May 19, 2022
By: iJET Team

The Benefits of Aircraft Charter for Sports Teams & Sporting Events

Traveling with a group can be a logistical nightmare if it isn’t planned correctly. And that logistical nightmare can, in turn, wreak havoc on a team in solid preparation for an important game.

While flying business class on commercial flights allows you to avoid the line and receive additional customer service, you will still be subject to fluctuating schedules and severe delays. Transporting your sports team through a private jet charter, on the other hand, a private jet charter will allow you to entirely customize your trip. Your squad will arrive rested and ready to win, with a customized itinerary and cuisine.


What is The Efficiency of Sports Team Charter Flights for Sporting Events?

Sports travel is a rapidly expanding industry that necessitates dependable and adaptable aviation services for various teams around the world. Sports team charter flights are becoming increasingly popular since they provide a convenient and speedy way for teams to travel internationally without hassles. Due to new COVID-19 health rules set by governing organizations and federations, air charter is becoming increasingly popular for sports travel.

A sports team includes not only players but also coaches and other members of the sports staff. They are more inclined to sign multi-year contracts to ensure that their charter flights are available during the competitive season. Because game dates are usually set well in advance, teams can book their flights months in advance, for example, five months in advance. The utilization of private terminals and charter aircraft allows athletes to arrive on time, eliminating any delays along the way, and allowing them to be calmer and more prepared to compete.


The Sports Team Charter Flights Industry is Expected to See a Boost in 2022

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, various sports events have been postponed for 2021 and 2022 including the Olympics, footballs Euro 2020, and Golf Ryder Cup, among others, in other words, all these events are now included in a calendar that consists of the usual array of Super Bowl, Tennis Grand Slams, NBA Finals, Champions League, Premier league and golf majors.

In the hope to get their destinations in time and avoiding health risks, sports teams, corporate sponsors and even fans are more likely to choose charter flights rather than commercial ones. There is no doubt that 2022 will be a year full of sports events around the World like the 2022 Qatar World Cup which means that there will be a need for more charter flights.

Because of Covid-19, sports teams and organizations are more aware of the relevance of air charters in avoiding health risks and in preparing sports teams to compete at their best. Due to the game season, sports organizations must ensure that the entire team is healthy. If one or two players have the coronavirus, there’s a good chance that the rest of the squad will be affected as well, which might result in everyone being quarantined or the team being kicked out of the competition. Choosing charter flights is considerably safer and ensures that none of this trouble occurs.


When do private charters save sports fans money?Private jet

Before we get into the more obvious advantages of scheduling private charters, it’s important to dispel the idea that doing so is out of reach for the typical sports fan. Fans and supporters may save money if a professional team, sports federation, or supporters’ association organizes chartered flights for them.

Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool Football Club qualified for the UEFA Champions League final in Madrid in 2019. Fans of both teams scrambled to book flights, only to discover that costs on commercial airlines, including budget carriers, had risen to more than £1,300 for a round journey. For the night of the final, hotel costs in Madrid skyrocketed to more than £1,000. Those who were able to get a seat on a chartered flight (and didn’t require a hotel because the airplane returned them home after the match) were able to pay less for a much more personalized and high-quality service.

Of course, fans prefer private chartered flights to commercial travel for reasons other than price stability. There are a variety of reasons why chartered aircraft make dedicated sports fans feel special…

And if that’s not enough to convince you, we have created a list of all the reasons why you should use private jet charter flights when transporting a sports team.

Several Reasons to Choose Private Jet Charter Flights.

  1. Fly at your own time
  2. Don’t leave anyone behind
  3. Special menus to keep up with player’s diet
  4. Flexibility
  5. Personalized service
  6. Ready to win


1- Fly at your own time

When preparing a team for an important game, time is of the essence. Long delays and timetable restrictions are not ideal for game preparation. That is where the advantages of hiring a private charter come into play. When you hire a private charter, you will be able to choose a traveling schedule to suit your team’s needs, not the airlines. You will also have the added advantage of not bringing delayed by scheduling changes.


2- Don’t leave anyone behind

We all know the most important part of being in a team is to look out for each other. At iJET, we take this very seriously, ensuring we can find an aircraft charter to suit your needs, that means we will either find a private jet that will fit all your team or more than one aircraft which will arrive at the destination in the same time frame. This will keep your players together, increasing efficiency and preventing unnecessary transfers to and from the airport.


3- Special menus to keep up with player’s diet

Sports players are more likely to be on specialized diets during game seasons. Therefore, having a charter flight that caters to that is very essential to keep them fit and ready for any challenges. No beers or unhealthy foods are allowed on the plane, instead of special menus, carefully planned by nutritionists replace these.


4- Flexibility

The flexibility of sports team charters is one of their main advantages: they can be scheduled or postponed at any time! Because they frequently play on a non-direct scheduled flight destination, teams can benefit from direct routes. When compared to planned flight solutions and road transportation, this saves time and money.

Sports can sometimes have long overtime periods, requiring planes to be delayed and ready for departure when the team is ready to depart. Commercial airlines, in comparison to charter flights, cannot provide such flexibility.


5- Personalized service

Want to hype your team up for their big game? iJET can ensure the interior of your aircraft is customized with team colors and logos. We also can adorn the interior of the aircraft with custom branding, including branded headrest covers, team napkins, and personalized napkins.



6- Ready to win

A long flight, and even longer delays, can have a negative impact on a team’s mental and emotional health. Hiring a private jet charter, on the other hand, assures that you get at your destination on time, with no extra delays. This will also reduce the amount of stress the team experiences throughout the voyage, allowing them to relax and sleep more. After all, if you want to add another victory to your total, the pre-game preparation is crucial.


iJET Private Jet Charter for Sports Teams and Events

Sports team’s charter flights provide another level of sports travel experience. With iJET’s efficient and reliable service, sports teams reach their destinations without any stress and are more focused on their competition. health risks due to COVID-19 are reduced, and no waste of time, flexibility, and customized service onboard allow sports teams to give their best once they are on the game field.

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