6 Factors that determine if your jet management business will boom or fail

by Admin on August 16, 2018

Aircraft management can seem like a daunting task but if run properly and successfully it offers you a lot of profit. Jet management business entails taking care of complex issues like aviation legislation compliance, aircraft maintenance coordination, staff recruitment, productive aircraft operation, and more. But how can you ensure that your Private Jet Management Company runs successfully? In this article, we discuss how to offer efficient service that will ensure the success of your aircraft management company. 

1. Do you have the right crew? 

Crew is an essential part of the success of your business. Having a great cabin crew who is available for you even on standby and backups to meet urgent requests will lead you up the success ladder. 


2. Can you cater to short notice? 

Having the right contacts, organized crew, and experienced aviation professionals are needed to cater any request, especially short-notice request. Your operations team should be available 24/7 to answer your client’s query and to arrange the necessary requirements from airport handling services to special flight permit for international flights. 


3. Do you offer personalized service? 

Customization is key to customer satisfaction. Offering your clients services that cater to their tastes and preferences makes them come back to you time and time again for all their global aviation service requests. 


4. How much experience do you have? 

A company can be fairly new but having staff that is experienced and have worked with flight operators for international trip-planning and flight planning makes it easier for you to pitch new clients. You can assure them that you have experts that have dealt with issues that might arise and offer a solution to it. 


5. How strong is your network? 

Having a strong network in the aviation world is a key factor to help you with your business. For maintenance, companies offer part discounts if the order is in bulk or if you’ve worked with them before. Also, a strong network with CAAs around the world will ensure that you can resolve any issue if the need arises and can get permit approvals easily. 


6. Can you offer fuel discounts and other benefits? 

Most of the private jet management companies receive jet fuel and insurance discounts which help to lower down the aggregate cost. Having contracts with major fuel suppliers will ensure that you’re eligible for these discounts and benefits when refueling your aircraft. A good jet management company also ensures that their clients get premium insurance for their aircraft with significant financial benefits. 


Proper invoicing, timely service, advocating what’s best for your client, are few factors that will help to take your jet management company in the right direction. For better efficiency work with a reliable international flight support partner to cater for the above success factors. To know more about why you need an aircraft management company or how to select the right one talk to our jet expert today [email protected]

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