Pricing for Ground Handling Services

Pricing for Ground Handling Services

All iJET ground handling services can be delivered on credit, and an invoice covering all services delivered to your aircraft will be sent to you after the flight operation. Our prices categorized by types of flights and operations are listed for your convenience.


iJET Credit Facilitates Your Operation


Arranging airport ground services through a third-party provider may seem like an extra cost to your flight operation, but it is totally worth it, especially when compared with the quality and value of the offered services. With iJET you can get the best aviation ground handling and flight planning services at the most competitive rates in the market.

We highly advise clients to depend on our airport ground services specifically when they are flying to destinations they have never visited before to avoid any unfamiliar airport charges, as we are specialized in calculating flight operation charges, whether the ones imposed by governments or the charges set by FBOs and ground handlers.

Our prices are mainly set and affected by flight types, as different types of flight operations are the main determinant of our average pricing.

Clients can pay for all the aviation ground handling services provided by iJET through credit cards or by an invoice that includes all the requested services, sent to clients after their flight operations.

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