July 25, 2022
By: iJET Team

Why It’s Convenient to Consider Flightpooling During and After COVID-19?

Flightpooling is a trend recently tackled by all luxury travelers. It is a solution that is helping many travelers affected by the current lockdown due to COVID-19, as a lot of people are quarantined away from their hometowns and families, and many businessmen are unable to run their businesses remotely, not to mention that it is risky to travel with a large group of people. In other words, coronavirus has paralyzed the flow of our everyday life, especially for people who need to fly frequently, and flight pooling is the optimum solution.


What is Flightpooling?

Flight pooling, also known as flight sharing, is a modern millennial traveling style. It is the act of renting a private jet by several co-travelers to enjoy the multiple benefits of a private jet. Flight pooling is becoming a more favorable alternative for business-class and first-class travelers. It is fast, safe, and extravagant, while the price is considered reasonable when divided between the travelers flying together. As a bonus, you and your co-travelers have a great chance to build a network of personal and professional relationships since you are all leaving the same city for the same destination.

What Are the Pros of Jet Pooling?

  • Traveling safely in fully sanitized jets equipped with personal, protective gears, with a limited number of people to commit to the social distancing guidelines, instead of flying amongst a crowd.
  • Flexibility in setting the date and time according to your schedule.
  • Experiencing a more luxurious flight style for frequent business class and first-class travelers.
  • Enjoying private VIP terminals, while the complicated procedures are handled by a professional staff.

Who Can Benefit from Flight Pooling?

While most commercial flights are canceled, and most airports are not operating until further notice, flight pooling is an appealing option for:

  • Business-class and first-class travelers – If you usually travel in one of these classes, wouldn’t it be a great deal to pay slightly more to enjoy the luxury, privacy, and safety of a private jet?
  • People are quarantined away from their families and home countries.
  • Businessmen who have recorded huge losses because they couldn’t fly to run their businesses.


How Does Flightpooling Work?

The idea is the same as carpooling. The goal is for a group of individuals to arrive at the same place. Instead of driving in their separate cars, they all pile into one to save on gas money and cut back on carbon emissions, they all get into one vehicle. Similarly, flight pooling is a more affordable option than flying alone. A private jet is available at a much lower cost. By sharing the expense of a private flight among themselves, the passengers avoid having to pay the whole amount individually.

Flight pooling comes with several other benefits as well. A private jet can carry you almost anywhere when commercial flights are canceled. There will be other people around you, but there will be significantly fewer than you would encounter in a public airport. COVID-19 presents a unique opportunity for people to afford a private flight for the first time.

Flightpooling is Currently Changing the Game

Flight pooling has always been an option. However, it’s so niched that circumstances didn’t allow the trend to flourish until now. Before the rise of COVID-19, passengers either wanted to go cheap on a commercial flight or have total privacy. But last-minute evacuations coupled with canceled flights have been the driving forces behind flight pooling. A once-obscure option is now the only option in many instances.


It maintains a low price while protecting travelers from busy airports. Private flights are still more expensive than a commercial flights, but they are now more affordable than ever. Flightpooling is ideal for travelers who want to reduce their COVID-19 risk and for charter firms who want to fill those vacant seats.


The Future of Flightpooling

Flightpooling could only be a passing phenomenon. Once commercial airlines resume operations, which is expected to happen shortly given the government’s relaxation of travel restrictions, passengers will swarm to them. However, if the second wave of COVID-19 spread around the globe, it would be a lucrative business venture. Private charters entered the market later than other carriers, but they are now prepared to provide Flightpooling in the future.

Flightpooling is still the best choice for travelers who wish to avoid huge lineups at public airports while still saving a few thousand dollars, despite the global epidemic. Private jets may now carry passengers other than simply affluent people and business leaders because of this kind of transportation. There are new market options for an industry forced to innovate at a quick clip.

Why is iJET Charter’s Flightpooling Service Special?

iJET Charter’s professional customer service team is available around the clock to receive your bookings and answer your inquiries about sharing a jet. Our rapidly growing network and partnerships with vendors and operators from all around the world contribute to serving you quickly.

How to Book iJET Charter’s Flightpooling Services?

Flight sharing is a simple process. To book a seat in a private jet with iJET Charter, all you need to do is contact our team to select your current city and your destination and specify the date and time of your potential trip.

iJET Charter’s professional team is available 24/7 to provide you with the best options and connect you with people who registered matching specifications and you would be soon flying together. The allure of flight pooling is undeniable. Everyone deserves to live this fancy, stress-free experience. Book a seat in a private jet now by contacting iJET Charter.

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