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Aircraft Ground Handling Services, Landing Permits & Airport Slots, Flight Planning, Cargo Ground Handling, Cargo Royalty In EGYPT - CAIRO

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    At iJET, our team of expert professionals work round the clock to offers the best Cargo Flight Support Services to operators for their Cargo flights and airlines.

    Whether it is heavy cargo flight or sensitive cargo flight, fragile cargo flight or dangerous goods, humanitarian aids relief cargo or outsized cargo, we are there to support you. We understand the need of running your cargo flights on time. With our timely services available on short notice too, your flight operations will be smooth and efficient, and your flight will always be on time.

    Why iJET Cargo Flight Support?

    The Controller’s Guide to Successful Engine Operation

    We understand the quick response need for urgent cargo ground handling. Our swift customer support team are available 24/7 to answer your queries.

    The Controller’s Guide to Successful Engine Operation

    Our short notice requests help us to deal with your last-minute Cargo flights.

    The Controller’s Guide to Successful Engine Operation

    Our top-quality services are available at the best prices, so that you can fly reliable and cost-effective cargo flights.

    Permits iJET

    Landing permits and Airport Slots

    Stay on time and on track with our swift cargo flight permit services With our global ties with Civil Aviation Authorities and relevant local authorities worldwide, we make sure that you’ve all the required permits as well as clearances for your cargo flight. Our short notice permits approval service is available for cargo flights overflight permits, Cargo Landing Permit in all airports worldwide, airport slots and other flight permits.

    Ground handling iJET

    Aircraft Ground Handling Services

    Comprehensive ground handling services for smooth operations For your cargo flight, we offer you reliable airport ground handling services or airport ground services to cargo aircraft operators worldwide. We contact our trusted ground handlers and FBO network to ensure that everything is ready before your flight touches the ground.

    Cargo Handling iJET

    Cargo Ground Handling

    Safe and secure cargo ground handling to take special care of your freight With our Cargo ground handling services we ensures that your cargo is safely and securely loaded and unloaded. Whether it is large cargo or fragile cargo, our team of trained professionals with experience in all kinds of cargo, will take care of it.

    Cargo Royalties iJET

    Cargo Royalties

    Cargo royalty is the tax that a foreign airline has to pay to operate in some countries. Countries usually impose cargo royalty to protect the local airlines. We help you pay the cargo royalty to the relevant authority or airport, to ensure smooth operations for your cargo flights.

    Send Inquiry

    If you have any inquiry about our Cargo flight support services or charges, please write to us by filling out the form. Please make sure to leave you email and phone number so we can get back to you. A represatative from iJET will contact you as soon as possible to answer your inquiry.

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