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    After 27 years of civil war ended in Angola in 2002, it became Africa’s fastest growing economy. Being Africa’s second largest oil producing country, the country has an expanding business aviation market with many general aviation aircraft purchased by the country’s businessmen, and foreign aircraft increasingly operating to the country.
    To ensure that your trip to Angola is smooth and successful, iJET offers various ground supervisory and flight management services at major airports in Angola. We help you in airport ground handling, Aircraft Fueling, Angola flight permits to overfly Angola air navigation and landing permits in all Angola airports.

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    Airports in Angola

    The main international airport in Angola, and the commercial airport which is the hub of the national carrier TAAG Angola Airlines is Luanda International Airport (FNLU / LAD).
    When flying to Angola, your initial arrival and final departure have to be from an international airport.
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    CityAirportICAOIATATypeOperating Hours (UTC)Type of Fuel AvailabilityTime Zone
    Cabinda International Cabinda International FNCA CAB Civil 0500 – 2300 JET Only
    City Cabinda International
    Airport Cabinda International
    Type Civil
    Operating Hours (UTC) 0500 – 2300
    Type of Fuel Availability JET Only
    Time Zone
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    To know which airport in Angola you should fly to for arrival and departure for your next flight, talk to our operations advisor.
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    Flight Support Services in Angola Airports

    iJET offers the following flight support services at major airports in Angola :
    airport ground handling arrangements in Angola
    To help aircraft operators with a successful flight, we offer efficient ground handling services to meet your aviation requirements in all prominent airports in Angola.
    assistance with landing and overflight permits in Angola
    The authority responsible for issuing the overflight and landing permits in Angola is Instituto Nacional da Aviacao Civil (National Institute of Civil Aviation), normally abbreviated as INAVIC. The permit is required for all type of flights, even for private, technical stop and ambulance flights. The regulations in Angola necessitate that the permit request is applied through a local licensed agent. With strong ties the organization, we are able to provide quick and efficient services for your overflight and landing permit in Angola.
    aviation fuel concierge services
    To provide aviation fuel services of the highest quality at the most competitive price in Angola, iJET has partnered up and have a contract with reputed jet suppliers in Angola. We offer aviation fuel on credit facility system to provide flexibility with payments for aircraft operators planning a flight to Angola.
    international trip planning
    We offer complete trip planning and flight management for aircraft operators flying to Angola. We also provide comprehensive flight package to ensure all your aviation requirements are taken care of for your next flight to Angola.
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    VIP concierge services
    From chauffeured transportation to airport meet and assist services, we offer a range of bespoke VIP concierge services at all the airports in Angola, to offer your clients the VIP treatment they need.
    chat with us and get instant answers to all your queries regarding your next flight to Angola.
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    Flight operational services for Angola

    When planning a flight to Angola, there are many factors to consider like having an overflight and a landing permit, availability of ground handling services, visa requirements for PAX and crew, and more.
    Overflight and Landing permits are mandatory when flying to Angola. The permits are required for all type of flights, even for private, technical stop and ambulance flights.
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    General information for your next flight to Angola

    There are certain things that aircraft operators need to keep in mind when planning for their flight to Angola.

    There are certain things that aircraft operators need to keep in mind when planning for their flight to Angola.
    • Initial arrivals and final departure from Nigeria must be from an international airport. We would suggest Cabinda International (FNCA/CAB), Luanda/4 De Fevereiro (FNLU/LAD), or Lubango/Mukanka (FNUB/SDD)
    • All the aircrafts flying in Luanda/4 De Fevereiro (FNLU/LAD) FIR must be equipped with HF.
    • It is mandatory to have proper identification documents all the time during your trip, failure to do so will result in a fine of 100 $.
    • Due to currency restrictions, you cannot bring or take more than USD 5,000 without a clearance from the central bank.
    • As Angola is located in the yellow fever endemic area, besides widespread malaria, it’s recommended to take a vaccination for personal safety first.
    Our supervisory agents are available 24/7 to answer all queries you have regarding flight planning and flight management for your next flight to Angola.

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    Our supervisory agents are available 24/7 to answer all the queries you have regarding flight planning and flight management for your next flight to Angola.
    Aviation Fuel iJET

    Aviation Fuel Requirements in Angola

    The only jet fuel supplier and into-plane agent in Angola is the government-owned and operated- Sonangol. Sonangol does not accept fuel cards or credit cards, and payment for the fuel is preferred to be done through a reseller who has a prior contract with them.
    JET A1 fuel is available in Angola with no shortage recently experienced, but AVGAS is scarcely available.
    In April 2015, under an agreement with Sonangol, Best Fly started operating its own dedicated fuel bowser for refueling executive aircraft at its FBO in FNLU. This has ensured faster turn-around time, as into-plane fueling by the FBO ensures better refueling process.
    For more information on aviation fuel services in Angola, types of fuel availability, and mode of payment

    to chat with our fuel expert.

    Angola Aviation Flight Permits iJET

    Angola Flight Permits

    Every aircraft operator needs to obtain several flight permits before any flight (overflight permits and a landing permit). Overflight permits are necessary to enter, pass, and exit each country across your flight route. While landing permits are permissions to land in a particular airport at the destination country. The process of obtaining overflight and landing permits is complicated. Here comes iJET effective role in facilitating the process and securing flight permits on short notice due to its wide network of relations with the civil aviation authorities in almost every country around the world. iJET also helps aircraft operators to choose the flight route that imposes the minimum overflight fees, as most countries charge fees for processing overflight permits. Those fees are generally non-refundable. Overflight permit fees and landing permit fees are different from one country/airport to another. The required documents for applying to both overflight and landing permits also differ from one country to another. But generally, an aircraft operator is required to provide: the flight number, schedule and purpose of the flight, and aircraft airworthiness certificate, aircraft operator certificate, certificate of registration, insurance certificate, noise certificate, airworthiness review certificate.


    What services does iJET provide in Angola?
    FAQ iJET

    iJET provides full ground handling and airport services arrangements, including obtaining overflight and landing permit, traffic rights permission, supervision, station and revenue management, fueling and catering provision security services, and ticketing services. In addition to this, we also offer VIP concierge services, crew administration, filling flight plan, flight operations, and dispatch.

    Which airports in Angola do we provide ground handling services?
    FAQ iJET

    We offer full ground handling services at all the airports in Angola.

    What information do we require to offer you airport ground handling services in Angola?
    FAQ iJET

    We need the full flight details including the following information to provide complete ground handling services in Angola-
    • Date of operation
    • Operator’s name
    • Purpose of flight
    • Callsign
    • Full route
    • Time of arrival and departure
    • GenDec (information about passenger and crew on board)
    • A/C type
    • Registration
    • Services required.

    Do you require an overflight permit for Angola? If yes, then what is the official lead time?
    FAQ iJET

    Yes. For detailed information on overflight permit the overflight permit table.

    Do you require a landing permit for Angola? If yes, then what is the official lead time?
    FAQ iJET

    Yes. For detailed information on landing permit visit the landing permit table.

    What are the operating hours of major airports in Angola?
    FAQ iJET

    Luanda International Airport (FNLU / LAD) is a 24 hours operating airport with ATC, while other major airports have a fixed time.

    Are airports in Angola slot coordinated?
    FAQ iJET

    Airports in Angola are not slot coordinated.

    What about cargo handling availability at airports in Angola?
    FAQ iJET

    Small, medium, or large, we are there to assist you with your cargo handling at major airports in Angola. From dangerous good to cargo delivered on an urgent basis, we are there to help you with all your cargo handling requirements.

    Do we provide assistance with ramp services?
    FAQ iJET

    We will assist you to get the required ramp services for the efficient turnaround of your aircraft, to avoid any delays. To ensure that your client’s flight is on schedule we offer a range of airport handling services, including aircraft loading and unloading, technical support services, and more.

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