iJET is Nominated! 2022 World Luxury Travel Awards

We are glad to announce that iJET is nominated at the World Luxury Awards for the year 2022 as iJET is a leading flight support company distinguished with its highest quality services to satisfy clients around the world, where it offers the services and facilities you need, guarantee a success flight and living a high level of luxury as it has a specialized experience in the aviation field.

iJET offers services for Private jets, Charter flights, Commercial airlines, Cargo Airlines, Air Ambulance and Medical Evacuation Flights, Military and Government Flights and Flight Support Providers.

When you’re talking on a unique services and luxury travel experience then you’re definitely talking about iJET and yes the result is that it’s nominated now which is a golden stage from the stages of the company prosperity.

The World Luxury Travel Awards Established in 2019 and it is a recognized global organization which aims to highlight, reward and promote the best in the luxury travel and tourism industry, providing travel establishments with the recognition they deserve.

Over 300 000 international travelers vote each year, during a four-week period to select the winners. World Luxury Travel Awards also aims to be the pinnacle of achievement for the travel industry.


What is the role of World Travel Awards in the tourism industry?


World Travel Awards™ supports, promotes and develops the global travel and tourism industry by identifying and rewarding excellence and inspiring its practitioners to continually raise the standards of their product and service offering.

Each year, WTA runs and governs a comprehensive programme across a range of awards developed to recognize the industry’s most vital sectors and product offerings.

Today, the World Travel Awards brand is recognised globally as the ultimate hallmark of industry excellence and it celebrates its 29th anniversary year in 2022.

In General, Awards are presented across three tiers: country, regional and world awards.


What is the Nominations Methodology?


Country Awards:

The country awards reflect the range of products and service offerings of an individual country’s travel and tourism industry.

The annual final shortlist of nominees for each country award is reached via the following criteria:

  • The previous year’s country award winner and two runners-up
  • Vetted and approved self-nominations
  • Vetted and approved WTA commendations


Regional Awards:

The annual final shortlist of nominees in each regional award is reached via the following criteria:

  • The previous year’s regional award winner and two runners-up
  • Vetted and approved self-nominations
  • Vetted and approved WTA commendations


World Awards:

The World awards are the top tier of the WTA programme and features the winners from the regional tier. Nominees have a proven pedigree of being the world’s best.

The annual final shortlist of nominees in each World award is reached via the following criteria:

  • The winners from the corresponding regional award
  • Vetted and approved WTA commendations


What is the Voting Process?

The voting process is online and a year-long communications campaign encourages global participation. The votes come from qualified executives working within travel and tourism and the consumer travel buyer.

A standard vote carries a weighting of one, while votes cast by verified travel professionals carry a weighting of two. To apply for the upgrade, users are required to complete the Travel Industry Voters section on registration and submit a minimum of 10 votes. Votes are internally audited to ensure the validity of each individual vote.


Selection Criteria for Luxury travel awards:

Travel establishments are selected for nomination based on some or all of the following criteria as applicable: –

  • Service excellence
  • Attention to detail
  • Facilities
  • Style and design
  • Efficiency
  • Customer reviews
  • Marketing (active, engaging, up to date content)
  • Diversity
  • Location
  • Local knowledge


The World Luxury Travel Awards Ultimate Guide:

The World Luxury Travel Awards Ultimate Guide is an annually compiled digital publication, profiling and showcasing all participants. Travel agents, tour operators, and guests can use this as a guideline to research, discover, recommend and book travel experiences. Each participant shares in the advantage to feature in this guide.

We are happy that iJET has been nominated in the 2022 World Luxury Travel Awards as a Jet Charter Company and we’re so proud to have this great accomplishment and success due our well trained team and high quality services in the world of luxury, in serving private and business jets and the flight support domain.


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