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March 17, 2020
By: iJET Team

9 Benefits for Private Jet Charter vs. First Class

Thinking of flying first class instead to rent a private airplane charter? You think its less expensive but are there any other benefits? Private Charter saves time and improves productivity. Today we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of renting a private airline charter instead of flying first class.

Why Private Jet not First Class ?

1- Saves Time, Improves Productivity

Private Jet Charter gives you the freedom and flexibility to schedule your travel without the hassle of commercial travel. Time is money in today’s world. When you rent a private airplane charter it gives you access to fly at a time that suits you, making it a cost-efficient solution that improves productivity too.

2- Faster way to travel

Unlike commercial travel where you need to be at the airport 3 hours before your flight, private charter saves your time. You reach the airport and be air borne in just few minutes.

3- You get to choose your aircraft

How cool is the option to select the aircraft you want to fly in! When you choose a partner like iJET Charter, you get to choose from a selection of the finest aircraft that match your travel requirements.

4- Luxury of FBOs and Private Terminal

The hassle of public terminal is not for you? One of the main advantages of private charter is that it gives you access to stunning standalone terminals and FBOs.

5- Time flexibility

When you fly first class you travel according to the airlines schedule. But private charter gives you the flexibility to create your own schedule. You select the time of departure and schedule of your flight according to your wish.

6- Commercial airlines do not travel everywhere!

Your first class will not take you to remote destinations. But private charter you can access undiscovered places and travel to airports not accessible by commercial airline.

7- Need security and discretion?

Private charter offers you the option to be discreet. Discretion and security are the topmost reasons to select private jet charter. iJET Charter is committed to offer you services that are reliable and secure.

8- Best for business travel

Do you have a meeting on the other side of the planet? Do you have to make multiple stops in one travel? Skip hours wasted at public terminals, standing in long queues during check-in, waiting for delayed flights, and the endless security check.

9- Traveling with group of family or friends for vacation or special occasion

If the number of people is more, private charter is not only the convenient, but also the cost-efficient option too.

Discover the luxury of private flying with iJET Charter. We take a step farther from others by making your journey a luxurious personalized experience for you.

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