Enjoy the Most Luxurious Features Aboard a Private Jet!
September 1, 2022
By: iJET Team

Enjoy the Most Luxurious Features Aboard a Private Jet!

Nowadays aviation design is coming on leaps and bounds, with many innovative design features and awe-inspiring amenities on board private jets and luxury aircraft to delight VIP guests and executives traveling the globe. Therefore, the private aviation market is evolving to keep up

Flying Private offers amenities that most commercial flights don’t offer.

Choosing the type of private jet for a particular trip requires a lot. There are many factors to consider such as the number of seats, the amount of luggage, the distance traveled, the equipment you need, the size and height of the cabin. After considering your needs, you can decide which type of private jet is right for your trip.

iJET Charter‘s excellent customer support team is available 24/7 to help you select the right private jet for your flight to enjoy a smooth and unique travel experience.

To rent a private jet and enjoying the most luxurious features inside, iJET Charter is the best choice for you helping you select the perfect airplane for your trip as it’s a leading company for aircraft charter worldwide and top rated.

There are many luxury features and amenities to consider when chartering a private jet and here we explore the top amenities abroad a private jet:


Top 8 Luxurious Amenities Aboard a Private Jet:

Luxurious lounges

When you charter a private jet, you’re chartering plenty of space for yourself and your guests. Depending on the type of aircraft as private jets are equipped with padded sofas, reclining seats and personal entertainment consoles carefully configured to transport VIP in complete comfort feels like home.

Dedicated bedrooms

Flat beds are nothing new to those accustomed to flying first or business class on board all commercial airliners. Large private jets have traditional flatbeds for complete rest and relaxation. It has its own ‘bedroom’ with a king size bed and features a master suite just like you’d find in your own home or your favorite 5 star hotel.

Full-Size Bathrooms

No need to rush to use the bathroom as Luxury aircraft are usually equipped with one or more full his bathrooms with full bathroom suites for the comfort and enjoyment of the guests. You can shower undisturbed during your flight, so when you arrive at your destination you can freshen up and get ready for a business meeting or dinner with friends.


Meeting rooms and conference facilities

Private flying means you have the privacy to conduct business on board. That’s why some of our private jets are equipped with meeting rooms and state-of-the-art meeting facilities with leather executive chairs, integrated video systems, surround sound and Wi Fi access.

First-Class Service

For many luxury travelers, service is one of the biggest draws to solo travel, The cabin crew available on private flights will be able to give you attention that you wouldn’t receive on commercial flights. The crew attends to your needs, calls you and your name and caters to your preferences.


Modern private jets are packed with the latest technology for guest comfort and entertainment. They are equipped with widescreen TVs, DVD and Blu-ray players, surround sound, wireless technology, hidden devices, and ambient lighting to match the atmosphere on board.

Personalised décor

Private jet owners can design and personalize their jet interiors with their preferred features and materials. Those who own or charter a jet generally seek peace and quiet on board. As such, natural materials and neutral decor are commonplace in luxury aircraft interiors, far removed from commercial aircraft cabins.

Pet accommodation

Another advantage of private air travel for many people is the ability to take their pets anywhere. There is generally no limit to the number of animals you can bring on board, as long as the required documentation and vaccinations are in place. Perfect for those planning a summer vacation on a yacht in the Mediterranean or a cruise to the islands of the South Pacific. If you own a jet of your own, you can set up features to help your furry friend conveniently take his VIP trip.


We are so glad to announce that iJET Charter was a nominee at the World Luxury Awards for the year 2022 as we serve our customers with a high degree of professionalism in choosing the right type of private jet to give them a sense of luxury and satisfaction.

iJET Charter offers luxury customers access to over 20,000 Royal Private Jet Charters to destinations around the world to meet all flight requirements and enjoy a safe and memorable journey.


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