World Luxury Travel Awards 2022

    We are so proud to proclaim that iJET is nominated for Airport Concierge Services at the World Luxury Awards for the year 2022.

    iJET Airport Concierge is the world’s leading VIP airport concierge service provider. its services are designed to elevate a troublesome airport journey and to create a personalized airport experience by turning it into a truly luxurious experience. We know that time is money and we value your time, so we’ve made it our mission to make traveling as comfortable and quick as possible for Corporate Travelers, Leisure Travelers, CEO & Executives’ Business Trips, Explorers, Frequent Flyers, Family Trips, Seniors Travel and Groups Trips.


    What is World Luxury Travel Awards?

    World Luxury Travel Awards was established in 2019, World Luxury Travel Awards serves to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the global luxury travel and tourism industry. It also aims to be the pinnacle of achievement for the travel industry, offering international recognition as voted for by guests, travelers and industry players alike. International travelers vote each year, during a four-week period to select the winners. Travel organisations have the opportunity to participate in the World Luxury Travel Awards by entering the awards to highlight and draw attention to their unique selling points with regards to travel destinations, facilities or services offered.

    Today, the World Travel Awards brand is recognised globally as the ultimate hallmark of industry excellence and it celebrates its 29th anniversary year in 2022.


    What is The Awards Procedure?

    • Nominations: Travel establishments can self-nominate, be nominated by travellers, or travel industry professionals (such as travel agents or tour operators) for consideration in the World Luxury Travel Awards, which is made possible by the nomination facility on our website. Constant feedback from travellers about their experience at a travel establishment allows us to evaluate the respective nominees to qualify them for participation. The successfully qualifying travel establishments are then formally invited (or accepted) to participate and register in the awards initiative. Official participants will automatically be invited to register in the following year’s award season at a preferential rate.
    • Selection Criteria:
    • Service excellence
      • Attention to detail
      • Facilities
      • Style and design
      • Efficiency
      • Customer reviews
      • Marketing (active, engaging, up to date content)
      • Diversity
      • Location
      • Local knowledge
    • Winning Levels

    Participants compete on a Country, Regional, Continent and Global basis. Only properties competing in the same categories compete against each other.


    Continents are as follows:
    North America, South America, Europe, Indian Ocean, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia & Oceania


    Regions are as follows:
    North and Central America, Caribbean, Latin America, West & Central Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa, Middle East & North Africa (MENA), Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Indian Ocean Islands, Central Asia, East Asia, South East Asia, South West Asia, Southern Asia, Australasia and The South Pacific/Oceania.


    • Registration


    • Voting:

    Voting is based on the experience as a whole, combined with aspects of service excellence, attention to detail and efficiency. Votes are usually from people that approve and support your establishment. Votes can come from travellers, visitors, website visitors, social media followers, newsletter followers, e-mail correspondents, tour operators, staff and industry peers. Anyone can vote online during the designated voting season.

    • Judging Criteria:

    The judging process is totally unbiased as is not undertaken by judges who may be influenced or have certain favourites. Size of the establishment is not taken into consideration during the nomination or voting phases.


    • Winners and the Gala Awards Ceremony

    Winners are determined at the end of the voting season; interim results are then released to the respective participants. Participants will be invited to attend the Gala Awards Ceremony, where the official winners are announced, also revealing the category and level of the award achieved.  This event is the year’s highlight, with many new business opportunities forged from the meeting of travel industry affiliates and media partners around the world.


    Why iJET Airport Concierge is a nominee at World Luxury Travel Awards 2022?

    We are so glad that iJET Airport Concierge has been nominated in the 2022 World Luxury Travel Awards as it adds a personal touch to your travel so you can experience a smooth and hassle-free trip by using our personalized assistance services for your arrival, departure, or transit at any airport around the world. its team of dedicated travel enthusiasts will ensure your luxury and comfort wherever you go.

    iJET Airport Concierge is distinguished with its high quality Services from VIP and luxury Concierge service, Meet and Greet, Limo service, VIP Terminals due the existence of a high qualified and well trained team, thus We are so proud to reach this great achievement.


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