September 6, 2022
By: iJET Team

Why Business Private Jets Are the Best Solution for CEOs?

Private planes tend to be economical for executives whose time is as precious as their money. Private jets offer passengers more personalized amenities than first class flights.

CEOs are often empowered to use private jets for travel. They are busy professionals responsible for large multi-billion-dollar companies with global brand presences that may require frequent travel internationally.

Private jet travel allows CEOs to get away from the office and get on with their business without significantly impacting their working hours.

After all, private jets are more than just a glamorous image. By eliminating wasted travel time, costs and stress, you can make your business more efficient and profitable. A private jet will help your team get around and become your own office in the clouds.

iJET Charter has a 24/7 customer support team at CEOs clients service comprises of charter experts to advise you in choosing the perfect jet for your next luxury business trip.


Top 7 Benefits For CEOs To Fly in Private jet

Many of CEOs and Businessmen have never considered flying privately before, but situations like the following should make this mode of transportation part of every executive’s travel toolkit:


Chartering private jet provides you in first place with full privacy where you will enjoy a private ride so you can run your business or even relax without being disturbed. Handle confidential business issues, take a nap, enjoy a delicious snack, watch your favourite movie at the time you want and prefer and never have to wait for the bathroom when you travel on board of private jet, you can give someone confidential information while you work on your laptop. There is no danger of being found out. You can also host a conference call to meet with your colleagues and you’re in total comfort.


When you charter a private jet, you’re renting plenty of space for yourself and your guests so you can enjoy variety of amenities abroad to live the luxury travel experience from A to Z such as: Luxurious lounges, Meeting rooms and conference facilities, Modern technology helping you running your business or watch a movie on a large screen for example, Dedicated bedrooms and more!

Need to be Discreet

For important CEOs, staying at airports and commercial flights is a security and privacy risk. Chartering a private jet is a great option whether you’re in the public eye and don’t want to go through the hassle, or you’re working on a personal acquisition that needs to be kept confidential. If you’re on a private flight, Travel Advisor will arrange a private luxury transfer directly to your aircraft. You can also complete immigration and customs procedures at a dedicated terminal.

iJET Charter is well known for the best rates in charter private jet market where our highly qualified team of more than 50 experts will help you to book the best private jets according to your needs, from a fleet of diverse aircraft options, flying anywhere around the world.

Speed and Efficiency

CEOs can’t spend time waiting in line for the TSA or checking for delayed flights. CEOs should be able to access travel directly without any obstacles.

Stopovers and flight route changes can add significantly to the CEO’s travel time. When it comes to efficiency, nothing beats direct flights so imagine how useful is the private jet!

Determining your own schedule

Private jets are often used for business and leisure travel when the CEO’s clients need to travel to a city and return home on the same day. they have the convenience of scheduling travel times and not having to wait hours at the airport makes same-day processing very feasible. The use cases here are endless.


Imagine trying to hold a high-level conference or meeting on a commercial flight. Private aviation allows the CEO to focus on the business at hand as business never ends!


Another major use case for private travel is executives and CEOs who are on a “road show” or need to visit multiple destinations for business within a few days. The convenience and speed of private flights allows him to travel to 2-3 cities in a day for meetings and dinners.

Health and Safety

It’s not a secret anymore that COVID-19 is highly contagious. Airliners have put a lot of effort into cleaning planes and improving air filtration systems, but you could still be sitting within six feet of him from nine of her other people. No matter the size of your group or the length of your trip, you can find a suitable private jet to charter to minimize your exposure. Then you can accomplish your business and meetings without any delay for any reason.

Handling Personal Emergencies

CEOs are not immune to family emergencies and personal problems. The difference is that we stop paying attention to these issues. It can weigh on their workload, especially when circumstances keep them out of town.Private jet travel allows the CEO to return quickly if needed in an emergency.


We are delighted to announce that iJET has been nominated as a Jet Charter Company for the World Luxury Travel Awards 2022. We are so proud to have achieved this great achievement and success in the world of luxury private and business with a well-trained team and quality service.

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