11 benefits for Private jet charter vs a first-class flight?
June 1, 2022
By: iJET Team

11 benefits for Private jet charter vs a first-class flight?

Don’t think a lot about flying first-class or renting a private jet. It’s less expensive?  It’s more comfortable? Does private jet/first class have more benefits? Today we discuss the advantages of hiring a private airline charter instead of flying first class.


What are private jet charter and First-class Flight?

A business jet, private jet, or bizjet is a jet aircraft designed for transporting small groups of people. Business jets may be adapted for other roles, such as the evacuation of causalities or express parcel deliveries, and some are used by businessmen, celebrities, government officials, or the armed forces.

First-class is a type of luxury seating on a plane that provides greater room, comfort, and service than other seats and includes amenities such as private suites and access to onboard showers.


What is the safest private jet?

Embraer E170 And E190, also have an excellent safety record, so passengers who charter an Embraer E170 or an Embraer E190 may fly with confidence. These planes had four-abreast seats with double-bubble designs, as well as quiet turbofan engines.


Why hire a private jet?

Private jets are for customers of the high-end travel industry. As the name implies, it involves hiring a private jet to travel to your destination.

First, chartered aircraft provide customers with a high level of comfort and convenience. Individuals can escape the headaches of dealing with crowds and security at airports that passengers who fly commercial airlines must face. It also saves time since travelers who charter flights can create their flight schedule, which means they choose the departure time. These people do not have to worry about layovers or flight changes.

Charting a jet can be costly but certain perks go along with it:

Top 11 benefits of hiring a private jet aircraft charter

Did you know that just 81.63% of flights arrived on time last year, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics? That implies that 18.37% of flights were canceled or delayed, leaving customers racing to get where they needed to be.

When you need to travel by plane, commercial travel isn’t your only choice. Although many people believe that a private aircraft charter is an unaffordable luxury, several advantages justify it.

  1. Choose where to fly
  2. Increased safety measures
  3. Bypass airport stress
  4. Enjoy delicious catering
  5. No baggage fees
  6. Travel in comfort
  7. Faster way to travel
  8. Time flexibility
  9. Choose your aircraft
  10. Luxury of FBOs and private terminal
  11. Travelling with a group of family


1-     Choose where to fly

One of the most significant benefits of traveling on a private plane is the freedom with which you may organize your journey. You will work with the charter firm to improve your route, even though there will be some parameters to obey.

Commercial flights have a restricted range of destinations due to the size of the plane and the attractiveness of the areas they travel to. Because private aircraft are often smaller in size, they may land at tiny airports where bigger planes cannot. This provides you with more possibilities for destinations than a conventional airline.


2-     Increased safety measures

Both commercial and private air travel is extremely safe modes of transportation. however, flying privately has a few safety advantages.

Even though private planes appear to be more vulnerable to poor weather due to their smaller size, they often fly at 40,000 miles above the earth, thousands of feet higher than commercial counterparts. As a result, these smaller planes can fly above adverse weather, ensuring a smooth journey.


3-     Bypass airport stress

When flying commercially, there are several processes you must complete before boarding the plane. Getting through an airport takes a long time, from the check-in process through baggage claim to waiting in long security lines.

When you travel in a smaller private jet, you have a lot more flexibility in terms of where you may go. This is since many of these planes employ a Fixed-Based Operator or FBO. You will have a lot more easy and private boarding experience because these terminals are normally distant from the rush and bustle of the big airports.



4-     Enjoy delicious catering

Anyone who has traveled knows that aircraft food isn’t one of the most delectable gastronomic delights, but that may all change if you ride on a private jet.

Instead of the one or two selections generally available on commercial flights, many private aircraft allows you to select your preferred cuisine for the duration of your journey.

In addition to catered personalized meals, most chartered flights will also provide you with a variety of in-flight snacks to pick from.

It won’t only be the cuisine on the plane that gets upgraded. When you fly on a private jet, you won’t have to waste time at the airport, where there are just a few food options, because you’ll be able to get to your plane quickly.


5-     No baggage fees

The limitations on the quantity of luggage you may bring are one of the most inconvenient aspects of traveling commercially. To guarantee that your luggage matches the airline’s size and weight standards, you must pack your belongings properly.

Flying aboard a private jet removes a lot of the restrictions you’ll have while planning your trip. Although some smaller private planes have a size and weight restrictions, you have a lot more flexibility when it comes to the stuff you may carry.

This is especially useful when traveling with little children since you can more easily carry the essentials, the need for a safe and enjoyable journey.



6-     Travel in comfort

When you fly in a chartered plane, the level of comfort you’ll enjoy is unrivaled. You will be looked after from the minute you arrive, ensuring that your boarding process and departure go off without a hitch.

When flying on a chartered jet, you will often have access to a private terminal or lounge where you may relax before boarding your journey. These private rooms will allow you to relax and prepare for your travel in a stress-free environment. When your flight is ready to take off, several private airlines will personally transport you to the tarmac!


7-     Faster way to travel

There is no need to wait once you arrive at your preferred airport. Private planes, once again, operate on your timetable. Unless you’re flying an empty leg, of course.

Furthermore, Fixed Base Operators (FBOs), which are essentially airport private jet terminals, are often silent. As a result, passing through security and pre-flight procedures is very swift. unlike commercial travel where you need to be at the airport 3 hours before your flight, a private charter saves your time. You can reach the airport and be airborne in just a few minutes.


8-     Time flexibility

When flying first class, you must adhere to the airline’s timetable. A private charter, on the other hand, allows you to choose your timetable. You choose your flight’s departure time and schedule based on your preferences.


9-     Choose your aircraft

How great is it to be able to choose the aircraft you wish to travel in? When you work with a company like iJET Charter, you may choose from a variety of the best aircraft to meet your travel needs.

Discover the iJET charter fleet now!


10- Luxury of FBOs and private terminal

You don’t want to deal with the hassles of a public terminal. One of the most appealing aspects of private charter is the availability of beautiful freestanding terminals and FBOs.


11- Travelling with a group of family

If there are more individuals, a private charter is not only the most convenient but also the most cost-effective solution.

Commercial planes are unable to provide all these amenities to their passengers. They travel according to their timetables, and even if they have first-class seats, all passengers must wait the same amount of time before departing. Although the tickets are less expensive, there are various restrictions: you cannot make phone calls or use the internet, and you must wait for your baggage until you get to the airport. If you need to get to the hotel from a distance, the only option is to take a taxi.

With iJET Charter, you can experience the luxury of a private flight. We go above and above by making your trip a pleasant, personalized experience for you.

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