Why It’s Safer to Charter A Jet for Your Next Travel in The Coronavirus Or COVID-19 Situation? | iJET Charter

Traveling is an inevitable part of our lives now, but with the global health emergency, travelers are looking for ways to avoid coronavirus. Commercial airlines stocks are dropping but there has been a steady rise in private jet charters with people looking for options to fly safe and alone. Private jets charter is increasing because of companies and individuals wanting to fly virus free and avoid coronavirus. Since December, when the first case of coronavirus emerged in China, inquiries for private jet rental have gone up 35%. Apart from the usual customers, travelers who don’t usually fly private want to stay healthy in airports when traveling and are opting for private jets to avoid coronavirus.

How private jet charter helps you to fly safely in this global health emergency?

  • iJET chauffeur’s luxury car, which is sanitized thoroughly to keep it clean and virus free, will pick you up from the doorsteps of your house.
  • Our chauffeur service will make sure that your ride to the VIP Private Airport  is comfortable and smooth.
  • You get to stay healthy in airports by traveling through the luxuries of the private terminal/ FBO.
  • Our team will make sure that your aircraft is thoroughly sanitized and deep cleansed. Private jet charters mean you get to fly safe and alone, avoiding the risk of getting infected from other travelers.
  • The flight crew and staff are briefed about special measures to be taken on board to avoid coronavirus. The measure will be meticulously carried out during to the flight, to ensure that the plane is virus free.
  • Once you arrive at your destination, our chauffeur service will again be ready to take you to your desired destination.

How people are avoiding travel bans and are able to fly safe and alone?

Commercial flying during the current global health emergency can be risky. Crowded airports, herds of travelers on a single flight, can increase the risk of getting infected. On top of it, many flights are getting cancelled to avoid coronavirus pandemic. At such times, private jet charters are the best solutions for a safe and healthy urgent travel. Private jet charters are often a better than flying first class, saving your time, improving your productivity, and helping you travel in a safe and healthy way.

Private jet charters are helping many people who are stranded on a country because there are no available commercial flights. You get to fly back home safely, decreasing the risk of contracting coronavirus from other passengers.

Discover the luxury of private flying with iJET Charter. We take a step farther from others by making your journey a luxurious personalized experience for you.

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