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    Bermuda is the island nation in the North Atlantic and is a British overseas territory. It is one of world’s top diving destination which has influences from all over – British, American, African, Portuguese and even West Indian making it burst with cultures.

    Ensure a seamless trip to Bermuda with iJET aviation support services that includes airport ground operations, aviation fuel supply, overflight and landing permits, and more.

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    Airports in Bermuda

    The main airport in Bermuda is L.F. Wade International Airport TXKF/ BDA.
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    To know which airport in Bermuda you should fly to for arrival and departure for your next flight, talk to our operations advisor.
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    Flight Support Services in Bermuda Airports

    iJET offers the following flight support services at major airports in Bermuda :
    airport ground handling arrangements in Bermuda
    iJET offers an unmatched airport ground handling services for your flights flying to airports in Bermuda. For a seamless operation we take care of all your airport ground handling requirements, offering you an all-inclusive package.
    assistance with landing and overflight permits in Bermuda
    Through good relations with the CAA and local authorities we are able to secure your Bermuda overflight and landing permit, and other flight permits quickly and without errors.
    aviation fuel concierge services
    iJET offers you the highest quality jet fuel or aviation fuel services at the most competitive price at important airport in Bermuda.
    international trip planning
    We offer a comprehensive trip planning package for aircraft operators flying to Bermuda, to ensure all your aviation requirements are taken care of for your trip to Bermuda.
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    VIP concierge services
    Our concierge team offers a range of VIP concierge services at major airports in Bermuda, for a swift and smooth trip for your client and crew.
    chat with us and get instant answers to all your queries regarding your next flight to Bermuda.
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    Flight operational services for Bermuda

    For smooth operations for your flight to Bermuda, you must ensure that all your flight support requirements are taken care of. Obtaining permits on time, efficient ground handling services, and effective trip-planning are factors that contributes to a successful and punctual flight.
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    General information for your next flight to Bermuda

    There are certain things that aircraft operators need to keep in mind when planning for their flight to Bermuda.

    It is a British overseas territory. Commercial operations need to use approved ground handler and will be charged for issuance of flight permit.

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    Our supervisory agents are available 24/7 to answer all the queries you have regarding flight planning and flight management for your next flight to Bermuda.
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    Aviation Fuel Requirements in Bermuda

    AVGAS is usually not available.

    iJET has contracts with regional and major aviation fuel service providers in Bermuda, thus we are able to offer you cost-effective and high-quality aviation fuel services in all the major airports in Bermuda.
    For more information on jet fuel availability, mode of payment, aviation fuel services in Bermuda, chat with our fuel specialist who can provide you instant solutions to all your jet fuel queries.

    Bermuda Aviation Flight Permits iJET

    Bermuda Flight Permits

    Every aircraft operator needs to obtain several flight permits before any flight (overflight permits and a landing permit). Overflight permits are necessary to enter, pass, and exit each country across your flight route. While landing permits are permissions to land in a particular airport at the destination country. The process of obtaining overflight and landing permits is complicated. Here comes iJET effective role in facilitating the process and securing flight permits on short notice due to its wide network of relations with the civil aviation authorities in almost every country around the world. iJET also helps aircraft operators to choose the flight route that imposes the minimum overflight fees, as most countries charge fees for processing overflight permits. Those fees are generally non-refundable. Overflight permit fees and landing permit fees are different from one country/airport to another. The required documents for applying to both overflight and landing permits also differ from one country to another. But generally, an aircraft operator is required to provide: the flight number, schedule and purpose of the flight, and aircraft airworthiness certificate, aircraft operator certificate, certificate of registration, insurance certificate, noise certificate, airworthiness review certificate.

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