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Flight operational services for Algeria
From permit requirements to visa requirements, and other ground handling services, there are many consequential factors to keep in mind when planning for your next flight to Algeria.
It is mandatory to acquire an overflight and a landing permit when flying to Algeria.
Overflight Permit Algeria
Documents required for overflight permit in Algeria for AD-HOC, commercial, and private flights • Can be obtained easily and within 24 hours because of iJET’s strong global ties
• It can also, be obtained after duty hours
• Tower can issue permits for Ambulance flight within few minutes.
Lead time to obtain the overflight permit for Algeria 24 hours
Short notice overflight permit for Algeria Overflight permit can be obtained on short-notice
Validity of overflight permit in Algeria -
Landing Permit Algeria
Documents required for landing permit in Algeria for AD-HOC, commercial, and private flights For Private flights:
• Passengers Details and Receiving party contacts
• Full flight and Aircraft details
• Sponsorship letter may be needed for some landing in Airports in some airport lated in far Rural Areas.

For Scheduled commercial flights:
• Can be obtained within 72 hours in Algeria if they have the needed traffic rights and no objection by Air Algeria (the national Carrier).
For Ad-hoc commercial flights:
• Majority of the operators of Ad-hoc commercial flights don’t have a valid approval by Air Algeria, the CAA will not accept the permit for such flights, and they will ask the operators to coordinate with Air Algeria via their local sponsor or GSA (general Sales agent) to get Air Algeria approval on it.
• Royalty fees for passengers and Cargo may be applied for each flight after Air Algeria approval.
Lead time to obtain the landing permit forAlgeria 24- 72 hours
Short notice landing permit for Algeria Landing permit can be obtained on short-notice
Validity of landing permit in Algeria -
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Additional information for overflight permit and landing permit for Algeria:

• There is a possibility of extra inspections and more details required for issuance of the permit for few flights in the rarely used airports in Algeria. But in general, all permit issues can be solved within 72 hours.
• Landing for Technical stop in Algeria is only possible for all type of flights within 24 hours
• Flights that have objection by Air Algeria will require a longer time for approval as it shall be applied by the Local sponsor or the GSA in Algeria. Lead time for such flights will depend on the local company activities and strength.

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When planning for your trip to Algeria, there are few factors you need to consider:
Flight Management and Trip planning for Algeria
Weekend The official weekend in Algeria is Friday-Saturday
Visa Requirements in Algeria • Flight and cabin crew of all nationalities can get a visa on arrival
• For passengers, depending upon their nationalities some do not require it, some get visa on arrival, and others must arrange for a visa prior to their arrival.
Airport Slots Slots are not required at airports in Algeria
In-Flight Catering Service • Available in major airports like DAAG, DAOO, and DABC
• Can be arranged from reputed hotels in other airports
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