Velana Airport’s New 40,000,000$ VIP Terminal

    Velana International Airport (VIA) is the primary international airport in

    the Maldives. The airport is in the North Malé Atoll on Hulhulé Island and is the main gateway into the Maldives. Velana Airport maintains a strong connection with other major airports around the globe, making it convenient for travelers and tourists. The Maldives Airports Company Limited is administratively and financially in charge of Velana International Airport.


    The MACL’s plans for developing Velana International Airport include demolishing the old VIP terminal and replacing it with a new four-story building. Once this plan is complete, the new VIP terminal will provide 6,130m2 more space than the old one. The new VIP terminal will also offer a variety of new luxurious amenities and facilities such as expansive seating areas, scenic views, duty-free shops, and a wide variety of international foods & beverages. Access the VIP terminal at Velana Airport today by using iJET Airport Concierge!


    All You Need To Know About Velana International Airport

    Velana International Airport originally started as a small strip of land on Hulhulé Island. It was called Hulhulé Airport when it first opened on the 19th of October in 1960. The first runway on Hulhulé Island was built out of slotted steel sheets, and the first commercial flight out of the airport was an Air Ceylon flight.

    The Maldives government joined hands with the Dhivehi people to construct a new asphalt runway in May of 1964. The four districts of Malé competed for a money prize, which would be awarded to the fastest district. 108 volunteers enlisted for the project, and over 1,500 Maldivian rufiyaa was donated on the first day. The new runway was operational on the 12th of April in 1966 because of these efforts.

    The Maldives found itself in need of an international-standard airport after the tourism boom of 1972. This is when Hulhulé Airport was officially inaugurated under the new name of “Malé International Airport”.

    The Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) was formed on the 1st of January in 1994 to operate and manage the Malé International Airport both administratively and financially. The airport was officially renamed “Ibrahim Nasir International Airport” as a tribute to its founder, the 2nd president of the Maldives. The airport was then rebranded as Velana International Airport in 2017, in reference to President Ibrahim Nasir’s family house name.


    All You Need To Know About Velana Airport’s New VIP Terminal

    The new VIP terminal building at Velana International Airport is located behind the previous VIP terminal building. The building’s concept was created by the award-winning architect, Yuji Yamazki. The VIP terminal was designed  by UG Yamazaki Architecture to serve more people and provide a wide selection of luxurious amenities and facilities. The VIP terminal is being constructed by the Beijing Urban Construction Group as a two-phase project.

    The terminal will provide 6,130m2 more space than the previous building once the entire project is complete. The ground floor of the four-story building is a dedicated VVIP lounge designed to serve high ranking officials. The first and second floors are dedicated to serving VIPs and CIPs respectively. The top floor of the building is going to be strictly used for administrative work.

    The new VIP terminal will offer private check-in facilities, private prayer rooms, catering, duty-free shopping, spacious seating areas, scenic views, and various food & beverages from around the world.

    The development of this new VIP terminal building is part of a project that is estimated to have cost over 1,000,000,000$. This project includes a new runway, a new cargo complex, a fuel farm, a passenger terminal, and a seaplane terminal. The construction of the new passenger terminal has been contracted to the Bin Laden Company. The seaplane terminal has been completed but is not currently in use. The development of the oil storage system and cargo terminal has almost reached completion. These developments will considerably increase the airport’s capacity; this also means that delays in providing services will become a thing of the past for Velana International Airport. Enter the new VIP terminal at Velana Airport with iJET Airport Concierge!

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