September 21, 2021
By: iJET Team

All About Perishables Food Air Freight Shipments

Air freight shipments are a delicate process that requires a series of logistical services for the success of shipping perishable goods, especially food shipments that need great care, temperature control and a commitment to deliver the shipment on the precise timeline. In this blog, iJET Charter will share all you need to know about how to ship food with aircrafts.

What is Perishable Food and How is it Shipped by Aircraft?

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), a food shipment is perishable if its contents will spoil within a short period of time, such as fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, and dairy products. Shipping these types of foods requires careful attention to several environmental factors such as avoiding extreme temperatures or humidity and keeping them at an appropriate temperature at each stage of the supply chain.

Air freight of perishable food is subject to the international standard for preparing and packing goods according to the appropriate time and temperature.

Get an air cargo charter at the most competitive prices and charter a private cargo plane from iJET Charter to ensure that your shipment of perishable foods arrives on the day and on time while maintaining the highest safety regulations and the freshness of your shipment from origin to destination.

Instructions for Air Cargo Food Shipments

To ensure that your air cargo food shipments arrive with full integrity and freshness, you should choose a trusted Air Cargo company who applies all the temperature and packaging international standards and deliver your freight without any delays in the best condition.

Air Cargo Food Shipments

What is the role of Cold Chain Logistics Management in Food Air Freight?

Cold chain logistics is defined as the process of transporting and shipping perishable goods that are sensitive to temperature and time, such as food & beverages, where the responsibility of managing the cold chain lies in temperature monitoring and management at every step and keeping the cold chain uninterrupted during the transportation of air perishable food shipments from through a chain of refrigerated production, storage and distribution activities to ensure that frozen food items are transported in their proper and fresh condition from the point of origin to the final consumers.

Challenges Facing Cold Chain Logistics Management

Cold chain logistics management is not easy, the process of shipping perishables goods may face many challenges globally to ensure that frozen goods are transported to the destination as fresh as possible.

The most prominent of these challenges are:

  • Equipment Malfunctions
  • Temperature Instability
  • Poor Handling of Various Cold Storage and Transportation Equipment by Unprofessional Cadres
  • Customs Clearance Problems
  • Damaged Goods because they’re not Being Placed Properly

5 Advantages to Know about Air Freights

Air cargo shipments are the most suitable method to ship perishable foods, as it will ensure that your food shipment is delivered quickly, at a competitive price and without damage, in addition to these several advantages that support air cargo shipments like:

  1. Extremely Fast Transportation

Air freight for perishable goods ensures that they reach the customer within a couple of days, as well as cover long distances in record time.

  1. Access to Any Destination in the World

Shipping via air can reach any delivery point that is difficult to reach in other ways, so the perishable food shipment is delivered regardless of where the customer is.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Theft

The process of air transportation of your perishable cargo will take place safely and away from the risk of theft due to strict security measures at various airports in the world.

  1. Less Packaging

It’s cost-effective for perishable food shipment because air freight requires less packaging than other shipping methods.

  1. Fast Customs Clearance

Most air freight shipments are cleared within hours, as customs clearance is more efficient and faster with air freight.

Air Cargo for Perishable Food


Beneficiaries of Air Cargo for Perishable Food

According to the excess requirements for perishable food shipments to all countries of the world. The need to resort to shipping perishable foods through cargo planes designated for this purpose has increased. There are many beneficiaries from air freight, and all of them aim to meet the food needs with high quality and competitive prices.

  • Humanitarian relief organizations need to deliver shipments of perishable foods to remote locations and afflicted places by private cargo planes because commercial aircraft find it difficult to reach these places.
  • The World Food Program (WFP) resorts to shipping food aid via private air cargo planes to achieve food security during the humanitarian crises experienced by some countries, such as wars, earthquakes, and epidemics.

Whether your purpose of air freight is trade or humanitarian assistance, iJET Charter provides you with specialized cargo planes that fit the size of your food shipment to ensure its arrival to any destination in the world.

Aircraft Used in Air Freight

Cargo companies usually transport their perishable goods on different planes according to their need and charter cargo planes designated for the purpose of shipping goods. Air cargo planes range from widebody aircraft, passenger planes with a place designated for shipping goods, to cargo planes that are dedicated to shipping goods.
 iJET Charter is your best choice to get a high-quality air cargo charter, whatever your shipment is. You can charter a dedicated plane from iJET Charter to deliver your shipment on the day and time you want. Don’t worry about the size of your perishable air shipment, because iJET Charter has a fleet of aircraft that can accommodate large and small shipments, you will get all of that and more at the most competitive prices when you cooperate with iJET Charter.


Take advantage of Our private jet charter services to transport your food shipment safely and reliably to any destination in the world. Contact iJET Charter team to book your suitable cargo charter.

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