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Top VIP Airport Terminals Worldwide

    VIP Terminal is an airport concierge service which offers travelers the most luxurious travel experience in a stand-alone airport terminal. A personal team will be at your disposal to handle all the airport formalities on your behalf.

    The advantage of a separate terminal is its privacy and quality of service. Passengers undergo all pre-flight processes in a separate VIP terminal and are delivered separately from all passengers on individual transport.

    What are the alternative names of VIP Terminals?

    It’s known as VIP lounges, executive lounge and CIP (commercial important person ) where VIP/CIP passengers, can wait for their flights in a different place from those used by other passengers.

    Airport VIP Lounges should offer services aimed at improving the pre-boarding experience, and that combine the facilities needed for relaxation with a wide range of services such as food and beverages, free access to wireless Internet, portable-device charging, assortment of reading materials, showers, various entertainment options, etc.


    Top VIP airport Terminals Worldwide:


    • The Windsor Suite (London Heathrow) :

    The VIP Black service kicks off with a home pick-up (you’ll ride in a BMW 7 Series) that transfers you to a no-pap entrance where you’re led into your own private suite. All check-in and security will be taken care of there, and you’ll even be assigned a personal shopper who can bring you all the brands you want. Then, when it’s time to board, you’re whisked across the tarmac in a limo. You can also use it for transfers if you are simply passing through. Available for booking for all First and Business Class passengers.


    • Abu Dhabi International Airport, Abu Dhabi

    Set in a dedicated facility of 10,000 sf, attached to the existing terminals, the VIP Terminal transforms Abu Dhabi International Airport into a luxurious home away from home, whether you are arriving, departing or in transit.

    Relax and revitalize in the privacy of one of their seven Royal Majlis, mixed with Arabian and European design, equipped with state-of-the-art audio visual systems, and a variety of other facilities.

    The private VIP Terminal facility includes Separate access with convenient parking and drop-off areas. Private check-in and immigration facilities with your luggage transferred directly to or from the aircraft. Exclusive limousine transfers between the VIP Terminal and aircraft.


    • The Private Suite (LAX ) ( California) :

    Hidden behind imposingly high walls (it’s 100 per cent paparazzi-proof) is LAX’s latest addition, with comfortable armchairs and smart meeting rooms – and there’s even a ‘pantry’ with brilliantly old-fashioned jellybean dispensers. The suite also features children’s outdoor play areas. Plus private immigration, luggage tagging, and so on. Boarding is via a limo that drives you right to the plane.


    • Indira Gandhi Airport (New Delhi )

    This uniquely designed modern airport will be a game changer for the region. With its unique structure, use of design materials from concrete, steel and glass, it will offer up the highest level of luxury for VIP travelers. With 17,000 sf of space, the terminal contains a two story main building that showcase the services for VIPs.


    The Schiphol VIP service is the most exclusive way to travel through Schiphol. They offer privacy and personal service, regardless of which airline you are flying with. The VIP service is completely separate from the regular passenger process at Schiphol.


    • Munich Airport VIP Wing (Germany):

    The Munich Airport VIP Wing has a seperate terminal similar to Lufthansa FCT – where guests can dine on demand or at a buffet before being driven directly to their plane.


    • Club Continental, Prague

    Club Continental offers the service of limousine transfers from your home. Once you arrive, you will not have to worry about anything and all check in will be done by a private concierge. You will enjoy time in a private luxurious lounge with all-inclusive refreshments and then taken directly to the aircraft by a limousine.


    • JetQuay ( CIP Terminal, Singapore Changi Airport ) :

    Originally built to receive visiting VIPs, the JetQuay CIP Terminal offers several levels of very discreet service – Jetside is the one to pick if you don’t want to be seen. Your Guest Relations Officer will deal with immigration, customs and check-in. All you have to do is hand over your passport and relax . A limo ferries you to and from the plane’s steps.


    The lounge interior presents a refined combination of Stalin Empire, Baroque, Classicism, and Art-Deco. VIP passengers can enjoy a separate parking area, private concierge, transfer directly to the plane, a restaurant, a conference hall and meeting rooms, relaxation rooms with shower cabins, and a cigar lounge.


    • IAM Jet Centre (Barbados and Grenada):

    Step from the plane and walk a few paces into a lovely private terminal for snacks and a sit-down. Your luggage will be brought out while an official comes to stamp your passport. The bags, meanwhile, are loaded into your transfer vehicle. And off you go!



    What Services are provided in VIP Airport Terminals? VIP terminal


    The VIP Lounge offers you several benefits such as separate security and passport control to the security area, where you can relax in your own lounge. During your stay, fruits, soft, cold and hot drinks will be provided as well as newspapers. Although access to free Wi-Fi is included.

    With passenger numbers forecast to grow in the coming years, new premium services are being launched to improve customer experience at airports, but they come with a high cost. From luxury suites to concierge companies, here you find some services:


    • Separate and private access to the VIP terminal
    • Convenient parking spots and drop-off areas
    • Limousine transfer to/from the VIP terminal to/from your aircraft
    • Absolute privacy and security
    • Warm welcome and escort
    • Unlimited foods, beverages, and snacks
    • Dedicated smoking areas
    • Dedicated prayer areas
    • Special needs assistance
    • Private check-in
    • Private Immigration facilities
    • Direct luggage transfer
    • Wide variety of entertainment options


    iJET Airport Concierge is the world’s leading VIP airport concierge service provider for reserving a unique VIP Lounge as its services are designed to elevate a troublesome airport journey and to create a personalized airport experience by turning it into a truly luxurious experience.




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