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by Admin on August 30, 2018

4 factors that have led to the rise in the demand for private flying in Asia 

The time is ripe for private flying as the popularity of private jets is going up every day. iJET, as an essential part of the private charter community, has witnessed an increase of 10% in demand for aircraft charter services in 2016-2017 with the maximum growth being centered on East and Southern Asia. 

Asian nations are catching up with their Latin American counterparts with the steady growth in the number of private jets in the region. Hong Kong is leading the way with a solid 53% rise in their private jet fleet within the last 10 years. Taiwan, China, and Macau are steadily following by tripling the number of private jet ownership

In this blog, iJET captures the 2018 private aviation traffic patterns, based on real-time aircraft charter services, industry big data, and the relationship between international trade growth and need for individual charter. 


  1. Businesses grow- private charter grows. Many of the big names in the business around Asia, famously listed in Forbes Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion, both at home and internationally, are growing at a steady pace and are joined by promising new firms. This has a direct impact on business aviation, as the rise in business leads to a rise in demand for private charter.
  2. More billionaires, more demand. Private jets are gaining popularity amongst business professionals as well as the rich Asian elites. The number of ultra-rich is swelling across the world, especially in Asia. A recent study featured in CNBC article, showed that Asia created more billionaires in the year 2017 than any other region 
  3. Million dollars value deals require for immediate and efficient logistics. Big deals require negotiation which means travelling. Private jets are built for speed and top performance to fly at a higher altitude, where they can ignore airline air traffic and be as close as possible to the desired destinations. At iJET, we have observed the demand for short-notice requests for private jets.  
  4. Disadvantages of commercial airlines are advantages of private charter. The increasing number of people travelling every day through commercial airlines have led to long waiting lines, over-crowded terminals, sub-standard service, and more. All these are reversed when travelling by a private jet as passengers experience the most comfortable and luxurious way to travel. Thus, it is not surprising at all for the private jet charter market to grow rapidly, specifically in the largest continent of the world.

Today with a premium flight support coordinator, excellent aviation customer services, private aviation has become more than just a luxury, it is now an integral part for businesses across Asia. Moreover, with the rise in number of the Asian crème de la crème and with an increase in their purchasing power, private charter has become more feasible than ever Asia. This accompanied by private charter companies multiplying their fleet and offering excellent services has opened new horizons for private flying in Asia.  Private Aviators too are constantly looking out for better alternatives for jet fuel prices, aircraft ground support, special flight permits, and on-time slots availability, to see on how to optimize their flight, particularly at the climate change season.

One of the major factors in keeping up with global trends and new heights taking businesses around the world is unquestionably an international flight support with its massive operation worldwide and making any new destination become the second home for private charter aircraft. With its strategic headquarter location in Dubai, iJET is solving all flight issues for those who fly Private to Asia whether for personal or corporate purposes. 

To know more on today`s and tomorrow`s iJET flight Support plan A and B for Private Operators and how to secure your next trip with guaranteed flight permits fuel catering for your last-minute travel commitment, request for your instant aviation consulting services 24/7 via [email protected] 

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