July 14, 2022
By: iJET Team

Private Jets of World Leaders and Royals

The fact that some of the most influential politicians, corporate moguls, and monarchs in the world fly aboard opulent private planes may not come as a surprise. However, some leaders have access to complete fleets that can cost up to $1 billion (£786 million).

The leaders of the world travel in their own royal private jets with many aircraft having special features. From Putin’s presidential jets to Trump Force one, for, Xi Jinping’s private plane to Angela Merkel’s private jet, we all want to know more about the world leader’s private jets. You too can fly like the world leaders in a royal private jet, by renting private jet.

Let’s look at the top 7 private jets of world leaders and public figures.


Vladimir Putin- Russian Presidential AircraftPutin

If you look for  Vladimir Putin jet or Putin business jet, you’ll not just find one but a fleet of aircraft. And this fleet even has a name- Russian presidential aircraft.

The Russian presidential aircraft fleet is used by Putin and other Russian officials. This fleet is said to be the world’s largest with around 68 aircraft and 64 helicopters. The crowning jewel of this fleet is Ilyushin Il-96, also known as Putin’s flying fortress.

Special Features of Vladimir Putin Jet

The aircraft has its own fully equipped conference room, a luxurious suite, a mini-gym, dining area, VIP lounges, and room for emergency medical care. Designed by Ivan Glazunov, Ilyushin Il-96 is a flying five-star hotel.

There is said to be a special coating on the aircraft that makes it less visible to RCS, a system for jamming radars.

An interesting thing to note is that there are four of these aircraft in the Russian presidential aircraft fleet. This helps with security as when news of Putin’s travel is made public, non-one knows which aircraft he will use until it takes off.

Estimated Value of IL-96-300PU


390 million dollars approximately


Donald J. Trump Private Jet

While Air Force One is an Air transport for the USA president. Trump Force One is used for Donald J. Trump’s private jet within Air Force One. Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland is home to the fleet. The fleet has three main aircraft models. Trump Force One includes two identical Boeing 747-200B, its military name being VC- 25A. And a Boeing C-32, used for small airports cannot be used by Donald Trump’s Boeing 757.

Special Features of Donald J. Trump’s Private Jet


Donald Trump’s Boeing 757 is a military version of the aircraft and is known as VC- 25A. Boeing 747-200B was the world’s largest double-decker plane.


Donald Trump’s Boeing 757 has its own bedroom, dining room, bathroom, shower, gallery, medical emergency area, and even a guest room. The aircraft is said to have 24k gold fitting in some rooms. It also has a special area for reporters. In addition to this, it has a glass cockpit, Rolls-Royce RB211 turbofans, and can seat 76 passengers, in addition to a room for 26 crew. Its special turbofans make it one of the fastest aircraft in the world.


Estimated Value of Donald Trump’s Boeing 757-


Approximately 100 million dollars.


Queen Elizabeth’s Private jet or Air Transport of the British Royal Familyelizabeth


No. 32 (The Royal) Squadron of the Royal Air Force manages the air transport of the British royal family.

It operates VIP aircraft and Queen Elizabeth’s Private jet from RAF Northolt in London. The Queen can only fly on a private jet while the rest of the family often uses commercial airlines, whenever possible. The VIP Terminals at airports, the secret gateway to luxurious Private suites at airports, are used for the airport travel of the Royal family when they are using commercial airlines.

The fleet of Queen Elizabeth’s Private jet and for the British royal family includes-


  • Aircraft of the Royal Squadron

This includes an AgustaWestland AW109 helicopter and four British Aerospace 146 airlines.

  • Royal Air Force Airbus Voyager A332-

This is used by the royal family, Britain’s Prime Minister, and other high-ranking government officials. The Voyager was redesigned with a capacity of 158 passengers.

  • The Queen’s Helicopter Flight (TQHF)

A Sikorsky S-76C++, the helicopter has a speed of 178 mph and has a 30-minute fuel reserve is the Queen’s personal helicopter.


Air transport of the British Royal Family

It is interesting to note that the Royal family also leases aircraft to travel long distances. These included Boeing 747s or Boeing 777s from Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. The good news for you is that you can fly like the royal family too by renting or jet. All you must do is contact iJET Charter, the charter experts will help you select the best jet for your next trip at the best rates in the market.


Estimated Cost

The fleet of the Royal Squadron costs around 100 million dollars.


Xi Jinping’s Private Plane

There is Xi Jinping’s private plane, in fact when you look for Xi Jinping Boeing, you will realize that the Chinese leader does not own any private plane unlike his counterparts but uses aircraft from Air China Airlines. The aircraft used by Xi Jinping includes two Boeing 747-400’s.

Special Features of Xi Jinping Air China Plane

Since there is no personal Xi Jinping’s private plane, Air China’s Boeing 747-400, a passenger airline, is modified when the Chinese leader must use it, making it Xi Jinping Boeing. After a thorough examination by the security team, the interior of the aircraft is modified. Seats are taken out to make a living room, a bedroom, and an office. Due to security reasons, there aren’t images of the interior of Xi Jinping Boeing to be found online.

Estimated Value of Xi Jinping Boeing

250 million dollars.


Elizabeth II and $100 000 000 No.32nd Squadron

The 32nd squadron of the United Kingdom provides transportation for the Queen of England, members of the Royal family, and the government of Great Britain. There are two AW109 helicopters for short-range flights under 1,000 kilometers, six BAE-125 aircraft with a flight range of up to 3000 kilometers, and four medium-sized reactive BAE-146 aircraft, which are primarily used on British soil. The Sikorsky S-76 Spirit, a private helicopter owned by Queen Elizabeth II, is also a member of the Royal Household. The United Kingdom’s 32nd Squadron fleet has a total cost of about $100 million. For long-distance travel, the Royal Family previously rented regular Boeing 747s or Boeing 777s from British Airways or Virgin Atlantic Airlines.



Pope Francis and his Chartered Airbus A330-200

For the Pope’s international journeys, the Vatican opts for a private jet charter, renting an Airbus A330-200 from Alitalia. The name of the Renaissance painter who depicted the Popes of his period, “Raffaello Sanzio”, and the papal shield are used to identify the aircraft while the Pope is aboard.

Inside the Raffaello Sanzio

Wide-body twin-aisle Airbus A330 planes are regarded as among the most dependable in the skies.

With a capacity of 247 people, the cabin is rather spacious. The Airbus A330-200 does not have an office, conference room, or private bedroom, in contrast to many other aircraft in a presidential aviation fleet. The Raffaello Sanzio, which has 263 seats in coach and 20 in business class, is the actual aircraft that Alitalia employs for commercial flights. The Pope usually has the entire front row of the business class seat to himself.

The entourage of the Pope

The Pope only ever gives interviews to journalists while flying. As a result, the coach cabin of the aircraft is frequently occupied by journalists from foreign newspapers, magazines, and television networks. The Pope receives a special charter rate from Alitalia, but the journalists are responsible for their own airfare. Befitting of his nickname, “The People’s Pope”, Pope Francis typically spends time on board bantering with the journalists and giving blessings in the coach cabin.


Airbus A330-200 for former president François Hollande, with a $270 000 000 price tag

When it comes to the former president’s plane travel, France has spent no money. The Ex-president of the Fifth Republic’s aircraft is a sleek, contemporary Airbus A330-200 that costs around 270 million dollars. François Hollande’s principal aircraft, like those of previous superpowers, is not just a pleasant means of long-distance travel. It serves as a management hub that enables real-time command of the major armed forces and political entities.

Aircraft interior

The Airbus A330-200 that the former French president is traveling in has a room with a large bed, a bathroom, a dressing room, a kitchen, an office, a soundproof negotiation room that can accommodate 12 people, a small operating room, as well as a room set aside for journalists and the delegation that is traveling with him. The airliner’s communication system has a variety of secure connection channels that may transmit encrypted communications and top-secret data.


Hollande’s Presidential fleet

The former president of France also has two responsive Dassault Falcons 7X aircraft in his aviation fleet. Due to their versatility—they are equally adept at very short and transatlantic flights—these aircraft were bought in 2009 and 20103. These smaller aircraft are also considerably more suited to certain of France’s and its key interest nations’ shorter airstrips.

One of the Falcon 7X aircraft was given Carla Bruni’s name under the Sarkozy administration. It is unclear why the previous president François Hollande, who succeeded Nicolas Sarkozy, continued to use the name despite having the option to do so.

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