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Need assistance with urgent heavy cargo, sensitive cargo, or fragile cargo?

Whether it is small, medium, or large cargo, iJET Charter is your answer for reliable and cost-effective air cargo charter. From dangerous good to humanitarian aids, from relief cargo to outsized cargo, our team of experts will assist you with the minutest details to make sure that your cargo charter flies safely and smoothly to its destination, on the time that suits you, and on a dedicated plane.

Our services include :

  • Automotive
  • Humanitarian aid & relief
  • Energy
  • Live stock or Live animals
  • Animal welfare
  • Logistics & supply chain
  • Appliances & furniture
  • Hospital equipment
  • And more…

Why you should choose iJET Charter for Cargo Charter?

Urgent Air Cargo Charter

Our tailored private jet service makes it possible to meet your urgent air cargo charter needs or emergency cargo requirements at the most demanding schedules and at the best rates.

Deliver your shipment directly to destinations where commercial airlines cannot go

Private charter allows you not only to ship your cargo on a dedicated plane, but also to access airports and destinations where scheduled airlines cannot fly.

Take control of your Freight

When you charter an aircraft for cargo, it gives you control of your shipment. You get to decide the day and time when you want your cargo to be delivered.

Team of experts helping you deliver your cargo on time

Our team of charter experts will assist you every step of the way. We will monitor the aircraft throughout the way, making sure your cargo reaches its destination safely and on time.

Select the aircraft according to the amount and size of your cargo

While charter cargo planes are usually smaller aircrafts, but if you have large or oversized cargo, we will help you charter a larger aircraft. Our cargo charter planes have huge holding capacity with spacious interiors, ensuring that your freight loaded and unloaded, smoothly and efficiently.

The best Cargo Charter

When you partner up with iJET Charter for Cargo Chartering, we help you with the documentations, offer real-time tracking of your cargo, along with excellent customer service. Being a global aircraft charter company, you can rely on us to get your cargo safely to any part of the world at the best rates. Contact us now to get the load off your shoulder!

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