7 signs you should end your relationship with your Flight Support Partner

by Admin on May 15, 2018


An efficient flight support partner means efficient operations for your flight. If your flight support provider is delivering unsatisfactory services or there are delays in the services, then it will affect the quality of the service you offer to your clients. But when do you know it’s time to look for a new flight support provider?  In this article, we help you recognize the top 7 signs- 



Are you receiving your overflight and landing permits on time? 

Is your flight support provider taking more than the official lead time for obtaining the permit you need for your next trip? Are there delays in follow-up with the CAA of the country in question? If yes, then it’s time for you to look for a new flight support provider, one who can help you with quick and efficient services for acquiring the overflight and landing permit you need for your flight. 

The invoice you’re receiving is different from the quoted price

Flight support provider often adds taxes, hidden fees and charges for the ground handling services later, thus you receive an invoice not corresponding to the price quoted by them. Transparency is a must when selecting a flight support provider. Partner up with a flight support provider who offers you clear and concise price quotes for the services you want. 

Is your flight support provider recommending the cheapest and safest route for your trip? 

A good flight support provider will create the most accurate and optimal route for your flight, taking in consideration factors such as fuel burn estimates, reliable ETEs, and more. Other factors like global weather forecasts, the safety of the regions you’re over-flying from, routing restrictions, and navigational charges should also be taken into account by your flight support provider when forming your flight plan. 

Are you getting timely updates about the movement of your aircraft? 

Aviation is unpredictable; thus, it is vital to get timely updates about the movement of your aircraft. You can only act in case of emergency if you’re alerted about it instantly. You should ask for timely updates about the movement of your aircraft and if you’re not getting it, start looking for a new flight support provider. 


Are you satisfied with the ground handling services and third-party services? 

Receiving timely and efficient ground handling and third-party services are prerequisite for a successful flight. A good flight support provider will ensure that all the services from arranging the necessary ground services equipment to baggage and cargo handling of your client, from cabin services to arranging visa for your passengers and crew are taken care of keeping the flight schedule in mind. 

Do you end up paying more for your aviation fuel than the quoted price or facing delays? 

Fuel prices vary from region to region and fluctuate according to the trends in the global market. With aviation fuel services amounting to the chief cost for a flight, it is important to ensure that you’re not overpaying for it. Also, a vital part of your operations is that all the services are delivered on time. For cost-efficient and effective service, team up with a flight support partner who is well informed about the price validity, varying taxes, fees, and more. 

Is your flight support provider up to date with your flight schedule? 

To ensure that all your flight is on schedule, you need all the flight support services and ground handling services delivered to you on time. If your flight support provider is not up to date with your flight schedule, this will lead to delays which entails inconvenience for your client.  


If you’re facing issues with your flight operations because of any of the above reasons, take it as a premonition for you to switch your flight support partner. 

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