10 Facts You Must Know About Istanbul New Airport

by Admin on October 25, 2018

Istanbul Is Going to Have A Massive New Airport

The buzz around Istanbul New Airport (IST/ LTFM) is increasing as the opening date comes closer. Expected to become the world’s busiest airport , Istanbul New Airport’s construction will be carried out in four phases. After the airport’s opening, the first phase will be completed and will comprise of three runways and a terminal with a capacity for 90 million passengers. In our aim to keep you updated about all the news and happening in the aviation world, iJET brings you important details and interesting facts about the Istanbul New Airport (IST/ LTFM).

  1. When is it going to open?
    Istanbul New Airport (IST/ LTFM) is scheduled to open for all operations at 21:00 (UTC +3) on Monday, October 29th. Initially, only five flights will operate daily from Istanbul New Airport (IGA) with the majority of operations transferring over on December 31st, 2018.
  2. Where is it located?
    Constructed over an area of 76.5 million square meters, Istanbul New Airport is located in the Arnavutköy district on the European side of Istanbul. This is 35 km away from the city center and in the north of Istanbul. Istanbul New Airport (IST/ LTFM) is scheduled to open for all operations at 21:00 (UTC +3) on Monday, October 29th.
  3. How big is the airport?
    After the completion of all the four phases, the airport will have six runways and will host flights going to more than 300 destinations.
  4. Expected to be World’s busiest airport
    Once completed, the airport is expected to be the world’s busiest airport with an annual passenger capacity of up to 200 million people.
  5. What about the Istanbul Atatürk Airport?
    After 29th  December, Istanbul Ataturk Airport (LTBA) will not be open for any scheduled/commercial passenger flights. But the airport will serve commercial business flights, air taxi flights, private flights, GA flights, diplomatic flights, and maintenance flights.
  6. Where will the commercial flights operate from?
    After midnight 29th December, commercial flights will operate from Istanbul New Airport (LTFM) instead of Istanbul Ataturk Airport (LTBA).
  7. What about business jets and GA?
    All business jets, GA, and private flights will have the option of operating from both to LTFM and LTBA. But LTFM would be the more suitable airport.
  8. Temporary closure of both the airport
    There might be a temporary closure of both the airports or limited capacity due to transferring of local airline companies. This implies local airline companies will transfer all commercial/scheduled flights, from LTBA to LTFM.
  9. A cultural symbolism in the Air traffic Control Tower
    The Air traffic Control Tower is inspired by a Tulip, which is a symbol of Istanbul and has a cultural reference in Turkish-Islamic history.
  10. The third terminal will open later
    The third terminal is expected to open 16 months after the opening of the airport.

The massive airport is supposedly being constructed on a budget of approximately 36 billion USD. The new airport is going to be valuable for Turkish airlines, as it will have what is projected to be the world’s largest airport as a hub.

If you’re looking for alternatives during the temporary closure period or want help with planning a flight to Turkey, talk to our operations advisor today.

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