FlightPooling - Share a Jet from
Mumbai to Dubai

Book a seat in a private jet

Starting from 4000$

July 15 2020

Travel from/to VIP Terminal

    What is FlighPooling?

    A new and innovative way to travel on a private jet. FlightPooling allows you to share a jet with fellow travelers looking to fly to the same destination as yours and experience the high standards of luxury and privacy of a private Jet.

    iJET Charter Service

    Whether you need an aircraft for business or leisure, for cargo charter or air ambulance, we accommodate all your charter requests. At iJET Aircraft Charter, we believe in going the extra mile for you to enhance your travel experience and offer assistance to select the aircraft you need.

    iJET Charter has a fleet of over 20,000 aircraft for different types of flight worldwide, such as
    Cargo Aircraft
    Private Jets
    Air Ambulance

    We are known for providing discreet, reliable, and professional services to all our clients at the best rates in the market.


    Our dedicated operations team is available 24/7 to ensure that your charter runs smoothly, and you get timely updates about it. Our clients recognize the benefits of air charter services for Private Flying, Cargo, and Air Ambulance, it's time you experience them too. Are you ready to shift to an exclusive way of travel? Speak to an expert to charter an aircraft for your next trip.