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    Corporate Jets for Business Travelers

    For business Travelers and Corporate groups, private jet charter is a tool for development and expansion. It’s notably a solution to the busy schedules of the business traveler, C- level executives, and leaders. iJET Charter has become the most reliable Air charter solution for any kind of business and for first-class and business-class travelers who prioritize their time, luxury, privacy, and productivity even during flights.


    Why to fly private with iJET Charter?

    Best-Class Travel for Business Executives, Corporations, and Corporate Groups
    • Flexibility in scheduling trip dates & airports according to your business schedule and needs.
    • Global Coverage to support your need of booking a Private Jet anywhere in the world.
    • Personalized experience because of our big fleet of aircraft that allows you to choose the size and type of aircraft that is suitable for your needs.
    • Multi-destination & Customized routes to avoid overnight stays.
    • High level of security, privacy and luxury.
    • Travel to FBOs & VIP Terminal to minimize the time spent at the airport and avoid waiting on long airport queues.
    • Preventing Cancellations and Delays.
    • Reaching destinations where Commercial airlines can’t fly to.
    • Business facilities in every aircraft to ensure a productive trip.
    • 10+ of experience in air charter services
    • A personal account manager available 24/7 to help you finalize all your company air charter bookings on time.

    Air Charter Solutions

    • - Private Jet Charter for Business Trips
    • - Empty-Leg Flight booking worldwide
    • - VIP Private Jet Charter for Leisure
    • - Private Jet Hire for traveling for Corporate Events & Exhibitions
    • - Bankers & Business Executives Jet Hire
    • - Sports Teams Groups Private Jet Rental
    • - Politicians & Executives Private Flights
    • - CEO & Business Executives Private Jets
    • - Institutions & International Organizations jets
    • - NGOs & Government Air Charter
    • - VIP Groups private travel solutions
    • - Cargo Jets
    • - Air Ambulance
    • - Helicopters