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March 17, 2020
By: iJET Team

5 Questions to Ask When You Charter a Private Jet

Private Jet charter is an exclusive and expensive affair.

Private Jet Charter is the way of VIP to travel to destinations worldwide. The luxury of Private Jet charter are too many. From being airborne in 25 minutes to access to locations where commercial airlines. From ample of private jet airports to choose to the increasing number of professional air charter service providers. These and the luxury, privacy, and comfort have triggered the rise of private jet rentals. With Business Aviation is Soaring New Heights in 2018, it is not just Europe and America, but Asian nations too are seeing a steady growth in the number of private jets

But before you book your next charter flight do your research for the most reliable and professional air charter service providers, who can offer you the ultimate traveling experience. You should do your background check thoroughly before your next charter flight. We, at iJET, have already talked about 5 Factors That Will Help You Decide Which FBO to Use for Your Next Trip And 6 Things to Help You Decide Which Airport to Use for Private Jet Charter Today we talk about the 5 questions you should ask to charter flights for your next trip to your desired destination.


Things to Consider Before You Book Your Next Charter Flight

1- Are you selecting the right aircraft?

The most important thing is to charter the right private jet. Operators usually offer different types of aircraft for your luxury travel or business travel. You need to select the aircraft according to your requirements, number of people traveling, and the distance traveled. For instance, if you’re tall and have a long flight then a private jet with taller cabin height might be advisable. In comparison, light jets and turboprops usually have cabin heights under 5 feet. The distance traveled is also an important to select the right aircraft. If traveling far then go for larger aircraft. Use the small jet plane for smaller trips. Of course, there is the option of Helicopter rental too. If you’re traveling to a hard to reach or remote destinations, or to a location with no runway, use Helicopter.

2- Is it sustainable?

Sustainability is the way forward for Business Aviation. Your choice of private jet charter need not cost the Earth. An informed and well-researched option for air charter service can help lessen the effects on the environment. For Millennials too sustainability is the biggest concern when it comes to private air transport. If you use new generation aircrafts instead of old ones, the carbon emissions will be halved.

iJET, dealing aircraft operators globally, has witnessed a shift in people opting for sustainable and environmental-friendly aviation fuel. With one option being Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). The aviation world is on its flight to a better greener world with SAF 

3- What about Safety and Security?

Make sure your operator is certified by international safety organizations. They must also be rigorously audited. Other important security check includes aircraft validation and pilot background checks. Security check also has to be about the safety standards of your flight. And to ensure that your pilot and crew is professionally licensed.

4- Service provided by the operator. Is concierge included?

One of the best parts about private jet charter is luxury of tailored service. Your operator should have the resources and experience to offer customized services. This includes concierge services like luxury ground transportation, in-flight catering, transportation and accommodation, and more.

5- The cost of private jet charter?

Is your operator offering the best price? Is your operator providing you affordable aircraft options? Do you have cheap jet rental options? All these makes the private jet price an essential factor to choose your charter flights. The final decision of which private charter to use most boils down to the cost. Private jet charters are usually billed by hours but there are additional fees. These include flight permits (landing permit, overflight permit), aviation fuel or jet fuel, in-flight catering, and more. Make sure to get an estimate of the overall cost of the flight before making your decision. It is feasible to work for a good air charter broker, like iJET, who works with operators worldwide. iJET works with their clients to help them find the best match at the best price. And takes care of all the details from the miniscule ones to the gigantic ones to offer you a seamless private charter experience.

Chartering a private jet is obviously an expensive option but the level of privacy, convenience and luxury makes it worth it.

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