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Flight operational services for United States
To ensure that you have a successful trip to the USA, you must make sure that your flight operations and flight management is well taken care of. Factor like having flight permits, availability of ground handling services, and more all should be managed to ensure smooth operations for your flight to the USA.
Private and corporate aircraft with a registered ICAO requires a waiver to overfly and land in the USA.
Overflight Permit United States
Documents required for overflight permit in United States for AD-HOC, commercial, and private flights • Overflight permit exemption from CBP
• TSA Waiver required for foreign aircraft.
Lead time to obtain the overflight permit for United States Flight Plan is enough however you need Overfly Exemption Letter from CBP
Short notice overflight permit for United States N/A
Validity of overflight permit in United States 24 hours
Landing Permit United States
Documents required for landing permit in United States for AD-HOC, commercial, and private flights Notification of arrival must include:
• Type of aircraft and registration number.
• Name of aircraft commander.
• Number of alien passengers.
• Number of U.S. citizen passengers.
• Place of last foreign departure.
• Estimated time and location of crossing U.S. border/coastline.
• Name of intended U.S. airport of first landing (designated airport).
• Estimated time of arrival.

*Customs Form 178 must be filled out for all private aircraft arrivals.
Lead time to obtain the landing permit forUnited States 05 working days
Short notice landing permit for United States N/A
Validity of landing permit in United States 24 hours
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Additional information for overflight permit and landing permit for United States:

• When landing in the USA, inform the customs at least 1 hour prior to your ETA.
• When departing from the USA, no more than 23 hours from your arrival, you have to officially inform customs at your entry point of intention.
• Navigation charges are applicable for aircraft flying through US airspace but not for the ones landing in the US.

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When planning for your trip to United States, there are few factors you need to consider:
Flight Management and Trip planning for United States
Weekend The official weekend in the USA is Saturday-Sunday
Visa Requirements in United States For crew:
• Crew require a visa for VISA
For passengers:
• Passengers require a visa unless they come from one of the visa-exempt countries or Visa Waiver Program countries.
• US visa can be tricky, it is always advisable to apply well in advance
Airport Slots • Only a few Airports are slot coordinated. Such as ORD/ KORD, LAX/ KLAX, EWR/ KEWR, JFK/ KJFK, MCO/ KMCO,SFO/ KSFO, SEA/ KSEA.
• Departure and arrival slots are rarely imposed in the U.S. For majority of the airports, you simply have to file the flight plan.
In-Flight Catering Service Major in-flight caterers in the USA include:
• Abby's Catering
• Air Fayre Ltd
• Executive Inflight Catering
• Flying Food Group
• Gourmet Inflight Catering Inc
In-flight catering can also be arranged from reputed hotels and restaurants.
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Kindly note:

For more information on in-flight catering, security at the airport, ground handling services, and other operational flight requirements click here to talk to our operations agent.

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