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February 3, 2022
By: iJET Team

5 Questions To Ask When You Charter A Private Jet

Private jet charters are experiencing a surge in demand and popularity. VIPs, HNWI, CIPs, and celebrities are booking private jets instead of going through the usual airport process. The advantages of private jet charters are almost too many to count, with privacy, luxury, and convenience being a few. Flexible itineraries and adaptable scheduling are two perks that make private flying more favorable than commercial flights. The biggest problem that people can make is booking a chartered flight without doing proper research. You must ask yourself a lot of questions and plan your trip well in advance. Doing a thorough background check and contacting a reliable charter service provider are things you should always do before booking. Luckily, iJET Charter is the most reliable and professional charter service provider in the world. Book your private jet with iJET Charter and enjoy the ultimate traveling experience.

5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Booking A Private Jet Charter

Booking a private jet can be daunting because there’s a lot you should know and many things to consider. Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself before booking a private jet.

1. What type of private jet should you book?

Professional air charter service providers offer different aircraft for different kinds of travelers. Light jets are the cheapest type of private aircraft and they’re perfect for short journeys. If you’re traveling with your colleagues for business reasons, then the Sikorsky S-76 should be your first choice. Years of development have made the Sikorsky S-76 an excellent jet for business travelers. The Piper Aztec and Piper PA-34 Seneca are also popular and cost-effective choices for short flights. A trip with your friends and family is going to require a lot of extra space for baggage, in which case you’re going to need a Cessna Citation CJ3. The cost of your private jet will increase alongside your requirements. Medium jets are more expensive than light jets, but they offer more space, can cover larger distances, and are significantly faster. If you’re traveling as a group for over 5 hours, then the Bombardier Learjet 40/40XR or the Hawker Beechcraft 900XP are your best options for a smooth and comfortable flight. Consider upgrading to a super-mid-size private jet if your flight is over 6 hours. The Embraer Legacy 500 and Bombardier Challenger 300 are two high-performance jets that are more suitable for long journeys. Heavy jets are the most expensive type of private jet, but they offer the most amount of space, perks, and luxurious amenities. The Gulfstream G550 is a perfect combination of speed, range, luxury, and comfort, which makes it ideal for long-haul flights. If your journey is about 13 hours and you’re traveling with over 15 people, then the Airbus A319 or the Gulfstream G300 will allow you to take your trip with ease. Below are the specifications for some of the most popular light, medium, and heavy private jets to help you select the perfect aircraft.

Light Jet Specifications

Cessna Citation Mustang4 Passengers2 Hours 30 Minutes630 KM/H / 391 MPH1,343 mi / 2,161 KM
Cessna Citation CJ36 Passengers3 Hours773 KM/H / 480 MPH2,157 mi / 3472 KM
Beechcraft King Air 2006 Passenger3 Hours 30 Minutes515 KM/H / 320 MPH1,818 mi / 2,926 KM


Medium Jet Specifications

Bombardier Learjet 40/40XR6 Passengers3 Hours860 KM/H / 534 MPH1,961 mi / 3,156 KM
Hawker Beechcraft 900XP9 Passengers5 Hours861 KM/H / 535 MPH3,242 mi / 5,217 KM
Embraer Legacy 5009 Passengers5 Hours1000 KM/H / 621 MPH3,452 mi / 5 556 KM
Bombardier Challenger 3009 Passengers6 Hours870 KM/H / 540 MPH3,567 mi / 5,741 KM
Gulfstream G200 / G2809 Passengers7 Hours796 KM/H / 494 MPH4,142 mi / 6,667 KM


Heavy Jet Specifications

Gulfstream G55016 Passengers14 Hours850 KM/H / 528 MPH7,767 Mi / 12,501 KM
Bombardier Challenger 85016 Passengers5 Hours850 KM/H / 528 MPH3,234 mi / 5,206 KM
Airbus A31919 Passengers8 Hours850 KM/H / 528 MPH4,287 mi / 6900 KM
Boeing BBJ25 – 50 Passengers12 Hours870 KM/H / 541 MPH10,932 mi / 17,594 KM

Need help deciding on a private jet? Book your chartered flight with iJET Charter today!

2. What is the cost of private jet charters?

An interesting statistic shows that private jet users outperform those who don’t use private jets by 23%. Charter prices are based on the type of aircraft, travel distance, landing location, size of the plan, the number of hours it is used, and more. Private jet charters are usually billed by the hour, but additional fees may vary based on flight permits, aviation fuel, in-flight catering, or other services. Generally, light jets can fit 4 to 6 passengers and cost between 3,000$ to 4,250$ per hour. Medium jets can fit 6 to 9 passengers and cost between 4,550$ to 6,400$ per hour. Heavy jets can fit 16 to 19 passengers and cost between 6,550$ to 12,400$ per hour. Booking your private charter with a charter service provider means that the cost gets split with other parties, making private jets more accessible and affordable. Contact iJET Charter to get an estimated cost!

3. What is the difference between shared charters and private charters?

The best part about private jet charters is the unparalleled luxury. You can enjoy the luxury of private jets at an affordable price by booking a shared charter. A shared charter isn’t entirely private as it involves flying with strangers. Your experience will be much more comfortable than a commercial flight because there will be significantly fewer passengers. Shared charters operate by selling empty seats on the jet to reduce costs, and this is why they are cheaper than booking an entire plane. Another cheap private flying option is “booking by the seat”. You can buy a seat on a plane that is already scheduled to run with up to 30 other passengers. Prices can be as low as 100$ per hour for short-haul flights, with prices increasing for longer flights. Book your shared or private charter with iJET Charter and skip airport hassles!

4. What are the safety and security procedures?

The first question you should ask your charter service provider is whether the operator has an Argus safety rating. Argus safety ratings signify that the aircraft has been inspected by an FAA-approved inspector. Make sure that your charter service provider is certified by international safety organizations and don’t hesitate to ask them for information about aircraft crew. You have a right to know if your pilot and crew are experienced with the conditions of the location you’re flying to. Aircraft validation and pilot background checks must also be rigorously conducted. The charter service provider must maintain flight safety standards and ensure that the aircraft pilot and crew are all professionally licensed. Finally, never rush into a booking without properly researching your jet’s interior. Ensure your privacy and safety with iJET Charter today!

5. What are the benefits of flying privately?

  • Flexible scheduling; choose the time of your flight according to your schedule.
  • You can fly with your pets; private charters are pet-friendly and allow you to bring animals onto the jet. Pets weighing up to 35 pounds can sit on a passenger’s lap, but heavier animals will require a separate seat.
  • Avoid the hassles of commercial travel; private charters operate from regional airports so travelers can avoid traffic and busy flight lines.
  • Enjoy privacy and security; private flyers don’t have to go through normal airport formalities and procedures.
  • Free planeside parking; most airports allow passengers to drive a car right up to the plane.
  • Last-minute travel; private jets can accommodate your short-notice bookings and get you around the world in a pinch.

Enjoy these benefits and more by booking your private jet services with iJET Charter today!

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