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    Repatriation flight is one of the biggest blessings in these tough times, helping stranded citizens in foreign lands to come back home. At iJET Charter, our team of highly trained professionals, is helping embassies and governments to arrange repatriation flights through our private jet charter service. Our team of aviation professionals works 24/7 to arrange all your repatriation private flight charter requirements from to at the best rates.

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    5 Reasons Why You Should Select iJET Charter to Rent a Jet for Repatriation Flights

    Our tailor-made solutions for repatriation private flight charter helps you schedule the flight according to your needs

    Whether it is for one or one thousand people, select from a fleet of the finest aircrafts, to bring back your citizens.

    Our private jets are offered to you for repatriation flights at affordable rates to bring back your citizens.

    Travel to FBOs and VIP Terminals, minimize the time spent at long airport procedures and ensure increased security for your band or group.

    With iJET Charter, fly to airport nearest to your desired destination, even to destinations where commercial airlines cannot fly.