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Safe, reliable, and quick air ambulance plane charter on a short notice.

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    Looking for Private Air Ambulance Plane in to , iJET Charter offers safe, quick transport for patients by private air ambulance services in to .For medical emergencies, where you or your loved ones needs to travel to another city or country, repatriation by air ambulance is the fastest and safest option. iJET Charter, with their private jet charter service, offers reliable and safe air ambulance transport. Our team of charter experts will help you to choose the right aircraft, which is medically equipped, to transfer the patient with care and on time.

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    Medical Air Ambulance/ MEDEVAC Flight/ Air Medical Transfers

    Air Ambulance Plane charter services, often used for MEDEVAC Flight or medical evacuation, is where air lift services is used for time-critical air medical transport to provide crucial help to patients stuck somewhere. Air ambulance is also used for medical transfers of patients from one place to other in need of better medical care.

    Why to choose iJET Charter for Private Charter Air Ambulance?

    • The aircraft used by iJET Charter for air medical transfers, has state-of-the-art equipment and medicines, for the patients. In addition to this, a team of medical professionals will be available on board to provide any medical assistance needed during the flight.
    • Swift response and Short Notice service for Air Ambulance in to
    • We are there for you 24/7, to ensure that you get the right help at the right time
    • Trust-worthy, safe, and fast medical transportation is available for destinations worldwide

    • Our team will assist you to select the right well-equipped aircraft for the air medical transport according to the patient and situation needs. For Air Ambulance Planein to , we will need the following details:
    - The medical condition of the patient.
    - If the patient is stable enough to fly and has been medically cleared to do so.
    - Number of the passengers accompanying the patient and their passport details. If there will be a medical team present on board?
    - Special equipment that the doctor or hospital has requested to be available on board.
    - Contact details of the destination hospital.