The 7 Best VIP Airport Terminals in The World

    What are VIP Terminals & Lounges?

    VIP terminals are hidden luxurious getaways designed for VIPs, businessmen, HNWI, and royalty. The VIP terminal, also known as a private lounge, is a facility that offers world-class travel amenities and premium services in a stand-alone airport terminal.

    Many airports around the globe have VIP terminals that are completely separate from the airport. These terminals are designed to serve VIPs after their arrival at the airport or before their departure.

    There are many advantages to using a VIP terminal instead of going through the regular terminals at the airport, most important of which are privacy and quality service. Every day passengers have to go through multiple exhausting and longwinded airport procedures, whereas passengers of the VIP terminal are delivered separately and are provided with exclusive quality-of-life services.

    VIP terminal passengers have the luxury of being assisted by a personal team that will handle all the airport formalities, processes, and procedures while they enjoy unparalleled privacy and luxury in a unique and personalized environment.

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    What are VIP Terminal Services?


    VIP terminals are designed to provide their guests with exclusive services, private facilities, and luxurious amenities. Every VIP terminal is equipped with different facilities and amenities, but their services will always be focused towards providing their guests with privacy, security, luxury, and comfort. VIP terminal services include but are not limited to:


    • Separate and private access to the VIP terminal
    • Convenient parking spots and drop-off areas
    • Limousine transfer to/from the VIP terminal to/from your aircraft
    • Absolute privacy and security
    • Warm welcome and escort
    • Unlimited foods, beverages, and snacks
    • Dedicated smoking areas
    • Dedicated prayer areas
    • Special needs assistance
    • Private check-in
    • Private Immigration facilities
    • Direct luggage transfer
    • Wide variety of entertainment options
    • And more!

    The 7 Best VIP Terminals in The World

    Skip long queues and avoid the busy terminals by accessing a VIP terminal. VIP terminals are designed to make your travels easy, convenient, and enjoyable. VIP terminals often contain private lounging facilities where you can rest, relax, and recharge before or after your flight. These VIP lounges are just what you need to take the edge off before continuing your travels. Book your VIP terminal access with iJET and never deal with airport crowds again.

    1.      The Private Suite VIP Terminal at Los Angeles Airport (LAX, KLAX) in California

    The Private Suite is a VIP terminal at LAX that allows VIPs to avoid crowded airport terminals and skip TSA screening queues because the screening is done privately in the VIP terminal building. You won’t have to deal with airport procedures, push against large crowds of travelers, or worry about luggage if you’ve booked access to The Private Suite. You can also pre-book a variety of complimentary services such as massages, haircuts, and even personalized meals. This VIP terminal provides guests with private suites equipped with bathrooms, beds, a pantry, as well as a terrific view of the runway where airplanes land and take off. A team of eight staff members will be assigned to each VIP in The Private Suite. They will take care of all your needs and drive you across the tarmac when it’s time to board your flight. The Private Suite’s lounge boasts unparalleled privacy and security thanks to its paparazzi-proof walls. It also manages to be convenient and comfortable thanks to its luxurious amenities and facilities. Guests of this lounge can relax on the comfortable armchairs, work in the advanced meeting rooms, or eat in the old-fashioned pantry. The lounge offers private immigration facilities, luggage transfer, and even an outdoor playing area for children. Access The Private Suite VIP terminal by booking with iJET today!


    2.      Heathrow VIP Terminal at Heathrow Airport (LHR, EGLL) in London

    The VIP experience at Heathrow VIP Terminal starts from the second you book access to it. Guests have the option of using a chauffeured luxury car that will drive them from their home to the airport or vice versa. Upon your arrival, one of the doormen will escort you inside, where your personal butler will be waiting. You can rest, work, or use any of the terminal’s luxurious amenities while you wait for your flight. All airport formalities and procedures take place inside the VIP terminal, away from all the hustle and bustle of the regular terminals. You will also be directly escorted to your aircraft as soon as it’s ready in a luxurious car of your choice. The VIP terminal’s lounges are carefully constructed with both style and sophistication in mind to help you relax, concentrate, and unwind with your guests or family. This VIP lounging experience starts with a direct transport from your location of choice to the entrance of your very own private suite, where all your airport procedures and processes will be taken care of. You will also be assigned a personal shopper to assist you during your stay in the VIP terminal, after which you will be driven across the tarmac in a luxurious limousine when your flight is ready. Access the Heathrow VIP terminal by booking with iJET today!


    3.      JetQuay CIP Terminal at Airport (SIN, WSSS) in Singapore


    The JetQuay CIP Terminal is an extravagant and elite terminal at Singapore Changi Airport. This terminal’s wide variety of premium services, facilities, and amenities have all contributed towards making it the number one choice for all HNWI, VIPs, and CIPs since it first opened in 2006. Visitors of this lounge can enjoy first-rate services such as dedicated airline check-ins, immigration clearance, private limousine escorts, and entry to one of the world’s most luxurious VIP lounges. The JetQuay VIP Lounge encapsulates the spirit and essence of Singapore by delivering a luxurious and vibrant experience. This lounge is designed to ensure a memorable and deluxe experience for people who enjoy the finer things in life by providing them with a comfortable and luxurious environment that they will never forget. This private lounge stands out even when it is compared to other VIP lounges because it provides services and facilities that go above and beyond the required standard. Visitors can enjoy unparalleled luxury and hospitality as all aspects of their airport departure or arrival are taken care of by a team of experts. They can also indulge in a variety of foods and beverages ranging from local delicacies to international specials prepared by world-class chefs. Guests of this lounge can enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi, private rooms for smoking or prayer, shower facilities, various entertainment options, and so much more. Access the JetQuay VIP terminal by booking with iJET today!


    4.      PremiAir Private Terminal at Manchester Airport (MAN, EGCC) In England

    Begin your airport journey in style and luxury in PremiAir’s modern VIP lounge. PremiAir is located on the western side of Manchester Airport, just after the brown road signs for the Runway Visitor Park. This warm and comfy lounge has been meticulously designed to provide guests with a slice of Manchester’s signature Northern hospitality. A luxury transfer will escort you from the plane to the lounge or vice versa while expert staff members retrieve and hold your luggage until you need it. PremiAir’s VIP Lounge offers a huge selection of first-rate and complimentary services such as high-speed Wi-Fi, various snacks and refreshments, freshly prepared meals, and so much more. The lounge offers the perfect calm environment for both relaxation and work, complete with amazing runway views and personal assistants to fulfill your needs. Access the PremiAir Private Terminal by booking with iJET today!


    5.      Milano Prime VIP Terminal at Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP, LIMC) in Italy

    The Milano Prime VIP terminal is a modern marvel of comfort and luxury located at Milan Malpensa Airport in Italy. This VIP terminal isn’t just one of the best VIP terminals in the world, but it is also one of the most vibrant and luxurious. The terminal’s architecture is truly outstanding even amongst its peers. You can practically feel the love and care that has been poured into every nook and cranny of this terminal to make it a truly luxurious and deluxe terminal worthy of VIPs’ money and time. Guests of this terminal have the privilege of using many unique amenities such as VIP car parking, conference centers, airplane transfers or lavish relaxation rooms and cigar lounges. Access the Milano Prime VIP Terminal by booking with iJET today!



    6.      Schiphol VIP Terminal at Schiphol Airport (AMS, EHAM) in Amsterdam

    The Schiphol VIP Terminal provides VIPs with the most luxurious and elite way to travel through Schiphol Airport. Boasting unparalleled privacy, security, and service regardless of which airline you fly with. A team of experts will take care of all your airport processes and procedures while you rest and recharge in a VIP center that is completely separate from the regular passenger process at Schiphol. The Schiphol Airport VIP Terminal’s lounge offers a serene and tranquil environment where guests can relax and use a number of first-rate services. You can freshen up at the shower facilities, enjoy refreshing drinks at the bar, or work peacefully at one of the many workstations. Access the Schiphol VIP Terminal by booking with iJET today!

    VIP Terminal Services



    7.      Lufthansa VIP Terminal at Frankfurt Airport (FRA, EDDF) in Germany

    The Lufthansa VIP Terminal boasts an elite and exclusive atmosphere suitable for VIPs and HNWI. Everything in the terminal has been arranged to provide visitors with the utmost comfort, privacy, and security. The lounge provides plenty of choices for relaxation, such as comfortable chairs, a beautiful wine-and-dine area, as well as the breathtaking Cigar Lounge. The Cigar Lounge’s quiet rooms, spacious showering facilities, award-winning international cuisine, and fantastic bar are a few reasons why this lounge maintains its elite status to this very day. Guests who have to work discreetly or in complete privacy can withdraw up to five separate offices equipped with Wi-Fi, telephones, and even fax machines. Access the Lufthansa VIP Terminal by booking with iJET today!

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