COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Cargo Aircraft Charter
September 17, 2020
By: iJET Team

The Cargo Aircraft for Global Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccine

The air cargo transportation of pharmaceutical products has witnessed high demand since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, due to the global need of medical supplements to survive the spread of coronavirus. So far this year, airlines have transported over 11,000 tons of medicine.

The upcoming phase will require more efforts to be made by cargo airlines and flight operators, when the anticipated COVID-19 vaccine is released it will be their responsibility to distribute it worldwide.  

It is a mission that all airlines and flight operators must undertake because the whole world is depending on the vaccine to end the nightmare of COVID-19.  However, such a special mission needs special aircraft. Planes must be well-equipped to carry T&T sensitive products like vaccines. It won’t be as easy as the transportation of masks, gloves, ventilators, and the other protective gears that most airlines have been shipping in the past few months.  So, in case you don’t already have an equipped aircraft for the mission, you should be considering cargo aircraft charter quickly to join the global fleet.

In this blog, iJET Charter will list the required features in a pharmaceutical cargo aircraft to help our clients in choosing the right aircraft and completing their cargo plane charter.

The Required Features of Air Cargo Planes  

Thermal Shipping Container

The cargo aircraft that will transport the anticipated COVID-19 vaccine must contain air cargo thermal shipping containers, such as RKN CSafe containers, with the following features:

  • Superior vacuum insulation and air evacuation system.
  • Airflow pathways that pump conditioned air onto all sides of the container to provide optimal temperature reduction for efficient transportation.
  • Advanced temperature management system (TMS) to preserve the required cold chain.
  • Temperature sensors to measure and preserve the required temperature degree.
  • Varied freight temperature options to suit the vaccine’s requirements.

Huge Capacity

The distribution of COVID-19 vaccines must be done through aircraft of huge capacities because there are billions of doses to be delivered. The vaccine has not been released yet, but there are more than 5 billion global pre-orders already made until now, which will keep cargo operators busy for a few years to come, thus airplanes of the highest capacities must be used to accelerate the process.

As a result, the best aircraft to do the mission should have high capacity and thermal shipping containers.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has recently stated in a statement it issued that providing a single dose to 7.8 billion people would fill 8,000 Boeing 747 cargo aircraft.

check the following features of Boeing 747 to accurately imagine the vaccine volume required to cover the earth’s population! 

Boeing 747 Freighter   

Boeing 747 Freighter

A reliable, highly durable large cargo freighter (LCF) that is consider as one of the best choices for operating COVID-19 vaccine distribution flights.


Payload: 137.7 mt

Range: 4,120 km

Length: 76.3 m (250 ft 2 in)

Wingspan: 68.4 m (224 ft 5 in)

Height: 19.4 m (63 ft 6 in)  

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The preparations for operating the vital flights of distributing the COVID-19 vaccine are time-consuming, while five vaccine programs are going through phase three of testing, which is the final phase before being approved and licensed by the World Health Organization. This means that the world may witness a COVID-19 vaccine release very soon, therefore IATA has recently announced that it’s time for flight operators to start preparing for taking their roles in the upcoming valuable phase. 

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