6 Things to Help You Decide Which Airport to Use for Private Jet Charter

by Admin on November 29, 2018

Selecting the Right Airport for Private Flying

Flying on a private jet increases the number of destinations one can explore. Along with this, the airport options for private jet users grows, many of which cannot be reached on scheduled flights. In Europe, the number is 10 times more as private jet charter flights can operate from 3,000 airports in comparison to 300 airports used by commercial airlines. This opens a myriad of choices for aircraft operators to select from. There are times when the clients have a specific airport in mind they want to fly from, but many times they choose the destinations and operators decide which airport to use. iJET brings you the list of top 6 factors that help you select the right airport for your client.

  1. More comfort, Less Crowd
    It is crucial for operators to select the right airport, where their clients get the maximum comfort and are in and out of the airport in minimum time. For instance, Dubai – a favourite amongst travelers for winter and festive season, has three airport options- Dubai International Airport (DXB/ OMBD) and Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC/ OMDW) in Dubai and Sharjah International Airport (SHJ/ OMSJ) in Sharjah. While DXB, being a world-renowned airport, is a crowd favourite, we at iJET suggest operators to use DWC/ OMDW as it is less crowded, the parking is easier to get, and passengers can be in an out smoothly and quickly.
  2. Slots and parking, and operating hours
    Aircraft operators can avoid ground congestion and waiting times at the airport by selecting an airport where getting slots and parking is easy. Also, it is crucial to check the operating hours of the airport to ensure that it allows the private jet traveler greater flexibility. For instance, London has multiple airport options for private jet flyers to select from but iJET suggests Luton Airport (LTN/ EGGW) as it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. Jet fuel availability
    Availability of fuel is another major factor that should be taken into consideration by operators to decide which airport to choose from. If you’re unsure about the jet fuel availability at your destination, talk to us [email protected] or to know more about iJET Aviation fuel services visit
  4. Runway length for your aircraft
    Runway length becomes a key feature in selecting the right airport for your aircraft. For aircraft weights below approximately 200,000 lb (90,718 kg) a runway of at least 6,000 ft is generally said to be adequate. If you’re flying a larger aircraft including widebodies, the runway should be at least 8,000 ft at sea level. But if the aircraft is going to fly at higher altitude airports, the runway length should be more.
  5. Number of VIP Terminal
    A major plus for private jet users is avoiding through the crowded public airport terminals by entering and departing from a separate terminal VIP terminal, also called FBO. There are almost no crowds, you park right outside, and can arrive 15 minutes before a flight. Some airports now have more than one VIP terminal for the passengers to choose from. For instance, Luton Airport (LTN/ EGGW) have 3 FBOs, London Biggin Hill Airport (BQH/ EGKB) have 2 FBOs, while most of the other airports in London have only one FBO.
  6. Proximity to the main city
    In a major city, it often makes sense to choose the airport that provides the shortest ground transfer to or from the airport. For instance, Paris has three airport options, but if proximity to the city centre is crucial for your client, then the best option would be Paris–Le Bourget Airport (LBG/ LFPB).

With holiday season about to kick off, private jet flyers worldwide have started making their plans, but this entails that the airports of the favourite holiday destinations will most likely be crowded. It is essential to select the right airport so that you can start planning for your client’s trip, for it to be a memorable one. For a seamless experience for your clients, let iJET take care of all flight services, from overflight and landing permits, ground handling services, to in-flight catering services, and more.

For your next flight get in touch with us to deliver excellence to your client!

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