Applying for an overflight permit: Common mistakes

by Admin on April 24, 2018

When applying for overflight permit within the regulatory permit lead time of the country in question, are you sure you have you submitted all the essential documents with your application? Do you have all the crucial information needed for your application for overflight permit request? 

Overflight permit is a vital part of the operation, without the required overflight permit you might have to re-route your flight, deal with fines and investigation, or worse face a forced landing by military aircraft. In this article, we venture out to highlight the common mistakes aircraft operators commit when applying for an overflight permit. 


Don’t miss even a single flight details

Missing one flight detail can lead to the rejection of your permit. Make sure to provide the complete flight details, including aircraft registration, call sign, flight schedule, ATC routes, and other essential details when you’re applying for an overflight permit.  

Do a detailed research for the specific documents required by each country to avoid missing any prerequisites for requesting an overflight permit. 

Do you require an overflight permit?

There are countries where you don’t need an overflight permit to overfly, there are also, countries that don’t allow you to overfly altogether.  For instance, Israel is not available for overflight. Most of the countries in Asia, Africa, and South America generally require overflight permit, while it is normally not required in Europe.  

Once your route is formulated, you will be aware of the countries you will overflying and can proceed with the basics requirements of the flights, permits being one of the vital requirements.  

Varying permit lead time

Permit lead time differs from one country to another. While most of the countries in Africa, Middle East, South America, Asia requires three to five business days to process the overflight permit, some countries might require more than that to process your request. You must also keep in mind the working days of the country through which you’re flying. 

For instance, majority of countries in the Middle East works from Sunday to Thursday, while applying you’ve to keep in mind not only the required lead time for the permit but also the working business days of the country. Some countries are flexible with the lead time but there are countries that have stringent rules regarding the time of the submission of the application; they can deny the request if the request is submitted outside the lead time.  

Should you go through an agent?

Some countries might allow you to apply directly to the CAA for the overflight permit, but there are others, that require you to go through a local agent. The main reason for countries wanting you to process the permit through an agent is to guarantee the settlement of the permit and the navigation fees. 

The processing fee for the issuance of the flight is non-refundable, you’ve to make sure you don’t commit an error that might lead to the rejection of your permit. 

Provide the exact entry and exit point

CAA of certain countries are specific about the entry and exit point of the flight. You need to make sure that the exact entry and exit point is provided when submitting your application for the overflight permit. 

Different countries, different regulations. The rules surrounding the issuance of flight permits differs from one country to another. Aircraft operators around the world must keep themselves updated with the latest regulation for the issuance of an overflight permit, as it is one of the governing tasks for the actual performance of the flight. But keeping a track of the changes in the regulations of overflight permits is an arduous task.  Thus, to avoid errors when applying for an overflight permit, leave the job to a flight support partner, who have a thorough understanding of the process and requirements for an overflight permit. 

Rejection or delay of your overflight permits can cost you heavily. It will also lead to unnecessary delay in your flight, thereby disappointing your valued clients and passengers. To avoid any such rejection or delay of your overflight permit trust your flight support partner to process the overflight permits for you. Obtaining an overflight permit gets relatively easier when you opt for a reliable flight support partner to handle it for it. 

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