unique mix of cultural diversity, this city has everything to make your summer vacation a memorable affair. You can choose to wander around the area of Jemma el-Fna, shop in colorful souks, and learn Morocco’s enchanting history in palaces and museums among other things. Best Time To Visit: March to May


    New Zealand – Scenic Landscapes for Nature Lovers

    New Zealand is surely one of the finest best summer destinations in the world owing to the fact that it enjoys a summery weather when it is winter in Asia, giving us a perfect excuse to go there to escape the cold weather. It’s one of the most scenic and beautiful destinations in the world owing to the majestic landscapes that appear to be from another planet altogether! It’s also the perfect place for adventure seekers, nature lovers, honeymooners, photographers, birdwatchers, and those inspired to visit simply by the famous Hollywood movies that were shot here! Best Time To Visit: December to February


    VancouverVancouver summer vacation

    Surrounded by mountains and beaches, Vancouver is both an urban and a natural playground: Its chic atmosphere, high-fashion boutiques and fondness for health-conscious eating have earned it the nickname “Hollywood North.” Vancouver and its breath-taking backdrop has been the setting for a bevy of popular television shows and major motion pictures, so don’t be surprised if you recognize landmarks from your favorite scenes or stumble upon a production in progress.

    Hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, Whitewater rafting and skiing will beckon to your adventurous side, you can duck inside one of the top-notch museums or swing your kids by one of the family-friendly attractions, like Granville Island or the Capilano Suspension Bridge. When you add excellent shopping, dining and nightlife scenes to the mix, you’ll see why many praise Vancouver as a go-to getaway for the multifaceted traveler. The best times to visit Vancouver are from March to May and from September to November


    London – Gape at The Big Ben Tower

    London is world-famous for its blissful summer weather, strict British guards that stand outside the revered Buckingham Palace, and the delicious fish and chips, it has charming festivals like St. Patrick’s Day, Pancake Day, and Beer Week take that awesomeness to a new level altogether! You can indulge in a lot of fun activities as there are many things to do in London. Alternatively, you can just hang out in the city’s bars and pubs to explore the fun nightlife. Best Time to Visit: March to May

    Siem Reap – Famous for Night Markets

    This city landed on the list of the best holiday destinations in the world to visit in summer. Don’t worry, it totally deserves to be there! The temples of Angkor Wat are a fascinating site to explore in the summer season, Also, this city happens to be one of the cheapest destinations in Asia, especially from March to June, making it one of the top holiday destinations in summer. You can wander around these unique temples, buy local food items at the floating village, wander around the town on a bicycle, and explore the Angkor Night Market when you’re here. Best Time To Visit: December to January and June.


    Barcelona – All About Games & Nightlife

    It is a beautiful city which is frequented by travelers due to its amazing art and elegant architecture. The city has some beautiful Roman archaeological sites and a dazzling nightlife due to its high-end pubs and bars. Best Time To Visit: April to June

    Prague – Hub of Baroque Buildings

    Prague has everything to make your magical dream come true! From the melodiousness tunes of the Municipal House to the peace of the Spanish synagogue, everything in this city is worth visiting. Whether you choose to buy glass work near the Old Town or hike up to the Vysehrad Castle, you’ll surely end up having the time of your life! And the fact that it’s budget-friendly also makes it one of the top summer destinations for you to explore in Europe. Plus, the shopping places in Prague are worth checking out. Best Time To Visit: May to September


     Playa Del Carmen – Most Beautiful Beach Town

    Playa Del Carmen happens to be a beautiful beach town in Mexico and is a little less touristy and crowded than other places in Mexico, which is why many consider it to be one of the best places to visit in May in world. Here, you can go snorkeling at Cenote Dos Ojos, or at Cenote Azul, among other water sports. You can also visit South of Playa which has the ancient Mayan ruins in the town of Tulum. The Mexican food at Yucatan is inexpensive and delicious, and Mexican tacos are anyways famous all over the world, making this one of the best countries to visit in summer for foodies! Best Time To Visit: December to April.


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