Top 7 Private Jet Airports in Los Angeles LA 2023

Heading to Los Angeles? You can travel in luxury, privacy, and on your own terms and land in one of the many private jet airports of the city.

Whether you are a CEO interested in chartering a private jet to have freedom in choosing the date and time of your flight and keep productivity mode on during your flight, a VIP traveler who enjoys luxury traveling, or a high-profile public figure who prefers to travel a little more discreetly on a private plane to Los Angeles; there is a group of private jet airports, which include VIP terminals in Los Angeles to accommodate your private flights. As always with iJET Charter, a private jet charter is easier than you think!


The Los Angeles zone has long controlled its standing as an international economical center and epicenter of the entertainment industry. There are eighty-eight incorporated cities in LA, and such a giant town needs to cover a great deal of ground to reach your destination. As such, it’s no wonder that LA is a hotspot for jet setters that includes a sufficient number of private jet airports to accommodate all of them. We have assembled a listing of the top seven private jet airports in LA to serve you during your next LA private flight. Read on to learn more about each and which might best fit your needs. As always, iJET Charter is here to assist you to book the right private jet with short-notice requests to destinations worldwide.

Learn More About Top 7 Private Jet Airports in Los Angeles

1-     Van Nuys Airport (KVNY, VNY):

Out of all the leading private airports in LA, Van Nuys Airport is by far the most popular and ranks as one of the world’s busiest general aviation airports. Van Nuys Airport was first opened in 1928, it is owned and operated by Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA). The airport is situated 20 miles north of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), in the center of San Fernando Valley. Van Nuys Airport is the best choice for private flights in and out of Los Angeles due to its convenience.

VNY has two parallel runways one is 8000 feet long, while the other is a coaching runway that is 4000 feet in length. According to the official Van Nuys Airport website statistics, VNY is dedicated to non-commercial air travel and had over 220,000 take-offs and landings in 2016. Despite the high numbers, the VIP traveler journey is exclusive and filled with luxury.

Furthermore, Van Nuys is an airport used for the flights of Hollywood stars, namely Cistron Autry, Howard Hughes, and Cecil B. DeMille. Also, Hollywood filmmakers used the airport for scenes from famous movies such as Casablanca, Hell’s Angels, Lost Horizon, Men with Wings, and Storm Over the Andes. To the present day, producers of movies, TV shows, videos, and commercials often communicate with VNY to meet their cinematography needs. Simply some of the modern movies and TV series were shot at VNY including Glee, The Office, Shark Tank, Red Two and It Is Forever Sunny in Philadelphia.

If you have ever visited Los Angeles, it will come as no surprise that Van Nuys Airport is the best airport for private flights. If you are looking to charter a private jet to Van Nuys Airport, iJET Charter has just the thing for you. We are here to serve you on time and every time!

2-     Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX, LAX):

Los Angeles International Airport first opened in 1928 and was the city’s first municipal airport. Now it is the fourth busiest airport in the world with nine terminals linked by a U-shaped, two-level roadway. Fortunately for private jet VIP travelers, the airport offers two well-equipped private plane terminals.

LAX is located in Westchester alongside LA’s beach societies about 16 miles from Downtown LA. The airport’s West Coast location makes it a gateway to international destinations, particularly Asia and the Pacific. According to the official Los Angeles International Airport website statistics, over 80 million passengers pass in and out of LAX annually. LAX offers 737 daily nonstop flights to 100 domestic cities, and 1,386 weekly nonstop flights to 88 cities in 44 countries.

3-     John Wayne Orange County Airport (KSNA, SNA):

John Wayne Airport was opened in 1923 and named after the celebrated western actor. It is frequently known as Santa Ana Airport (SNA). The airport is located in Orange County, approximately 35 miles south of Los Angeles. JWA plays an exclusive and crucial role in that zone. It is the gateway that millions of passengers travel through each year for businesses or vacations.

John Wayne Airport is also one of the busiest airports next to LAX and Van Nuys. SNA is a typical aviation airport, with a runway length just big enough for the largest jets, this airport has many slots for private flights making it a great choice for private jet travelers.

SNA provides some of the best accommodations for private planes in South Los Angeles. The main runway is just 5701 feet long making it one of the shortest commercial runways in the US. However, ARGUS & Wyvern certifications require a runway to be 5000 feet minimum, so the airport still fits the size and the runway criteria for take-off and landing by private jets.

For all these reasons, this airport is the perfect option for those who have planned to fully travel on their terms, iJET Charter can help you to charter a private plane for your next trip.

iJET Charter - LA Top Private Airports 2

4-     LA/Ontario International Airport (KONT, ONT):

Ontario Airport is an international airport that was built in the 1920s, since then, the airport has grown to be the third busiest in Los Angeles. It is operated and owned by the Ontario International Airport Authority. The airport is located approximately 38 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, California. ONT Airport serves California’s San Bernardino County as well as portions of north Orange and east Los Angeles counties. Ontario Airport was named the fastest growing airport in the US in 2018. This airport covers an area of 1741 acres. Additionally, the runway length at ONT is 12,197 feet.

Ontario International Airport has recently earned recognition for its commitment to passenger health and safety measures during the outbreak of COVID-19 from Airports Council International (ACI), which is a leading trade organization for airports worldwide. Undoubtedly, private jets services are available for take-off and landing at ONT.

5-     Hollywood Burbank Bob Hope Airport (KBUR, BUR):

Hollywood Burbank Airport is a public regional airport that was formerly known as Bob Hope Airport. It is located three miles from downtown Burbank and 12 miles from Downtown LA. BUR serves Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, and the northern parts of the Los Angeles Area. The airport is owned by the Burbank Glendale Pasadena Airport Authority and controlled by the governments of those cities.

Moreover, this airport is one of the favorite airports amongst enterprise travelers, specifically, actors and film executives, as it about 4 miles away from Universal Studios Hollywood, and many other famous movie studios are located nearby too. Hollywood Burbank Airport is the only airport in the zone with lineal rail connections to the heart of Los Angeles city. The airport serves around 24,035 general aviation operations.

Of all the airports of Los Angeles, this one is the most fluid and has shorter wait times on its queues.

6-     Long Beach Airport (KLGB, LGB):

Long Beach Airport is also known as Earl S. Daugherty, a pioneer aviator. The airport is one of the largest airports in the LA area, built in 1941. It is located south of downtown Los Angeles, on the east side of the LA River. LGB terminal has been recognized as a cultural historic landmark because of its incredible mosaics and distinguishing design.

The airport has 5 runways, the longest one is a 10,000 ft runway that is capable of receiving any jet size. Additionally, like other airports, Long Beach has taxi and luxury car services. Long Beach stands in second place among LA airports in terms of take-offs and landings.

7-     Santa Monica Municipal Airport (KSMO, SMO):

Santa Monica Municipal Airport, originally known as Clover Field, it is a general aviation airport that was opened in 1923 and located in Santa Monica, near the Pacific Ocean, north of Los Angeles International Airport.

SMO is a favorable choice for people who are flying to or from Beverly Hills or Malibu. This airport spans over 227 acres and is responsible for operating safe, confident, sustainable, and general aviation flights. If you are considering a private jet charter to/ from Santa Monica Airport,  iJET Charter is the best choice, we will take care of your flight.

Our private jet charter services meet the most demanding schedules, at the best rates, no matter how and when you plan to arrive to LA, iJET Charter team is available 24/7. Contact iJET Charter team to arrange your private jet charter and discuss all the options and inquiries.

Top 6 Private Jet Airports in New York NYC 2023

If you are a VIP traveler who regularly travels on a private jet, or if you are interested in private jet charter to New York City (NYC), it would be convenient to learn more about the top private jet airports and terminals in the city.

In this blog, iJET Charter will go over the top private jet airports in New York, and where private planes could land in NYC.

Want to know more about our private jets fleet? Visit our Private charter flights page.

At iJET Charter, we have different types of private jets, in different sizes and interiors. Like, Airbus, ACJ, Citation X, Embraer Legacy, Falcon, Boeing, Global Express, and more.


What Are The Top 6 Private Jet Airports in New York?


1- Teterboro Airport in New Jersey (KTEB/ TEB)


Teterboro Airport is located in New Jersey, 12 miles from Midtown Manhattan, this location makes it a great option for private planes. Although the airport is located in New Jersey, it has a vital role in serving private jets operating to New York. Also, this airport is identified as a “reliever” airport, which is an airport that accommodates small private jets to reduce the heavy airplane traffic in large commercial airports. Teterboro Airport has a weight limit of 100,000 pounds per aircraft, which makes it less suitable to serve commercial flights, but can best suit private jets.

Teterboro expands over 827 acres and has an average of 488 private plane operations every day. It is worth mentioning that Teterboro Airport is the oldest operating airport in New York/ New Jersey metropolitan area.

Teterboro Airport features the Aviation Hall of Fame of New Jersey in its ground, which is a museum that highlights and honors the aeronautical achievements of the country’s pilots and displays extensive aircraft models, in addition to historic space and air equipment. The museum also includes a library of 4000+ volumes of aviation videotapes. Most private travelers find it amusing to pay a visit to the museum when they land or depart from Teterboro Airport.


2- Westchester County Airport (KHPN/ HPN)


Westchester County Airport is located to the east of downtown White Plains, 30 miles north of New York City. This airport allows airlines companies to land in it on commercial terminals, but it also includes private jet terminals and FBOs. Westchester County Airport is considered the second most popular private jet airport.

The airport covers 702 acres and features two asphalt-paved runways and one terminal with three levels and six gates.

Westchester County Airport has attracted many Hollywood producers to choose it as a location for their movies. For example, Meet the Parent, The Best Man, and Random Hearts filmed some of the scenes in Westchester County Airport.


NYC Private jet airport


3- Long Island MacArthur Airport/ Islip Airport (KISP/ ISP)


Long Island MacArthur Airport (formerly known as Islip) is located in Islip town, Long Island, New York. The airport includes three runways and two helipads covering about 1311 acres. Long Island MacArthur Airport is well-known for its convenient on-time performance, as most of its flights arrive or depart on time.  It serves commercial airlines operations, but it is also a very common option for private flights. The airport has been an attractive location for movies and video clips ever since the 1970’s when The Out-of-Towners filmed some scenes there.


4- Republic Long Island Executive Airport (KFRG/ FRG)


Republic Long Island Airport is a regional airport in Farmingdale, New York. The National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems of The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) defined it as a general aviation reliever airport for 2011-2015, as mentioned before, a reliever is an airport that hosts private, recreational, and business jets only to reduce the traffic of busier commercial airports.

On its ground, Republic Airport also has several flight schools for flight training in helicopters, single and multi-engine propeller airplanes, and jet planes. The airport encompasses over 500 acres.

There are several luxury and recreational facilities located in/ nearby the airport such as:

  • Two luxury hotels are located in the airport, which are Courtyard by Marriotand Towne Place Suites.
  • A variety of restaurants (fine dining restaurants, fast food restaurants, pizza shops, and others)
  • The American Airpower Museumis located on the northern side of the airport and displays World War II airplanes that still fly.
  • Bethpage State Park, which is five miles away from the airport and offers world-class golf tournaments.


5- Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey (KEWR/ EWR)


Newark Liberty International Airport is located in New Jersey, 3 miles south of downtown New York, so it is a convenient choice for many private flights heading to New York City. It is one of the busiest international airports in the US. However, private and business jets and empty leg flights are also served in this airport.

Newark airport expands over 2027 acres and has three runways and one helipad. Within the airport grounds, there is a luxury hotel, which is the Marriott hotel, to lavishly accommodate travelers.


6- John F Kennedy International Airport (KJFK, JFK)


John F Kennedy International Airport (colloquially named JFK) is listed among the top busiest international airports in USA, located in New York City, and spans over 5200 acres and four runways. There are many luxury hotels nearby the airport for luxury travelers’ accommodation, such as Courtyard by Marriott and the Crowne Plaza.

Wondering if private jets can Land in JFK John F Kennedy International Airport, NY since it is among the top busiest airports?

Yes, you can travel to JFK airport on a private jet, accessing JFK Private Jet Terminal SHELTAIR, which operates 24/7.

If you’re interested in Plane Charter, and Private Jet Hire to/from New York City NYC, contact us, and we will offer the best Private Planes Charter and Air Charter services for your private flights.

[email protected]

Why Private Jet Considered as the Fastest Way of Transportation?

Private jets generally fly higher than commercial jets and therefore travel faster. Altitude aside, private jets tend to be smaller and more powerful for their weight than most commercial jets and can also be faster.

Private jets save time by landing at smaller airports closer to the passenger’s final destination. In addition, business aviation eliminates the need for passengers to wait in long lines at check-in and security at major airports. Passengers enter the Private Terminal (FBO) and go through all controls in just 15 minutes on average.

Business jets also have very powerful engines. three engine manufacturers, General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls-Royce, compete in ingenuity to design engines that are more powerful and efficient than ever before. This explains in part why private jets have the best power-to-weight ratio in the aviation industry.

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To enhance your productivity when flying, iJET Charter offers a luxury and royal private jets rental and Private Charter Flights to travel in comfort and ease.

iJET Charter has a Customer Service team made up of charter experts 24/7 to advise you on choosing the perfect jet for your next luxury business trip.



 World’s Top 7 Fastest Private Jets

Looking for the world’s fastest private jet?

Humans developed a need for speed long ago. From the days of horse-drawn transportation, when 60 miles per hour was considered impossible, dangerous and deadly, to breaking the so-called ‘barrier of sound’, we’re driven by the desire to go faster. I’ve been pushed.

Over the years, the business his jet manufacturer has continued to satisfy its customers’ thirst for speed by offering aircraft that can fly within the cat’s whiskers range of Mach 1.

The speed of his private jets varies depending on the number of models, but some are claimed to be the fastest in the world. Velocity is measured in km/h, but also in Mach, the speed of sound. Mach 1 is equivalent to approximately 1,230 km/h.


Top 7 Fastest Private Jets Worldwide


Gulfstream G700

Gulfstream G700 is the fastest private jet in the world. Powered by two Rolls-Royce 700 Rb.3043 engines, each producing 18,250 pounds of thrust, the Gulfstream G700 is capable of speeds from Mach 0.925 (1142 km/h) to 51,000 feet (15,545 meters). But test his pilot took this G700 even further, reaching near-sonic speeds of Mach 0.99 (1222 km/h). Unsurpassed performance.

Cessna Citation X+

It’s the second fastest private jet in the world. After holding its jet speed record for six years, Private was ousted by the launch of G700 in 2020.

Powered by two powerful Rolls-Royce AE3007CE turbojets, the Cessna Citation X+ can reach speeds of Mach 0.935 (1194 km/h).

This extraordinary speed allowed it to break many records. Notably, the Cessna Citation X+ allows her to climb to 47,000 feet (14,300 meters) in just 24 minutes. It also connected two US coasts from Seattle to Miami in just 4:52.

Gulfstream G650 and G650ER

The Gulfstream G650 is the third fastest private jet in the world. The ultra-long range G650 and its even longer-range variant, the G650ER are Equipped with two Rolls-Royce BR725 engines of 16,900 lbs of thrust each, and they are capable of top speeds of Mach 0.925 with non-stop ranges of 8,055 miles and 8,631 miles respectively. In practice, this means that a west-facing G650 can orbit the Earth in just over 41 hours. In fact, these high-speed private jets have already set speed records in 22 city pairs. It can accommodate 18 passengers, and the 47-foot-long cabin can accommodate up to 10 passengers.

Bombardier Global 7500

Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier’s Global 7500 is a high-end business jet. It has the ability to cover very long distances with a flight range of up to 14,300 km. A spacious, modern and luxurious cabin accommodates 19 passengers in three different areas. As for speed, the Global 7500 can fly at Mach 0.925. This private plane is his one of the manufacturer’s flagships.

Gulfstream G550

The Gulfstream G550 is an upgraded version of the G500. Improved engine and aerodynamics. This private his jet was launched in 2004. It can accommodate up to 19 passengers, depending on the cabin layout. The cabin has 3 modular living areas. The G550 has a range of 10,850 km. Powered by two Rolls-Royce turbojets, it has a top speed of Mach 0.885 or 1,093 km/h.

 Dassault Falcon 7X and Falcon 6X

These two Dassault models have the same top speed of Mach 0.90. The Falcon 7X can carry up to 16 passengers over long distances of 11,000 km. In 2014, this business jet flew from New York to London in a record time of 5 hours and 54 minutes. It usually takes it over eight hours to complete this route. The Falcon 7X has a cruising speed of Mach 0.80. The Falcon 6X’s speed is similar to the Falcon 7X, with a cruising speed of Mach 0.85 to 0.80. It can carry up to 16 passengers over 10,000 km.

Dassault Falcon 8X

This Dassault Business Jet is also one of the fastest planes in the world. This private jet has the longest cabin in the Falcon series. It can carry up to 18 passengers in its modular cabin. The Falcon 8X has a range of 12,000 km and can fly non-stop between his two distant destinations. From Singapore to New York. Finally, when it comes to speed, it has a top speed of Mach 0.9 and a cruising speed of Mach 0.8.


We are pleased to announce that iJET has been nominated as a Jet Charter Company for the World Luxury Travel Awards 2022. We are so glad about this great achievement and success in the world of personal and corporate luxury with our well-trained team and the high-quality service that we offer.


Why Do Private Jets Have to Be Fast?

As per statistics, 60% of private jet flights are for business travellers. Whether you’re a corporate director, executive, journalist or doctor, a private jet is, above all, a professional tool for rapid progress.

With rush jobs, big responsibilities, and extremely busy schedules, these professionals can’t afford to waste a few hours at the airport. Business aviation, it turns out, is the only mode of transportation that allows you to travel so fast. This explains the attention private his jet manufacturers pay to the performance and speed of their aircraft.


How Fast Are Private Jets?

Most private jets tend to be faster and more fuel efficient than their commercial cousins. Private jets have average speeds between 600 and 1100 km/h (320 to 600 knots), while most large commercial aircraft have average speeds of around 750 to 900 km/h (426 knots). It’s between h. h (478 knots) (varies by model)

A private jet’s speed depends primarily on its size and engine. You can distinguish them according to the category they belong to:

– Ultralight private jets (1-5 seats) fly at 600-750 km/h

– Light private jets (5-7 seats) fly at 700-850 km/h.

– Medium private jets (8-10 seats) fly at 780-930 km/h.

– Long-range private jets (10-16 seats) fly at speeds of 850-1,100 km/h.

The world’s fastest private jets are all long-range and ultra-long-range business jets. You are flying above Mach 0.90 (Mach 1 is the speed of sound) or 1111 km/h.


Who Owns the Fastest Jet in the World?

The world’s fastest Jet, currently only on display at aviation museums such as Oregon’s Evergreen Aviation Museum: Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird – American high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft designed to outrun surface-to-air missiles and interceptors

Why Business Private Jets Are the Best Solution for CEOs?

Private planes tend to be economical for executives whose time is as precious as their money. Private jets offer passengers more personalized amenities than first class flights.

CEOs are often empowered to use private jets for travel. They are busy professionals responsible for large multi-billion-dollar companies with global brand presences that may require frequent travel internationally.

Private jet travel allows CEOs to get away from the office and get on with their business without significantly impacting their working hours.

After all, private jets are more than just a glamorous image. By eliminating wasted travel time, costs and stress, you can make your business more efficient and profitable. A private jet will help your team get around and become your own office in the clouds.

iJET Charter has a 24/7 customer support team at CEOs clients service comprises of charter experts to advise you in choosing the perfect jet for your next luxury business trip.


Top 7 Benefits For CEOs To Fly in Private jet

Many of CEOs and Businessmen have never considered flying privately before, but situations like the following should make this mode of transportation part of every executive’s travel toolkit:


Chartering private jet provides you in first place with full privacy where you will enjoy a private ride so you can run your business or even relax without being disturbed. Handle confidential business issues, take a nap, enjoy a delicious snack, watch your favourite movie at the time you want and prefer and never have to wait for the bathroom when you travel on board of private jet, you can give someone confidential information while you work on your laptop. There is no danger of being found out. You can also host a conference call to meet with your colleagues and you’re in total comfort.


When you charter a private jet, you’re renting plenty of space for yourself and your guests so you can enjoy variety of amenities abroad to live the luxury travel experience from A to Z such as: Luxurious lounges, Meeting rooms and conference facilities, Modern technology helping you running your business or watch a movie on a large screen for example, Dedicated bedrooms and more!

Need to be Discreet

For important CEOs, staying at airports and commercial flights is a security and privacy risk. Chartering a private jet is a great option whether you’re in the public eye and don’t want to go through the hassle, or you’re working on a personal acquisition that needs to be kept confidential. If you’re on a private flight, Travel Advisor will arrange a private luxury transfer directly to your aircraft. You can also complete immigration and customs procedures at a dedicated terminal.

iJET Charter is well known for the best rates in charter private jet market where our highly qualified team of more than 50 experts will help you to book the best private jets according to your needs, from a fleet of diverse aircraft options, flying anywhere around the world.

Speed and Efficiency

CEOs can’t spend time waiting in line for the TSA or checking for delayed flights. CEOs should be able to access travel directly without any obstacles.

Stopovers and flight route changes can add significantly to the CEO’s travel time. When it comes to efficiency, nothing beats direct flights so imagine how useful is the private jet!

Determining your own schedule

Private jets are often used for business and leisure travel when the CEO’s clients need to travel to a city and return home on the same day. they have the convenience of scheduling travel times and not having to wait hours at the airport makes same-day processing very feasible. The use cases here are endless.


Imagine trying to hold a high-level conference or meeting on a commercial flight. Private aviation allows the CEO to focus on the business at hand as business never ends!


Another major use case for private travel is executives and CEOs who are on a “road show” or need to visit multiple destinations for business within a few days. The convenience and speed of private flights allows him to travel to 2-3 cities in a day for meetings and dinners.

Health and Safety

It’s not a secret anymore that COVID-19 is highly contagious. Airliners have put a lot of effort into cleaning planes and improving air filtration systems, but you could still be sitting within six feet of him from nine of her other people. No matter the size of your group or the length of your trip, you can find a suitable private jet to charter to minimize your exposure. Then you can accomplish your business and meetings without any delay for any reason.

Handling Personal Emergencies

CEOs are not immune to family emergencies and personal problems. The difference is that we stop paying attention to these issues. It can weigh on their workload, especially when circumstances keep them out of town.Private jet travel allows the CEO to return quickly if needed in an emergency.


We are delighted to announce that iJET has been nominated as a Jet Charter Company for the World Luxury Travel Awards 2022. We are so proud to have achieved this great achievement and success in the world of luxury private and business with a well-trained team and quality service.

Enjoy the Most Luxurious Features Aboard a Private Jet!

Nowadays aviation design is coming on leaps and bounds, with many innovative design features and awe-inspiring amenities on board private jets and luxury aircraft to delight VIP guests and executives traveling the globe. Therefore, the private aviation market is evolving to keep up

Flying Private offers amenities that most commercial flights don’t offer.

Choosing the type of private jet for a particular trip requires a lot. There are many factors to consider such as the number of seats, the amount of luggage, the distance traveled, the equipment you need, the size and height of the cabin. After considering your needs, you can decide which type of private jet is right for your trip.

iJET Charter‘s excellent customer support team is available 24/7 to help you select the right private jet for your flight to enjoy a smooth and unique travel experience.

To rent a private jet and enjoying the most luxurious features inside, iJET Charter is the best choice for you helping you select the perfect airplane for your trip as it’s a leading company for aircraft charter worldwide and top rated.

There are many luxury features and amenities to consider when chartering a private jet and here we explore the top amenities abroad a private jet:


Top 8 Luxurious Amenities Aboard a Private Jet:

Luxurious lounges

When you charter a private jet, you’re chartering plenty of space for yourself and your guests. Depending on the type of aircraft as private jets are equipped with padded sofas, reclining seats and personal entertainment consoles carefully configured to transport VIP in complete comfort feels like home.

Dedicated bedrooms

Flat beds are nothing new to those accustomed to flying first or business class on board all commercial airliners. Large private jets have traditional flatbeds for complete rest and relaxation. It has its own ‘bedroom’ with a king size bed and features a master suite just like you’d find in your own home or your favorite 5 star hotel.

Full-Size Bathrooms

No need to rush to use the bathroom as Luxury aircraft are usually equipped with one or more full his bathrooms with full bathroom suites for the comfort and enjoyment of the guests. You can shower undisturbed during your flight, so when you arrive at your destination you can freshen up and get ready for a business meeting or dinner with friends.


Meeting rooms and conference facilities

Private flying means you have the privacy to conduct business on board. That’s why some of our private jets are equipped with meeting rooms and state-of-the-art meeting facilities with leather executive chairs, integrated video systems, surround sound and Wi Fi access.

First-Class Service

For many luxury travelers, service is one of the biggest draws to solo travel, The cabin crew available on private flights will be able to give you attention that you wouldn’t receive on commercial flights. The crew attends to your needs, calls you and your name and caters to your preferences.


Modern private jets are packed with the latest technology for guest comfort and entertainment. They are equipped with widescreen TVs, DVD and Blu-ray players, surround sound, wireless technology, hidden devices, and ambient lighting to match the atmosphere on board.

Personalised décor

Private jet owners can design and personalize their jet interiors with their preferred features and materials. Those who own or charter a jet generally seek peace and quiet on board. As such, natural materials and neutral decor are commonplace in luxury aircraft interiors, far removed from commercial aircraft cabins.

Pet accommodation

Another advantage of private air travel for many people is the ability to take their pets anywhere. There is generally no limit to the number of animals you can bring on board, as long as the required documentation and vaccinations are in place. Perfect for those planning a summer vacation on a yacht in the Mediterranean or a cruise to the islands of the South Pacific. If you own a jet of your own, you can set up features to help your furry friend conveniently take his VIP trip.


We are so glad to announce that iJET Charter was a nominee at the World Luxury Awards for the year 2022 as we serve our customers with a high degree of professionalism in choosing the right type of private jet to give them a sense of luxury and satisfaction.

iJET Charter offers luxury customers access to over 20,000 Royal Private Jet Charters to destinations around the world to meet all flight requirements and enjoy a safe and memorable journey.


Top 11 Destinations Worldwide to go with a Private Jet

Do you prefer privacy while traveling? Can you just fly anywhere with a private jet? What are the best destinations to visit with a private jet?

With private jets comes access to some locations that you couldn’t get to with the average airlines where You can explore flights across thousands of airports and destinations worldwide to feel the luxury, and travel with relief and ease.

With a plane to yourself, you can save time, hold private meetings and even have your pet sit right next to you!

To Rent a private jet, your best choice is iJET Charter, which is a top rated and a leading company for aircraft charter worldwide.

We Never forget to mention that iJET Charter high qualified customer support team is available 24/7 to serve you and help you choosing the suitable private jet for your flight to have a smooth and unique travel experience.


Top 11 Destinations worldwide to go with a private jet:


Norman’s Cay, The Bahamas

Once a property of the Medellin Cartel, Norman’s Cay is now a super-exclusive resort owned by the Four Seasons Hotel. It’s so exclusive that you can only approach it by private jet or yacht.

There are beautiful views, a fantastic environment, and plenty more. In fact, you can even do some treasure hunting and maybe run into some hidden stashes of money or drugs.

Normans Cay Airport in Norman’s Cay, BAHAMAS is one of the more than 5,000 private jet airports.

St. Moritz, Switzerland

It’s the skiing paradise of the elite, where royalty and A-list celebrities visiting it year-in-year-out. While you can visit without a private jet, it will take you 3 hours by car from Zurich. Whereas if you fly into Samedan Airport it will take a meer 15 minutes!

It has a short runway as Samedan Airport can only accommodate smaller aircraft like private jets. So don’t hesitate and travel with a private jet with your favorite people to hit the slopes faster and gain time. You’ll enjoy taking the beautiful mountain views and enjoying some of the best dining in the world.

Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are hidden within the Arctic Circle and is one of the best places to catch the northern lights. With 18 major islands and plenty of minor ones, there are plenty of dramatic and breath-taking views to experience, with a private jet you can explore Lake Sorvagsvatn and the Bird Cliffs easily.

In Faroe Islands you can experience views and culture in a single trip. Flying into Varga Airport is an experience in itself, just make sure that you dress correctly for the environment.

Canouan, St Vincent & the Grenadines

Canouan is a sought private jet destination for enjoying sun, adventure, and winter-time beach relaxation. It’s a part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and appreciated for its beauty, landscapes, and stunning marine life, Canouan is a unique private jet hub for luxury travelers who love attractive beaches and sunshine. Canouan Island Airport TVSC/CIW is for private jet flights

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

This island is only accessible by private jet through the BVI’s main airport. Even though this destination is open to the public, its exclusivity keeps the population low. It’s owned by the Billionaire Richard Branson.

The Branson resort offers a range of activities with crystal clear beaches as a backdrop. The upscale resort can accommodate up to 34 people, along with a dedicated staff and flock of flamingos.

Lanai, Hawaii

Flying directly to the island is only available by private planes where Visitors can enjoy fun in the sun like snorkeling, golfing, and swimming.

This small and uninhabited island boasts an uncompromised coastline with the occasional five-star resort dotting its picturesque beaches.

There three airports for private jets flights: Hilo International Airport, Waimea-Kohala Airport and Kona International Airport.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Is a wonderful hub for private jet travelers and a summer escape to make memories and taking it’s suitable for luxury families where there are many activities to explore such as running, festivals, fireworks and more, in addition that Myrtle Beach is where Southern beach vibes meet boardwalk fun. It has a famous golf-course, luxury beach rentals, spas, and fine-dining.

Myrtle Beach International Airport is for private jets service.

Anguilla, Caribbean

Anguilla is one of great destinations that is reached by private jet. this island boasts crystal clear blue waters and marvellous beaches, it’s serviced by Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport, which, with a small runway to accommodate commercial flights. You can skip the ferry or commuter connection through St. Maarten or Puerto Rico by chartering a small-to-medium-size private jet and touch down just minutes from your beachfront resort. Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport AXA is for private jets.

Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard a famous private jet travel destination. It’s distinguished by its beautiful beaches, summer sunshine as it has an air of seclusion and exclusivity, a lot of traditional activities there such as: fireworks, Edgewater parade and barbecue.

The only airport on the island is Martha’s Vineyard Airport (MVY), so you can arrive there easily with your private jet.

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is a great hub for private jet travelers as it’s considered the party centre of the world that work 24/7 which is distinguished by its clubs, pool parties, discos, and live music.

Larger airports for private jets are Madrid and Barcelona’s international airports, offer dedicated terminals and FBO facilities, which offer privacy and a fast arrival and departure.


Mykonos is a famous island in Greece that private jets traveler love to visit. it’s well Known for its wonderful beaches and architecture. You can explore many expensive yachts, dreamy villas, luxury hotels and 5-star service which make you feel like a celebrity. Mykonos Airport is for private jets flights.

We’re so proud that iJET Charter was a nominee at the World Luxury Awards for the year 2022 as it serves its clients in high level of professionalism in choosing the best type of private jets to make them feel the luxury and satisfaction.

iJET Charter gives luxury clients access to more over 20000 royal private jet charter for destinations around the world, to meet all their flying needs to enjoy a safe and memorable trip.

What Are the Differences Between Private Jet and Commercial Airline Flights?

What is more luxurious than a private jet flight? What feels more relaxing than heading to your destination in a comfy setting, where the plane cabin is all yours?

A lot of commercial travelers chose to charter private jets during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect themselves from coronavirus by avoiding the crowd and having a safe, contact-free journey, but have you ever weighed the other benefits of the private jet charter into the equation?

Today, we highlight the main differences between flying private on a chartered jet and traveling on a regular commercial flight.


How Does Private vs Commercial Flight Boarding Differ?

A Private flight boarded differently than a commercial flight. While it may be simple to miss this phase in the process, when you compare these variations, you will realize that it truly has a significant impact on which form of air travel is best for you. The two boarding procedures differ in the following ways.


Taking off on a Commercial Flight

One of the first things you will notice about the procedure is that you will have to wait in a number of lengthy lines in order to obtain your ticket, check your bags, go through security, and eventually board the aircraft in a systematic fashion.

The security check can take a long time and feel a little intrusive. You may spend a considerable amount of time emptying your pockets, checking your bags, and going through the X-ray security machines because you are waiting in line with other travelers for your trip and other flights.

This is especially clear at busy times and during holidays. it’s inconvenient to have to take off your shoes and belt for security and take your valuable equipment out of their carrying cases, to say the least. However, it’s a crucial stage in the security procedure.

Additionally, boarding the plane can feel congested. To get to your designated seat, you must wait in a short line. People frequently continue to stand in the center aisle as they struggle to fit their bags into the overhead compartment. This can result in an uncomfortable halt.


Taking off on a Private Flight

Comparatively speaking, boarding a private flight is significantly quicker and more convenient. You have more flexibility when flying privately because you can schedule takeoff for the precise moment that suits you.

If you are traveling on a charter flight with fewer than 61 passengers, you will still need to go through security, but you will be searched at the terminal just before boarding. there is no requirement to remove your shoes or adhere to the liquid requirements, such as separating your drinks or carrying only a certain amount. Regular security screening is required for charter planes carrying 61 or more passengers.

Due to the size differences in private aircraft, there are also variations in the potential airports from which you can depart.

Private jets are much more compact than the planes used by commercial airlines. This implies that you can depart from smaller airports to a location that suits you. Avoid driving to the overwhelming commercial airports and simplify your boarding routine.


How Do Private Flights in the Air Differ from Commercial Flights?

Your experience during the flight may be more significant than boarding. your flight may take several hours, after all. In comparison to what you can do on a commercial trip, what you can accomplish during that time on a private flight is very different. Here are a few instances in which these two types of air travel actual flights vary from one another.



Both business and family travelers value a certain amount of privacy on flights. While it is possible to find a seat by oneself in the economy class of a commercial airline, the likelihood that you will be seated next to a stranger or two is higher. Attending to private matters, as a result, may be challenging or uncomfortable. Even first class and business class can have some privacy issues.

Private flights provide the ideal scenario regarding privacy. You get to pick who rides with you on a private airplane. You can take advantage of the degree of privacy you require for a comfortable flight whether you are traveling with your family, your coworkers, or by yourself.



Your use of time will define how valuable it is. You could be trying to find a way to continue being productive on your flight because productivity is one of the keys to success, it is possible to do this by flying privately.

When you fly privately, you can use the onboard Wi-Fi to connect and finish your important tasks, respond to emails, and conduct video chats. Business owners might even use this critical period to motivate their staff members before a crucial meeting. You can make the best use of your time when you fly privately.

Although commercial travel may include onboard conveniences like onboard Wi-Fi, staying productive can sometimes be far more challenging. What you may accomplish while traveling commercially may be limited by the lack of privacy and other conveniences.



Another crucial aspect of air travel is the amount of room you have in the cabin, which is necessary for comfort, privacy, and productivity. This is one of the most noticeable differences between private and commercial air travel.

On a commercial flight, you must keep to the space provided by your seat. During allowable times, you may also have the choice to walk to the lavatory and back.

When you travel privately, you get to pick the size of the aircraft and, if it’s safe, you can move around the cabin at will. For optimum privacy, work, and comfort, some private aircraft even have office spaces and sleeping rooms. A private flight can be the most comfortable choice for you if you need space to spread out and breathe.


Short-Notice Booking Possibility

To go on a commercial flight, travelers must have tickets they usually book the moment they plan their trip, but not everyone has enough time to book a ticket! VIPs and corporate executives usually wake up in one city and go to sleep in another, their time is as valuable as their money, so they are always flying from one location to another to keep the business running.

Most commercial flights get fully-booked several days before the flight, so to go on your surprising, short-notice flight, the private jet charter is always a reliable solution offering time flexibility. Private flights are scheduled according to the needs of travelers, no matter how quick they need to fly away. To save more time private jets can be booked online or via a phone call.

Visit iJET Charter website so we can organize your private flight according to the preferences you submit. We offer full flexibility in setting the date and time of your flight, unlike commercial trips where you must fly according to airline schedules.


Departure & Arrival Airport Procedures

Traveling comes with many annoying regularities that burden every traveler before and after the trip. In the airport terminal, there are long queues before every step: queues to check-in, and others for security checks. Later, you’ll have long rows at the boarding gate, then the aircraft door. Furthermore, the end of each queue involves more time-consuming procedures.

If you can avoid all this inconvenience in one smart decision, won’t you take it? Book a private jet to pass all the airport queues immediately and wait for your flight in a private VIP terminal, minimizing the stressful time spent at the airport and maximizing luxury and productivity, as you never have to stop working, neither at the airport nor on the plane.

No matter what airport you set as a departure location, iJET Charter could accelerate and facilitate its procedures.


Food and Drinks Options

We all hate the limited food menus of commercial airlines! Travelers are offered just a few options, and when your meal is served you can only take it or leave it to spend the flight starving, especially since you can’t bring your own food aboard. The issue is even worse for people who suffer from food allergies.

Private jet rentals include creating your menu, before the flight, listing all the meals, drinks, and snacks you crave, and mentioning your favorite restaurant to enjoy its delicious meals up in the sky!


Safety Against COVID-19

Traveling on private jets witnessed an increasing demand since the outbreak of COVID-19. It’s obvious to all that encounters with people are dramatically less when traveling privately, making it a safe travel experience. This is what makes private flights a compelling necessity nowadays more than ever!

iJET Charter shows a high commitment to international health measures to ensure that its jet fleet is virus-free.


Do Private Jets Fly Faster Than Commercial?

Commercial airliners cannot match the speed of private planes. Part of this has to do with the weight of the jet itself. Private aircraft are lighter than large commercial aircraft, which enables them to ascend and descend more quickly.

Because they can fly higher than the typical height that the majority of commercial airliners occupy, private jets can also maintain a faster cruising altitude. When you travel privately, your pilot may focus on reaching your location rather than clearing space for other commercial planes.

When you travel, speed matters. This is especially true if you have many meetings on the same day or a scheduled business meeting that you must attend. Flying privately may be the ideal choice if you need to get to your location as soon as possible and at a time that fits into your particular schedule. Private aircraft are far faster and more adaptable.


Enhance your Experience with iJET Charter!

Private jet charter has become the most reliable solution for first-class and business-class travelers who prioritize their time, luxury, privacy, and productivity even during flights.

Private jet chartering includes varied solutions, such as Flight Pooling, which allows first-class travelers to fly private. You can now have a worthy, upgraded travel experience for a very small margin of extra expenses.

Private jet flights have become a luxury lifestyle! For all the VIPs and HNWIs who travel privately just because it’s more comfortable and lavish. If you are not limited to a tight schedule but insist on a private flight for the sake of the relaxing experience, check our empty leg service to find private airplanes that are already scheduled to fly to your requested destination soon, by clicking here.


Visit iJET Charter website to receive more information or contact the team.

The Two Most Innovative Celebrity Private Jets of Tom Cruise

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV is an American actor and producer who was born on July 3 / 1962.

He is one of the highest-paid performers in the world and has won several honors, including three Golden Globe Awards, and an Honorary Palme d’Or. He has also been nominated for three Academy Awards. He is one of the highest-earning movie actors of all time with over $4 billion in North America and $10.1 billion globally in box office receipts for his films.

When you are ranked as “Hollywood’s Most Powerful Actor” that pulls up any movie’s box office rates by just appearing in it, like Tom Cruise, you will adopt a luxurious lifestyle indeed. Being famous comes with many perks, one of them is having your own celebrity private jet instead of traveling in public. Tom Cruise owns several airplanes, which he uses to travel from one destination to another, it’s flexible, safe, and quick because stardom never waits. Also, those jets embody Cruise’s passion for adventures, as the “Mission Impossible” star loves piloting his own private jet before he goes skydiving to hit the right adrenaline level.


Tom Cruise: a Licensed Pilot?

In fact, Tom Cruise really held a pilot’s license since 1994 and privately owns a number of planes including a P-51 from World War II. He even took talk show host James Corden on a spin on his P-51 recently while promoting the newest Top Gun film.


Can Tom Cruise fly jets?

He has a pilot’s license. He owns a P-51 Mustang and flies it himself. He owns a Gulfstream IV and flies it himself. And he’s more than capable of taking the stick in a F/A-18 to do a few small maneuvers that look good on film, once the actual pilot lets him.

Because he has acted in so many action movies over the years, including Mission Impossible and the Jack Reacher series, Cruise has earned a solid reputation for pulling off his own stunts.

The Maverick actors received intensive training on how to handle themselves in the air, so the video you see is in fact genuine and not Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI).

Cruise created the three-month program, which covered instruction in flying itself, aerial aviation, and submarine evacuation. Additionally, he was ready for the dynamic demands of the G-force.

Tom’s Well-Known Private Jets

Although most VIPs and HWNIs have their own private jets, the aircraft types that are chosen by Tom Cruise reflect his high skills and interest in flying. Cruise’s Instagram account highlights his passion for jets, too. In this blog, we will showcase two of Tom Cruise’s favorite aircraft:


Gulfstream IV

The Gulfstream IV, one of the finest private jets owned by a celebrity around the world, is a highly demanded aircraft that is manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace mainly for private and business uses, with proven reliability, speed, and versatility. This spacious jet has special specifications that could make every flight a fancy one:


  • Powered by 2 Rolls-Royce Tay 611-8 engines
  • Maximum altitude of 45,000 feet
  • Maximum range of 7820 km
  • Speed up to Mach 0.80
  • Accommodates Up to 19 passengers
  • Elegant furnishing, providing comfort and luxury
  • Equipped with advanced, innovative technology
  • Includes an air conditioning technology that refreshes the cabin every 2 minutes
  • Contains a jacuzzi and a movie-screening room


The jet is stocked with all the luxury private jet services that Tom or his guest travelers may need to feel the comfort when they are flying.


The Last Identified Destination:

Tom Cruise was spotted operating his Gulfstream IV last February in New Zealand, as he was seen at Queenstown Airport getting ready to take off. Cruise’s Gulfstream IV jet was last seen floating past Auckland with a range of around 7000 km, then landing in the Pacific islands, which are nearly 3000 km away from Queenstown.


P-51 Mustang

Tom Cruise has a special aircraft for his adventurous flights, it is the P-51 Mustang. The Hollywood star seems to like his P-51 Mustang the best out of his collection, as he is usually seen flying the plane, sometimes with a friend sharing the trip. It is a single-seat, and has a piston engine.

  • Powered by Packard (Rolls Royce) V-1650-7 Merlin engine
  • low-drag laminar-flow wing
  • Highly effective engine cooling system
  • A maximum speed of about 440 miles (700 km) per hour
  • Operational range of roughly 750 miles (1,200 km)
  • Accommodates 1  passenger


The Estimated price: $4 million

The Charter Price: $1000-1500/ hour


The Last Identified Destination:

The last flight Tom Cruise had on his P-51 Mustang is widely public, and it will witness millions of views soon, as he used it while filming the upcoming new release “Top Gun: Maverick” of the blockbuster movie series.


Traveling on a private jet certainly forms the highest levels of a luxurious lifestyle, that is why all of Hollywood’s actors, producers, directors, athletes, and models show off their classy and personalized jets. You, too, can enjoy such a lavish travel experience by getting a VIP jet charter from iJET Charter now, we provide an easy private jet charter for celebrity managers and celebrity agents by clicking here.



Why It’s Safer to Charter A Jet for Your Next Travel in The Coronavirus Or COVID-19 Situation?

Traveling is an inevitable part of our lives now, but with the global health emergency, travelers are looking for ways to avoid coronavirus. Commercial airlines stocks are dropping but there has been a steady rise in private jet charters with people looking for options to fly safe and alone. Private jets charter is increasing because companies and individuals want to fly virus free and avoid coronavirus. Since December, when the first case of coronavirus emerged in China, inquiries for private jet rental have gone up 35%. Apart from the usual customers, travelers who don’t usually fly private want to stay healthy in airports when traveling and are opting for private jets to avoid coronavirus.


Commercial Versus Private Jet Charter Flights Risks

If your forthcoming trip is urgent, think about booking a private jet charter as opposed to a regular aircraft. When it comes to avoiding the virus, there are a number of advantages to traveling privately over commercially


Fewer Passengers

When traveling privately, the main passenger frequently chooses who rides on the same aircraft with them. You get to decide whether your colleagues or family members sit in those seats because there is a limited amount of room aboard the plane. This enables you to travel with others who are either members of your household or who are following the safety precautions as you are. When you contrast this with taking commercial aircraft with hundreds of strangers, it becomes clear why so many individuals are currently preferring private travel.


Less interaction with other passengers

Since you don’t have to go through security checks before boarding your jet as you would at a commercial jet. Operating a private jet during Coronavirus is now a safer alternative. In order to minimize infection, you can bypass the security checkpoints and busy airport environment at one of our premier private jets. There is no requirement to touch bags or conveyor belts or stand in line with our passengers.



Private jet safety measures

Transportation Security Association (TSA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO) are all being followed by iJET Charter. We have more than covered all the basics when it comes to private jet safety.

Each customer of iJET Charter must show a COVID-19 health declaration form before boarding a private jet. By signing this form, you certify that you haven’t had a COVID, had symptoms, or intentionally been into contact with anyone with the virus within the past 14 or 7 days. This information helps keep our passengers and flight crew as safe as possible.

Airport Security Measures

In a crowded airport, maintaining social distance is nearly difficult. Private jet charters take the place of having to wait in a terminal and squeeze through security in a congested airport with other passengers. With iJET Charter You won’t need to enter an airport at all because our clients will be dropped off at the aircraft’s stairway. You won’t have to stand in line for customs, security, or luggage inspection. We have a specialized crew that is in charge of quickly doing a complete security check.


General Tips to Prevent COVID-19 Spread

  • Ensure you are up to date with the COVID-19 your vaccination course and booster
  • Wash your hands often with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in a bin
  • Take a social distance from other passengers and don’t forget to put on the mask
  • Avoid close contact with anyone

How Private Jet Charter Helps You to Fly Safely in This Global Health Emergency?

  • iJET chauffeur’s luxury car, which is sanitized thoroughly to keep it clean and virus free, will pick you up from the doorsteps of your house.
  • Our chauffeur service will make sure that your ride to the VIP Private Airport is comfortable and smooth.
  • You get to stay healthy in airports by traveling through the luxuries of the private terminal/ FBO.
  • Our team will make sure that your aircraft is thoroughly sanitized and deep cleansed. Private jet charters mean you get to fly safe and alone, avoiding the risk of getting infected by other travelers.
  • The flight crew and staff are briefed about special measures to be taken on board to avoid coronavirus. The measure will be meticulously carried out during the flight, to ensure that the plane is virus free.
  • Once you arrive at your destination, our chauffeur service will again be ready to take you to your desired destination.

How Are People Avoiding Travel Bans and Being Able to Fly Safe and Alone?

Commercial flying during the current global health emergency can be risky. Crowded airports, and herds of travelers on a single flight, can increase the risk of getting infected. On top of it, many flights are getting canceled to avoid the coronavirus pandemic. At such times, private jet charters are the best solutions for safe and healthy urgent travel. Private jet charters are often better than flying first class, saving your time, improving your productivity, and helping you travel in a safe and healthy way.

Private jet charters are helping many people who are stranded in a country because there are no available commercial flights. You get to fly back home safely, decreasing the risk of contracting coronavirus from other passengers.

Discover the luxury of private flying with iJET Charter. We take a step farther from others by making your journey a luxurious personalized experience for you.


Why It’s Convenient to Consider Flightpooling During and After COVID-19?

Flightpooling is a trend recently tackled by all luxury travelers. It is a solution that is helping many travelers affected by the current lockdown due to COVID-19, as a lot of people are quarantined away from their hometowns and families, and many businessmen are unable to run their businesses remotely, not to mention that it is risky to travel with a large group of people. In other words, coronavirus has paralyzed the flow of our everyday life, especially for people who need to fly frequently, and flight pooling is the optimum solution.


What is Flightpooling?

Flight pooling, also known as flight sharing, is a modern millennial traveling style. It is the act of renting a private jet by several co-travelers to enjoy the multiple benefits of a private jet. Flight pooling is becoming a more favorable alternative for business-class and first-class travelers. It is fast, safe, and extravagant, while the price is considered reasonable when divided between the travelers flying together. As a bonus, you and your co-travelers have a great chance to build a network of personal and professional relationships since you are all leaving the same city for the same destination.

What Are the Pros of Jet Pooling?

  • Traveling safely in fully sanitized jets equipped with personal, protective gears, with a limited number of people to commit to the social distancing guidelines, instead of flying amongst a crowd.
  • Flexibility in setting the date and time according to your schedule.
  • Experiencing a more luxurious flight style for frequent business class and first-class travelers.
  • Enjoying private VIP terminals, while the complicated procedures are handled by a professional staff.

Who Can Benefit from Flight Pooling?

While most commercial flights are canceled, and most airports are not operating until further notice, flight pooling is an appealing option for:

  • Business-class and first-class travelers – If you usually travel in one of these classes, wouldn’t it be a great deal to pay slightly more to enjoy the luxury, privacy, and safety of a private jet?
  • People are quarantined away from their families and home countries.
  • Businessmen who have recorded huge losses because they couldn’t fly to run their businesses.


How Does Flightpooling Work?

The idea is the same as carpooling. The goal is for a group of individuals to arrive at the same place. Instead of driving in their separate cars, they all pile into one to save on gas money and cut back on carbon emissions, they all get into one vehicle. Similarly, flight pooling is a more affordable option than flying alone. A private jet is available at a much lower cost. By sharing the expense of a private flight among themselves, the passengers avoid having to pay the whole amount individually.

Flight pooling comes with several other benefits as well. A private jet can carry you almost anywhere when commercial flights are canceled. There will be other people around you, but there will be significantly fewer than you would encounter in a public airport. COVID-19 presents a unique opportunity for people to afford a private flight for the first time.

Flightpooling is Currently Changing the Game

Flight pooling has always been an option. However, it’s so niched that circumstances didn’t allow the trend to flourish until now. Before the rise of COVID-19, passengers either wanted to go cheap on a commercial flight or have total privacy. But last-minute evacuations coupled with canceled flights have been the driving forces behind flight pooling. A once-obscure option is now the only option in many instances.


It maintains a low price while protecting travelers from busy airports. Private flights are still more expensive than a commercial flights, but they are now more affordable than ever. Flightpooling is ideal for travelers who want to reduce their COVID-19 risk and for charter firms who want to fill those vacant seats.


The Future of Flightpooling

Flightpooling could only be a passing phenomenon. Once commercial airlines resume operations, which is expected to happen shortly given the government’s relaxation of travel restrictions, passengers will swarm to them. However, if the second wave of COVID-19 spread around the globe, it would be a lucrative business venture. Private charters entered the market later than other carriers, but they are now prepared to provide Flightpooling in the future.

Flightpooling is still the best choice for travelers who wish to avoid huge lineups at public airports while still saving a few thousand dollars, despite the global epidemic. Private jets may now carry passengers other than simply affluent people and business leaders because of this kind of transportation. There are new market options for an industry forced to innovate at a quick clip.

Why is iJET Charter’s Flightpooling Service Special?

iJET Charter’s professional customer service team is available around the clock to receive your bookings and answer your inquiries about sharing a jet. Our rapidly growing network and partnerships with vendors and operators from all around the world contribute to serving you quickly.

How to Book iJET Charter’s Flightpooling Services?

Flight sharing is a simple process. To book a seat in a private jet with iJET Charter, all you need to do is contact our team to select your current city and your destination and specify the date and time of your potential trip.

iJET Charter’s professional team is available 24/7 to provide you with the best options and connect you with people who registered matching specifications and you would be soon flying together. The allure of flight pooling is undeniable. Everyone deserves to live this fancy, stress-free experience. Book a seat in a private jet now by contacting iJET Charter.