Analyzing Flight Traffic as an Actual Air Traffic in the Sky

by Admin on September 20, 2018

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The traffic in air is growing as steadily as the traffic on roads. Global air passenger traffic was up by 7.8% this summer. With new airports being opened up, new airline being rolled out, private charter being accessible than ever before, and connectivity increasing between nations, air travel has become an essential part of our life. The “average citizen” who in the year 2000 was flying every 43 months, is now flying once every 22 months. iJET, by helping people fly every day, has been a witness of this steady growth too. In this blog we analyze the different aspects of the growth in air traffic and its implication on the aviation world.

  • A new travel record

Forbes, recently noted that, 2017 saw a record-breaking 4.1 billion passengers flying on through air travel last year.

  • Where is the world flying the most?

As noted by iJET, in their previous article, Asia is becoming a burgeoning hub for air travel. Thus, it is of no surprise that Asia-Pacific is the region with the largest number of people flying and the highest air traffic in the world.

  • Which are the busiest International Routes?

The top 3 busiest routes, according to Forbes, are:

    • Kuala Lumpur – Singapore
    • Hong Kong – Taipei
    • Jakarta – Singapore
  • Airports that are dominating the scene

The two most important airports ruling most of these lists are Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) and Singapore Changi (SIN).

  • Rise in demand for staff

A research conducted by The International Air Transport Association (IATA) shows that demand for cabin crew, ground operations, and customer-service employees is going to increase over the next two years. Airline will have to plan to recruit to keep pace with the air traffic growth.

These eye-opening statistics has startled people across the travel industry. It is of utter importance to know that the air traffic is increasing much faster than we expected, with tremendous growth in the Asian continent. Having a flight support partner, like iJET, who can advise you to select the most optimal route, one where you won’t encounter much air traffic will be beneficial for aircraft operators around the world.

This growth will have larger implications that will include environmental safety of the world too. Thus, Sustainability wherever and whenever possible should be our goal. We at iJET, are committed to a greener planet and thus help you to get sustainable alternative fuel, as well as ensure that our services comply with our greener choices.

To know more about air traffic and sustainable aviation options talk to our operations advisor today.

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