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Fly Your Grapes from Egypt to Europe

When looking for Cargo Charter you need to choose a trusted and professional company who can take care of your cargo efficiently, and also understand the nature of your freight. You need special handling and special cargo aircraft for each type of Cargo or Freight. One such sensitive cargo type is fruits.  When dealing with Cargo Aircraft Services for perishable freight like fruits we need extra care and attention.

Things to take care of for Air Cargo Charter for Perishable Freight or Eatables

Cargo Charter for food items is different from other types of freight. There are many factors that you need to take care of when arranging Cargo Aircraft Services for fruits.

  • There should be a specific temperature and humidity in order to preserve the freshness and taste, along with the texture and aroma. For instance, if we talk about grapes, expert recommend 0°C temperature for grapes to be stored for a long period of time. This required temperature and humidity has to be maintained during cargo handling too. The air cargo charter company must make sure that this is maintained throughout the trip.
  • Cargo handling is another important factor. When transporting an item like grapes, which has a relatively thin skin, cargo handling must be done with utmost care. Grapes which are usually packed in boxes of 5-10 kgs, must be dealt with sensitively when they are being loaded or unloaded from the aircraft.
  • With perishable cargo, one of the risk factors is time. A delay in the air charter services can severely damage the products. Thus, the private charter company you’re working with needs to ensure that there is no delay in your charter cargo planes.
  • To avoid deterioration of the freight, you need to make sure that the aircraft used for your cargo transportation is safe and clean along with having the proper storage space required for your cargo.

iJET Charter offers customized air cargo charter solutions, keeping in mind all these risk factors. Working with different types of perishable cargo, we ensure that we are able to fly your cargo from one point to another safely, securely, and without any damage.

Why you should choose iJET Charter for Cargo Aircraft Services?

  • Our diverse charter expert team knows how important it is to move fast and smoothly for Cargo Charter services for perishable goods. Our charter team will offer you timely updates, making sure your cargo arrives to its destination smoothly and on time.
  • We offer immediate charter solutions that adhere to the highest level of safety and security, providing you the much-needed peace of mind.
  • When transporting fruits, time becomes crucial. Our team will assist you to fly your cargo on time and according to your schedule.
  • From small turboprops with a payload of 2T to lift freighters with payload of more than 100T, our fleet includes different aircraft sizes and options. Our experts will help you to select the aircraft best suited to your cargo requirements, ensuring that the aircraft has huge holding capacity with spacious interiors.
  • We work with Legal AOC Holders (Air operators certified)

Flying the Egyptian Grapes, Cargo Charter from Egypt to Europe

With the season being ripe for Egyptian grapes, iJET Charter are receiving multiple inquires for Cargo Aircraft Services for shipping grapes. The recent years has seen an 18-fold expansion in the export of Egyptian Grapes, with majority of them flying to countries in Europe. Helping fly all kinds of Cargo worldwide, we at iJET Charter understand that shipping grapes requires the utmost care. Our Charter Cargo Planes are ready for you 24/7, even on a short notice to help you fly your Cargo from Egypt to anywhere worldwide.

Whether it is heavy cargo or sensitive cargo, iJET Charter is ready for you with its Urgent Air Cargo Charter service. For customized Air Cargo Charter solutions, contact our 24/7 charter expert team today.

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