The Differences Between Private Jet and Commercial Airline
August 22, 2022
By: iJET Team

What Are the Differences Between Private Jet and Commercial Airline Flights?

What is more luxurious than a private jet flight? What feels more relaxing than heading to your destination in a comfy setting, where the plane cabin is all yours?

A lot of commercial travelers chose to charter private jets during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect themselves from coronavirus by avoiding the crowd and having a safe, contact-free journey, but have you ever weighed the other benefits of the private jet charter into the equation?

Today, we highlight the main differences between flying private on a chartered jet and traveling on a regular commercial flight.


How Does Private vs Commercial Flight Boarding Differ?

A Private flight boarded differently than a commercial flight. While it may be simple to miss this phase in the process, when you compare these variations, you will realize that it truly has a significant impact on which form of air travel is best for you. The two boarding procedures differ in the following ways.


Taking off on a Commercial Flight

One of the first things you will notice about the procedure is that you will have to wait in a number of lengthy lines in order to obtain your ticket, check your bags, go through security, and eventually board the aircraft in a systematic fashion.

The security check can take a long time and feel a little intrusive. You may spend a considerable amount of time emptying your pockets, checking your bags, and going through the X-ray security machines because you are waiting in line with other travelers for your trip and other flights.

This is especially clear at busy times and during holidays. it’s inconvenient to have to take off your shoes and belt for security and take your valuable equipment out of their carrying cases, to say the least. However, it’s a crucial stage in the security procedure.

Additionally, boarding the plane can feel congested. To get to your designated seat, you must wait in a short line. People frequently continue to stand in the center aisle as they struggle to fit their bags into the overhead compartment. This can result in an uncomfortable halt.


Taking off on a Private Flight

Comparatively speaking, boarding a private flight is significantly quicker and more convenient. You have more flexibility when flying privately because you can schedule takeoff for the precise moment that suits you.

If you are traveling on a charter flight with fewer than 61 passengers, you will still need to go through security, but you will be searched at the terminal just before boarding. there is no requirement to remove your shoes or adhere to the liquid requirements, such as separating your drinks or carrying only a certain amount. Regular security screening is required for charter planes carrying 61 or more passengers.

Due to the size differences in private aircraft, there are also variations in the potential airports from which you can depart.

Private jets are much more compact than the planes used by commercial airlines. This implies that you can depart from smaller airports to a location that suits you. Avoid driving to the overwhelming commercial airports and simplify your boarding routine.


How Do Private Flights in the Air Differ from Commercial Flights?

Your experience during the flight may be more significant than boarding. your flight may take several hours, after all. In comparison to what you can do on a commercial trip, what you can accomplish during that time on a private flight is very different. Here are a few instances in which these two types of air travel actual flights vary from one another.



Both business and family travelers value a certain amount of privacy on flights. While it is possible to find a seat by oneself in the economy class of a commercial airline, the likelihood that you will be seated next to a stranger or two is higher. Attending to private matters, as a result, may be challenging or uncomfortable. Even first class and business class can have some privacy issues.

Private flights provide the ideal scenario regarding privacy. You get to pick who rides with you on a private airplane. You can take advantage of the degree of privacy you require for a comfortable flight whether you are traveling with your family, your coworkers, or by yourself.



Your use of time will define how valuable it is. You could be trying to find a way to continue being productive on your flight because productivity is one of the keys to success, it is possible to do this by flying privately.

When you fly privately, you can use the onboard Wi-Fi to connect and finish your important tasks, respond to emails, and conduct video chats. Business owners might even use this critical period to motivate their staff members before a crucial meeting. You can make the best use of your time when you fly privately.

Although commercial travel may include onboard conveniences like onboard Wi-Fi, staying productive can sometimes be far more challenging. What you may accomplish while traveling commercially may be limited by the lack of privacy and other conveniences.



Another crucial aspect of air travel is the amount of room you have in the cabin, which is necessary for comfort, privacy, and productivity. This is one of the most noticeable differences between private and commercial air travel.

On a commercial flight, you must keep to the space provided by your seat. During allowable times, you may also have the choice to walk to the lavatory and back.

When you travel privately, you get to pick the size of the aircraft and, if it’s safe, you can move around the cabin at will. For optimum privacy, work, and comfort, some private aircraft even have office spaces and sleeping rooms. A private flight can be the most comfortable choice for you if you need space to spread out and breathe.


Short-Notice Booking Possibility

To go on a commercial flight, travelers must have tickets they usually book the moment they plan their trip, but not everyone has enough time to book a ticket! VIPs and corporate executives usually wake up in one city and go to sleep in another, their time is as valuable as their money, so they are always flying from one location to another to keep the business running.

Most commercial flights get fully-booked several days before the flight, so to go on your surprising, short-notice flight, the private jet charter is always a reliable solution offering time flexibility. Private flights are scheduled according to the needs of travelers, no matter how quick they need to fly away. To save more time private jets can be booked online or via a phone call.

Visit iJET Charter website so we can organize your private flight according to the preferences you submit. We offer full flexibility in setting the date and time of your flight, unlike commercial trips where you must fly according to airline schedules.


Departure & Arrival Airport Procedures

Traveling comes with many annoying regularities that burden every traveler before and after the trip. In the airport terminal, there are long queues before every step: queues to check-in, and others for security checks. Later, you’ll have long rows at the boarding gate, then the aircraft door. Furthermore, the end of each queue involves more time-consuming procedures.

If you can avoid all this inconvenience in one smart decision, won’t you take it? Book a private jet to pass all the airport queues immediately and wait for your flight in a private VIP terminal, minimizing the stressful time spent at the airport and maximizing luxury and productivity, as you never have to stop working, neither at the airport nor on the plane.

No matter what airport you set as a departure location, iJET Charter could accelerate and facilitate its procedures.


Food and Drinks Options

We all hate the limited food menus of commercial airlines! Travelers are offered just a few options, and when your meal is served you can only take it or leave it to spend the flight starving, especially since you can’t bring your own food aboard. The issue is even worse for people who suffer from food allergies.

Private jet rentals include creating your menu, before the flight, listing all the meals, drinks, and snacks you crave, and mentioning your favorite restaurant to enjoy its delicious meals up in the sky!


Safety Against COVID-19

Traveling on private jets witnessed an increasing demand since the outbreak of COVID-19. It’s obvious to all that encounters with people are dramatically less when traveling privately, making it a safe travel experience. This is what makes private flights a compelling necessity nowadays more than ever!

iJET Charter shows a high commitment to international health measures to ensure that its jet fleet is virus-free.


Do Private Jets Fly Faster Than Commercial?

Commercial airliners cannot match the speed of private planes. Part of this has to do with the weight of the jet itself. Private aircraft are lighter than large commercial aircraft, which enables them to ascend and descend more quickly.

Because they can fly higher than the typical height that the majority of commercial airliners occupy, private jets can also maintain a faster cruising altitude. When you travel privately, your pilot may focus on reaching your location rather than clearing space for other commercial planes.

When you travel, speed matters. This is especially true if you have many meetings on the same day or a scheduled business meeting that you must attend. Flying privately may be the ideal choice if you need to get to your location as soon as possible and at a time that fits into your particular schedule. Private aircraft are far faster and more adaptable.


Enhance your Experience with iJET Charter!

Private jet charter has become the most reliable solution for first-class and business-class travelers who prioritize their time, luxury, privacy, and productivity even during flights.

Private jet chartering includes varied solutions, such as Flight Pooling, which allows first-class travelers to fly private. You can now have a worthy, upgraded travel experience for a very small margin of extra expenses.

Private jet flights have become a luxury lifestyle! For all the VIPs and HNWIs who travel privately just because it’s more comfortable and lavish. If you are not limited to a tight schedule but insist on a private flight for the sake of the relaxing experience, check our empty leg service to find private airplanes that are already scheduled to fly to your requested destination soon, by clicking here.


Visit iJET Charter website to receive more information or contact the team.

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