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March 17, 2020
By: iJET Team

How Much Does It Cost to Fly on Private Jet Charter?

Wondering what is the cost of your private jet charter? How much is the private jet charter prices? Charter flight cost and pricing basics depends on a number of factors. These includes the aviation fuel cost, the fuel-efficiency, and more. Today we look at how much does a private jet cost and will it fit your budget.

Cost-efficiency of private jet charter

When you charter a plane, it can be a lot more cost-effective than you think. You skip the general terminal, which saves you times, you increase your productivity utilizing your time onboard, and more. While not all of us can afford to buy a private jet, chartering one is not that expensive. Private jet charter offers all the perks of owing a private jet, without actually spending million on buying one. Also, the best part is you can fly on a different plane for each trip. With iJET Charter, our consultants can help you select the most cost-effective plane for your next trip.

Charter flight cost and pricing basics

Private charter plane cost first depends on the type of aircraft you select. This is made on fee factors includes the distance of your travel, number of passengers, the luggage and equipment on board. If you need to travel shorter distance with up to three passengers, you can opt for helicopter rental at a lower coat. But for longer distance and more passengers you will have to go for a mid-size plane.

Opting for a small sized jet for longer distance can end up costing you more, as more fuel will be needed, which means more refuel stops would have to be made. This additional refueling stops will include cost of landing and airport time.

Factors that affect the Jet estimated charter price

Private jet charter prices include:

  • Distance you travel- The fuel estimate has to be calculated according to the distance you need to travel. Aviation fuel prices changes constantly leading to change in projected and actual cost of flying.
  • Landing at the airport- The size and weight of the aircraft affects the landing fees, which varies from one airport to other.
  • Ground handling and FBO charges- The airport ground handling and FBOs charges also affects the charter prices.
  • Other factors- Other factors include overnight parking charges of the airport, accommodation of the crew during stop-overs, and more.

Empty Leg Flight

Empty leg flight is a cost-effective charter option when available. Empty leg flights are the one where the aircraft is returning or departing without any passengers to pick them up or after dropping them. But these depends on the availability and one needs to be flexible with their time to charter an empty leg.

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