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List of Airports in ethiopia
The most prominent airport in Ethiopia is Bole International, in Addis Ababa (HAAB). While there are other airports in the country too, aircraft operators tend to use HAAB, because of service limitations and airport curfews in other airports. Also, the majority of flights fly to HAAB, because of being Ethiopia’s only 24/7 airport of entry (AOE).
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City Airport ICAO IATA Type Operating Hours (UTC) Type of Fuel Availability Time Zone
Alula Aba Nega/Mekele International Alula Aba Nega/Mekele International HAMK MQX civil 0300-1700 JET ONLY
Arba Minch Arba Minch HAAM AMH civil Mon, Fri, Sat 0500- 1400 JET ONLY
Assosa Assosa HASO ASO civil N/A No Fuel
Axum Emperor Yohannes IV Axum Emperor Yohannes IV HAAX AXU civil 0400- 1500 JET ONLY
Bahir Dar/Ginbot Haya International Bahir Dar/Ginbot Haya International HABD BJR civil 0300- 1700 JET
Addis Ababa Bole International HAAB ADD civil 24 hours AVGAS, JET (GMT+03:00) Africa/Addis_Ababa
Dire Dawa/Aba Tenna Dejaz International Dire Dawa/Aba Tenna Dejaz International HADR DIR joint civil / military 0300- 1700 JET ONLY
Gambella Gambella HAGM GMB civil Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun 0500-1400 No Fuel
Gode Gode HAGO GDE civil Tue- Sun 0500- 1400 No Fuel
Gonder/Azezo-Atse Tewodros Gonder/Azezo-Atse Tewodros HAGN GDQ civil 0500- 1500 JET ONLY
Humera Humera HAHU HUE civil N/A No Fuel
Jijiga Jijiga HAJJ JIJ civil N/A No Fuel
Jimma/Aba Segud Jimma/Aba Segud HAJM JIM civil 0400- 1500 JET ONLY
Lalibella Lalibella HALL LLI civil 0400- 1500 No Fuel
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