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Flight operational services for Spain
For smooth operations for your flight to Spain, you must ensure that all your flight support requirements are taken care of. Obtaining permits on time, efficient ground handling services, and effective trip-planning are factors that contributes to a successful and punctual flight.
Overflight Permit Spain
Documents required for overflight permit in Spain for AD-HOC, commercial, and private flights Spain overflight permission is not required. In the case of aircraft on experimental certificates, Spain overflight permit are required.
Lead time to obtain the overflight permit for Spain N/A
Short notice overflight permit for Spain N/A
Validity of overflight permit in Spain N/A
Landing Permit Spain
Documents required for landing permit in Spain for AD-HOC, commercial, and private flights • Certificate of airworthiness and registration
• Noise certificate
• European Union (EU) insurance
• Air operator certificate (AOC)
• Full crew/passenger information and full schedule.
Lead time to obtain the landing permit forSpain Can be arranged at an additional cost
Short notice landing permit for Spain 48 hours
Validity of landing permit in Spain 24 hours
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Additional information for overflight permit and landing permit for Spain:

Landing permit revision is not that difficult in Spain. Only some airports require PPR.

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When planning for your trip to Spain, there are few factors you need to consider:
Flight Management and Trip planning for Spain
Weekend Official weekend in Spain is
Visa Requirements in Spain Visa is required
Airport Slots Airports in Spain are slot coordinated.
In-Flight Catering Service Inflight catering can be arranged from inflight caterers as well as reputed hotels and restaurants in the city.
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Kindly note:

For more information on in-flight catering, security at the airport, ground handling services, and other operational flight requirements click here to talk to our operations agent.

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