5 Factors That Will Help You Decide Which FBO to Use for Your Next Trip

by Admin on December 6, 2018

How to Select the Right Private Jet FBO in Business Aviation

FBO (Fixed Base Operator) is one of the many luxurious perks of travelling by a private jet. An FBO is a VIP private jet terminal, usually located in a stand-alone building, and offers a range of services for private jet customers, aircraft, and crew. In many airports around the globe, there are more than one FBO to select from. Many private jet customers prefer a certain FBO because of the services and amenities available at the FBO. But many times the operator must decide which FBO would suit their client and aircraft the best. In our previous blog we discussed 6 Things to Help You Decide Which Airport to Use for Private Jet Charter , today at iJET, we’ll discuss how to choose the right FBO for your client.

  1. Taking care of your aircraft essentials
    FBOs offer essential business aviation services for your aircraft such as fueling, hangar storage, de-icing and aircraft shelter, ground handling services and more. Thus, inquiring about the availability of fuel and different aviation services in the FBO is must before making your decision. It is best to partner up with a reputed flight support provider like iJET, who can consult you on which FBO perfectly meets the need of your aircraft and passengers.
  2. Amenities for the passengers
    Private jet charters are known for offering bespoke experience to the travellers. Passengers are provided a VIP treatment through facilities like business centers, multimedia conference rooms, VIP concierge services, availability of ground transportation, complimentary food and more. These become a key factor in deciding the right FBO for your client.
  3. Pilot and crew amenities
    FBOs also offer various services for pilots and crews like resting rooms, flight planning facilities, separate pilots’ lounges, washrooms with showers, entertainment offerings like magazines, TV, newspaper, and complimentary transportation. Availability of these services are also a deciding factor is choosing an FBO in business aviation.
  4. Comfort and luxury of the lounge area
    Since FBOs came into being in the late 1920s, it has become more lavish and luxurious. The lounge of an FBO, today offers five-star amenities and services, like providing private jet travelers a place to relax before/after their flight, offering them freshly prepared culinary delights, and more. In addition to this, FBO lounge also provides quick and unobtrusive security and immigration checks. Hence, it becomes integral to check the quality and facilities of the lounge, to decide which FBO to use for your client’s trip.
  5. High-quality customer experience
    Customer satisfaction is highly valued in business aviation. FBOs that provide professional customer-service and are equipped with trained staff who have an in-depth knowledge of the local area and offer high-quality assistance to the private jet travelers are valued and are opted over other FBOs.

Many of the private jet airports offer more than one FBO option, to have the chance to choose the best for your client. For instance, Europe’s busiest private jet airport- Paris Le Bourget (LBG/ LFPB) has 8 FBOs, which is more than any other airport in the world. To make the best out of the FBO experience, partner up with iJET, for your next trip. iJET works with FBOs around the world to provide operators assistance with their international trip-planning and flight support service. With our expert knowledge of the industry, we are able to differentiate the ‘better’ from the ‘best.’ Our global network and experience help us to know which FBO could be more effective and efficient, along with helping operators to get discounts on services like aviation fuel, ground handling services, and more. Get in touch with us today to decide which FBO to use, to provide your clients a seamless and comfortable journey.

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