Top FAQs for Charter a Plane | iJET Charter


1. How do I book a private jet charter?
Fill our “Request a Quote” form and get an instant private charter plane quote from us. Or contact us directly by calling +971 4 553 0402 or emailing us at [email protected]
We recommend that you make your reservation for private jet charter as early as possible, but we serve short notice requests too.
Travel to worldwide destinations. To every major, regional, and secondary airport around the world, more importantly, discover unexplored places by flying to airports where commercial airlines do not fly.
4. Can I bring my pets along with me on my Private Jet flights?
In most cases you can bring your pets along in the aircraft. Confirm with us before-hand to complete the required procedures.
5. Where will I board my private charter plane from?
With iJET Charter, fly from beautiful private terminals worldwide and access their exclusive VIP services. You will have the luxury of boarding your aircraft minutes before takeoff.
6. How many people can I bring along with me on private jet flights?
With Luxury Jet Charter Service, bring as many people you like. We will help you select the perfect aircraft, according to the number of passengers flying. Just let us know the number of people flying with you in advance, to prepare necessary catering, notify the authorities, and prepare the flight plan accordingly.
7. What about the in-flight catering?
We offer you a range of VIP in-flight catering options which can be arranged from the top airport in-flight catering service available or from the finest hotel/restaurant you prefer.
8. What is an empty leg flight?
Empty Leg flight is a private jet charter with no passengers on board going to an airport nearby to your destination, usually flying back to their home base or to their next destination.
9. Will the aircraft have WIFI?
Yes, most of the private jet flights will be equipped with Wi-Fi, so that your work doesn’t stop in the air too. Some aircraft include the WIFI in the charter price, while others WIFI will be extra chargeable per use.
10. What are the different types of aircraft we can offer?
Private jet, medical ambulance, and helicopter, iJET Charter gives you access to over 9500 private jet plane or aircraft to select from, according to your flying needs.
11. What are the modes of entertainment available on a private jet charter?
All aircraft will be equipped with inflight entertainment systems (Video and Audio). Feel free to bring your favorite selection on board, or advise us what you wish to have, and we’ll make sure it’s available on the day of your flight.
12. What is the cancellation process?
Our Proposal will include the cancellation terms which are different from one airline to another. We try our best to be flexible, but there are instances where cancellation fees will be applied to cover costs incurred in reservation of and preparation of the aircraft.
13. How much kg luggage can I bring along with me on a private jet flight?
The amount of luggage you can carry will depend on the size of your aircraft. Contact us today and we will be more than happy to discuss the different options we offer.